Cedar Hill State Park

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About Cedar Hill State Park

Dallas-Fort Worth feels worlds away when you spend the day (or night, or two) at Cedar Hill State Park. Drive thirty minutes southwest from Texas’ largest sprawling metropolis to find rolling hills of prairie grass like milkweed and bluebell giving way to shady forests filled with elm and juniper trees. See if you can hook bass, crappie, or catfish in the waters of Joe Pool Lake, or take a plunge in the swimming area near the lake’s gravel beach. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, strap on a helmet and go riding through the miles of rugged bike trails that crisscross the park’s nearly 2,000 acres. When the stars come out, set up camp at one of the park’s six campgrounds and fall asleep to the faint howl of coyotes in the distance.

Campgrounds in Cedar Hill

Shady Ridge Campground

1. Shady Ridge Campground

At the farthest north end of the central part of the park sits Shady Ridge campground, which boasts 78 sites each replete with water and electric...

Eric: Site 58 backs up to the lake and is a good size and has more privacy than many of the sites at this park.
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Cedar Hill Primitive Campground

2. Cedar Hill Primitive Campground

There are 30 camping spots up for grabs at Cedar Hill’s primitive campgrounds. Be prepared for just a bit of a hike; the campsites are only...

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Eagle Ford Campground

3. Eagle Ford Campground

With 81 campsites, Eagle Ford can feel a little tight. This is a camping area not a sport utility vehicle, just to make sure we’re all the same...

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Hog Wallow Campground

4. Hog Wallow Campground

If you want to be close to the water, try to reserve sites 261 to 273 at Hog Wallow; they’re closest to Joe Pool Lake (not to be confused with Joe...

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Lakeview Campground

5. Lakeview Campground

Lakeview campground is a bit of a misnomer; you’re not right on the lake, like some of the sites in Cedar Hill’s other campgrounds -- but you are...

Coyote Crossing Campground

6. Coyote Crossing Campground

Many of Coyote Crossing’s 75 campsites sit quite close to the lake, so it should be fairly easy to snag some prize camping real estate. Each site...


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Hipcamper Eric

Site 58 backs up to the lake and is a good size and has more privacy than many of the sites at this park.

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Hipcamper Eric

If you are looking for a great weekend getaway but don't have a lot of time to getaway, this is your place. Cedar Hill is right in the middle of DFW but you are far enough out of the city to get some nature time. The historical farm has activities and programs for kids, and the hiking is not bad. My family loves this park for a quick getaway!

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History of Cedar Hill State Park

In 1854, John Anderson Penn settled in the rugged, cedar-covered hills of southwest Dallas County - an area known as the Cedar Mountains. Today, remnants of the original Penn Farm survive intact in the confines of Cedar Hill State Park. Cedar Hill State Park is a 1,826-acre urban nature preserve located on the 7,500-acre Joe Pool Reservoir. The park's proximity to major metropolitan cities makes it an ideal destination for families that want to enjoy the great outdoors without spending precious time driving. The ruggedness and scenic beauty of the area, combined with over 100 miles of shoreline and opportunities for water-based recreation, make the park a popular attraction. The Metroplex skyline reflects on Joe Pool at night, adding to the relaxing atmosphere. The park was acquired in 1982 and was opened in 1991.