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Cheney State Park

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Cheney State Park, Kansas

Cheney State Park is an aquatic oasis in America’s heartland. This is the place you want to go to escape that sticky summer heat. Cruise the reservoir by boat, take a swim, or hop on a bike on one of Read more...
Cheney State Park is an aquatic oasis in America’s heartland. This is the place you want to go to escape that sticky summer heat. Cruise the reservoir by boat, take a swim, or hop on a bike on one of the many nature trails and let that wind fly through your hair! Have a Kansas-style picnic with your favorite bubbly cold beverages, or grill up some of that fish Uncle Bill just caught in the lake. At the end of the day, warm up by the campfire and watch the shooting stars from one of the many quaint primitive camping sites. And if you prefer the great outdoors from the indoors, don’t worry, there’s cabins too!
Giefer Hill Campground
After days spent swimming in the cool and refreshing waters of Cheney Reservoir hop up the hill to...
Public campground
Smarsh Creek Campground
Pull up to Smarsh Creek campground with your camping crew and your furry friends (this area is pet...
Public campground
Hobie Beach Campground
Calling all vitamin D deficient humans (which is pretty much everyone!). Come on down to Hobie beach...
Public campground
South Loop Campground
Get out of Wichita and feel worlds away when you get on the water at Cheney Reservoir. Get your...
Public campground
North Loop Campground
Its time to plan that boating and camping extravaganza of your dreams. At the North Loop Campground at...
Public campground
Ninnescah Campground
Motor boats are sooo last century. Maybe its time to leave the loud rumbling motors behind you and...
Public campground
Wichita Point Campground
Leave the guys with the big RVs in the dust as you scoot right in to your primitive lakefront campsite...
Public campground
M&M Point Campground
At M&M Point campground you won’t find oodles of colored chocolate candy, but you will find a...
Public campground
Heimerman Point Campground
Grab your boat, the fam, and your home on wheels (or a tent if that’s your style), and head down to...
Public campground
Marina campground
After days spent boating and swimming in Cheney Reservoir come back to your front row glampsite for...
Public campground
Lakeview Campground
When you roll up to the Lakeview campground at Cheney Reservoir you know what you are going to get....
Public campground
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Camping at the Horse Farm
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