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Mammoth Cave National Park
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Twisted River
Scott: A long flowing log trail that travels through gorgeous woods and time then temporarily halts at the...
Direct book $40/night
Indian Point
Indian Point
100% – 4 Responses
Tiffany: Mark was super helpful and incredibly friendly. Even though our plans changed and we didn't stay, he w...
Direct book $11/night
Backyard Country Oasis
Christina: 100 yards from Federal wildlife management area. This area is great for hiking, fishing, creek. Also,...
Request book $50/night
Misty Valley Farm
Trey: Super pretty drive out to the remote farm. The road in is a little bumpy for a low car, and the road b...
Direct book $75/night
Inspiration Farm
Gayla: You have to drive down the lane and past the main house to get to the property, but then it is wide...
Direct book $25/night
Red Boiling Springs Camp
Jason: Veronica was so friendly, helpful and welcoming. First of all this is not a campsite with all faciliti...
Direct book $15/night
Kickin' Grass Farm Site 1
Adam: Pitch your tents or sleep under the stars (and yes, you can see stars here) under a magical oak and...
Direct book $30/night
Cabin Pond
Kathi: Pitch your tent at the future site of the log cabin we will build with Hipcamp funds.   In the cedar...
Direct book $25/night
Secluded Sacred Space
Iaian: Pitch your tent either on pasture or secluded in the forest. This property is hidden on a country road...
Direct book $26/night
Barren River Lake Campground
Whether you are a glamper or just a plain’ old outdoors camper, Barren River Lake has what you need....
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Bailey's Point campground
You can live large at Bailey’s Point, the biggest campground on all of Barren River Lake. Given its...
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The Narrows Campground
From cliffside campsites to shoreline spots, the choices at The Narrows are anything but narrow. Take...
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Tailwater Campground
Take it easy at Tailwater, just below the Barren River Dam. Its shoreline location makes this one...
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Beaver Creek Campground
This campground might be small, but its location is mighty sweet. On the banks of Barren River Lake,...
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Nolin Lake Campground
Liz: Beautiful park pretty far out there. Close to Mammoth Cave National Park which is an amazing set of un...
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Dog Creek Campground
Feel the wind blow through your hair as you cruise around Nolin River Lake on a pontoon boat as the...
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Moutardier Campground
What’s not to like about this super family-friendly campground? Impress the kids and grandparents with...
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Wax Campground
Look out into the distance at the rolling Kentucky hills, over the aquamarine Nolin River Lake, and...
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Firefly Farms
Firefly Farms
97% – 18 Responses
Bj: Eclipse 2017 and had a blast! Great time!
Direct book $50/night