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Isle Royale National Park

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Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

If you want an Into The Wild experience aka solitude and a chance to discover the pure ruggedness of the outdoors, Isle Royale is your place. Surrounded by Lake Superior and only accessible by ferry, Read more...
If you want an Into The Wild experience aka solitude and a chance to discover the pure ruggedness of the outdoors, Isle Royale is your place. Surrounded by Lake Superior and only accessible by ferry, the park has a huge amount of backcountry acreage and is one the least visited national parks. If a disconnect from your phone, work, nagging relatives is what you want, you’ll find it here! You'll also find rugged shorelines, towering forests, and a park with no roads that houses a wild and almost primal ecosystem pulsing with life; even moose and a very special pack of wolves call the island home. Kayakers, backpackers, anglers, hikers and those with an enthusiasm for discovery and preservation will have a hell of a time on this amazing archipelago. Isle Royale will bring out the wild in you.
Three Mile Campground
Along Rock Harbor lies Three Mile Campground, a peaceful, primitive grouping of campsite and showers...
Public campground
Daisy Farm Campground
Daisy Farm Campground is a backcountry adventurer's heaven! Canoe in via Rock Harbor—or hike in—to one...
Public campground
Little Todd Campground
On the north shore of Isle Royale, overlooking a fantastic stretch of Lake Superior, Little Todd...
Public campground
Desor South Campground
Perfumed by the combing winds that manicure the island’s endemic thimbleberry plants, Desor South...
Public campground
Hatchet Lake Campground
A paradise for solitude-seekers and a dreamt-of rest for daring hikers, Hatchet Lake Campground is set...
Public campground
Desor North Campground
An odessian-like hike from much of the otherwise accessible outlets of Island Royale, Desor North...
Public campground
Hay Bay Campground
“Haaay, Mother Nature, Haaay. ” Or something like that. Inundated by surrounding Lake Superior, Hay...
Public campground
Malone Bay Campground
Stroll along the charming pebble beach on Isle Royale’s south shore at Malone Bay Campground. Limited...
Public campground
Todd Harbor Campground
Todd Harbor Campground sits on the quiet, no wake Todd Harbor (imagine that) and is perfect for...
Public campground
Island Mine Campground
Inundated by the island’s so called “deep woods,” Island Maine Campground is the only one of its kind...
Public campground
Wood Lake Campground
Stroke, stroke―and stroke some more! Wood Lake Campground is known to be a fantastic outlet at which...
Public campground
Siskiwit Bay Campground
Before you even get to your spot at Siskiwit Bay Campground, you’re gonna have an adventure! Hike...
Public campground
Intermediate Lake Campground
The picturesque Intermediate Campground is anything but mediocre. Nestled within the scenic confines...
Public campground
Lake Whittlesey Campground
Can you canoe? Lake Whittlesey Campground is accepting your kind! This cozy little wooded area offers...
Public campground
Chickenbone West Campground
You’ll discover beautiful sunrises when you set up camp at Chickenbone West Campground. Set along the...
Public campground
Lake Richie Campground
Elizabeth: Not accessible by car, only by ferry, no vehicles allowed. Primitive camping. No restrooms.
Public campground
McCargoe Cove Campground
Deer are great and all―but moose are far more eye-catching. And a hell of a lot larger too. For the...
Public campground
Chickenbone East Campground
Along the Greenstone Ridge lies Chickenbone East Campground, where you can camp along its pristine and...
Public campground
Chippewa Harbor Campground
Chippewa Harbor Campground sits along the south side of the island and is perfect for campers who want...
Public campground
Washington Creek Campground
Drinking water, flushing toilets, raining shower heads, oh my! Washington Creek Campground isn’t only...
Public campground
Birch Island Campground
On the northwest shore of Isle Royale National Park is Birch Island Campground, which offers both a...
Public campground
Huginnin Cove
Hugging the area’s namesake cove, Huginnin Campground is dotted with campsites that line the inviting...
Public campground
Moskey Basin Campground
Frederick: Moskey Basin is named for my late uncle, George A. Moskey, who was the first attorney hired by the Nat...
Public campground
Beaver Island Campground
Located a hop, skip, and jump from the Windigo Visitors Center, this sweet little spot offers a few...
