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Alaskan Stoves Campground
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Alaskan Stoves Campground, AK.

A very long site but tilts in back so rigs can't be too  big or they might sit uneven.
Some of our happy campers.
4th of July guest several years ago.
Shared table and grill
Mary: What a gem. Reasonably priced, very clean and accommodating, with a low-key vibe that e...
welcome from our host, Jill.
Mosquito nests on lower bunks.
Two artic windows.
Parking beside the Arctic Tent.
Welcome to our Genuine Arctic Tent.
Canvas tent provided
Sheryl: Fantastic place! As described, the covered cooking area was perfect and attention to de...
Water and electricity. A large pull through with private picnic table.
We're all about wood stoves and keeping warm here in Alaska.
Meet your fellow campers and cook out on our large shared grill.
Meet locals who are rasing the next generation of sled dogs.
Shelly: A large pull-through RV site with electricity and water, located close to the community...
Row C: Site 4
Our welcome sign
4th of July celebration at community fire ring at the end of Row C
Guess whose coming to dinner?
Pulling up to check out the campground
Shelly: A large pull-through RV site with electricity, located up front in the campground. It...
Welcome sign.
C - 6
C 5 & 6
Women's rest room  at the office
Camp Office
Shelly: Medium sized drive-through dry RV site with NO elctricity, located close to the...
Welcome to our Campground
large BBQ Grill beside the community fire ring and close to the remote tent sites.
4th of July Celebrations
Meeting people from around the world.
Meting characters from anywhere.
Shelly: Remote tent sites nestled in pine trees. Includes 2 persons- Extra Person is $7 &...
Our host, Jill welcomes you.
Mosquito nets on the bottom bunks.
Located beside a grill and the Community Fire Ring.
Sleep well.
Community fire ring.
Canvas tent provided
Shelly: Real Arctic camping.  This is a hostel-style accommodation in the Arctic Tent...
View of the bush pilots next door--no, they usually don't make any noise at night--its exciting to watch if you are lucky enough to catch them.
We have a great community  fire ring.
WElcome to our small family run camground.
Row A Site 2, with a view of the bush pilots.
Row A site 2 with a small van.
Jeff: Nice campsite with great facilities. I did think the tent sites were alittle close toge...
Old fashioned Camg ground.
Community fire ring perfect for roasting marshmallows and socializing with folks from around the world.
Here is the outside of the camper
View from the camper
One of our guests getting shoes on.
RV or Trailer provided
Tiffany : It was as expected. I only hesitated to first reserve it since there were no photos of ...
If you choose the "C&B" option, you can camp and breakfast in our main lodge in the morning.
Yep - that's the Clearwater Mountain
Leroy, our gold front of "the Sluice Box bar"
Tent camping
Bicycle in and camp with us!
Colleen: We are a full-service lodge in the middle of nowhere! Come check us out.  We have a...
The Aurora Borealis over the firepit
A family of local Beavers lives 200 feet upriver from the campground
Enjoying the early evening Aurora from the perch over the Salcha River
The fire pit area
Watching the Pleiades rise over the Salcha River
Nate: Situated along the Salcha River in interior Alaska, and easily accessible from the...