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Bear Lake State Park ID

This park doesn't have any submitted photos—just yet.

Bear Lake ID
Bear Lake ID
Bear Lake ID
Bear Lake ID

Bear Lake State Park ID, Idaho

The sprawling azure blue waters and aquamarine ponds at Bear Lake will make you feel like you've stepped into a calendar shot. Whether you're down to boat around the lake, or fish for the perfect Read more...
The sprawling azure blue waters and aquamarine ponds at Bear Lake will make you feel like you've stepped into a calendar shot. Whether you're down to boat around the lake, or fish for the perfect catch, this place is stock full of fun activities to fill your days. Find a secluded spot to splash around in your birthday suit, or just share a picnic at a serene spot. Trekkers will love all the hiking and mountain biking opportunities available, and you can't go wrong with some wildlife watching, either. With wifi at the visitor's center and snacks to munch on as well, you'll still be able to treat yourself to a taste of modern life on the side.
Bear Lake Campground
Sweetly situated next to the area’s namesake lake, Bear Lake Campground is lined by a slew of...
Public campground
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