Public campground
Pickerel Cove
Fanned by the wings of ascending waterfowl, Pickerel Cove Campground is soundtracked with the busy...
Public campground
Grace Island Campground
Off the west shore of Isle Royale in Lake Superior, Grace Island Campground is a cool little...
Public campground
Feldtmann Lake Campground
If you’re all for isolated camping that’s not kidding around, Feldtmann Lake Campground is your next...
Public campground
Caribou Island Campground
Caribou Island Campground is gonna put you close the action, the park headquarters, and even the Rock...
Public campground
Belle Isle Campground
Betsy: Why is this a description of Daisy Farm campground and not the Belle Isle Campground?
Public campground
Lane Cove Campground
Lane Cove Campground offers sweet advantages to both boaters and hikers looking to happen upon its...
Public campground
Duncan Bay Campground
Duncan Bay Campground sits along the west shore of Duncan Bay and is the perfect spot for canoers and...
Public campground
Tookers Island Campground
Moated by Great Lake-fed Rock Harbor, Tooker’s Island Campground is only accessible via canoe, kayak,...
Public campground
Rock Harbor Campground
Bricked by its abiotic namesake, Rock Harbor Campground is chiseled with a like-named hiking trail and...
Public campground
Duncan Narrows Campground
Where the mouth of Duncan Bay reaches open water is Duncan Narrows Campground, where the sites are in...
Public campground
Merritt Lane Campground
A proverbial arm and a leg out on Blake Point, Merritt Lane Campground is on the very tip of Isle...
Public campground
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Superior Serenity
Gerilynne: You will pitch your tent in a clearing surrounded by a spruce forest.   A hiking trail in front will...
Direct book$20/night
The Copper Cabin
Dylan: Snow and a wood stove; a combination everyone should have on their 'this makes me happy' list. Both ca...
Direct book$125/night
Judge C. R. Magney Campground
Patrick: Don't stop at Upper Falls. Keep going to Devil's Kettle, it's one of the coolest spots in MN.
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Tall Pines Wilderness Yurt
Ted and Barbara
Ted And Barbara: Tall Pines yurt is nestled in Minnesota's north woods, overlooking remote small BWCA (wilderness)...
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McFarland Lake Campground
Camp along the banks of McFarland Lake in northeast Minnesota here at McFarland Lake Campground! In...
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McLain Campground
Shawn: At McLain you will enjoy both beautiful sunrises and sunsets over Lake Superior! And, if you're lucky...
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Devilfish Lake Campground
Devilfish Lake Campground is a tiny, primitive campground on the wooded banks of the lake. There’s...
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Esther Lake Campground
Pitch your tent at Esther Lake Campground if you’re looking for a small, rustic, and remote campground...
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Cascade River Campground
Angella: One of my favorite state parks. Great hiking trails and nice sites.
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Fort Wilkins Campground
Taylor Nicole
Taylor Nicole: I really enjoyed this campground! Every campsite has a line of trees between yours and the next.
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Kimball Lake Campground
Camp. Fish. Repeat. That’s the general schedule here at Kimball Lake Campground, and if that sounds...
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Original Log Cabins
Derek: Come experience the Northwoods and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness the way they did in the past...
Direct book$180/night
East Bearskin Lake Campground
Marie: Mosquitoes are plentiful
Public campground
Porcupine Mountains Union Bay Campground
Sara: Lots of RV's and the sites really close together, however you can see the lake. I would suggest getti...
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Flour Lake Campground
Ahh, the sweet absence of sound. Flour Lake is one quiet body of water, and its campground will allow...
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Two Island Lake Campground
So you want to be close to civilization, but still have that feeling of being in the middle of...
Public campground
Devil Track Lake Campground
“Lost in translation” just might be the perfect way to describe Devil Track Lake. The current name is...
Public campground
Cascade River Rustic Campground
Practice backpacking without actually having to carry everything on your back at the rustic campsites...
Public campground
Twin Lakes Campground
Threaded with modern campsites that line shores of Lake Roland, Twink Lakes Modern Campground is...
Public campground
Twin Lakes Campground
This tiny campground sits near Twin Lakes in the forest of northeast Minnesota. Ideal for campers...
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