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Best Camping near Sequoia National Park, California

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Lodgepole Campground

1. Lodgepole Campground

100% Recommend (10 Campers)

Nothing beats Sequoia National Park camping if record-breaking trees are what you’re after. But if you appreciate a little scenic variety,...

Peter: Lodgepole is one of the best campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. Much more favorable summer temperatures than the lower park...
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Sunset Campground

2. Sunset Campground

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

Despite being one of the larger campgrounds in Kings Canyon (there are 157 individual sites and 2 group sites), the high elevation means nice...

Jeremy: We showed up on a Friday morning in July without a reservation and had our pick of about 4 sites that were still open.
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Mt. Whitney Trailhead Campground

3. Mt. Whitney Trailhead Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Heading out onto the great Mt. Whitney trek? The one-night-only Mt. Whitney Trailhead Campground is your basecamp before you venture deeper into...

Alyx: This walk-in backpackers campground is the perfect spot to acclimatize and stage your Whitney summit. Make sure to store all of...
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Lone Pine Campground

4. Lone Pine Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Situated nearby the base of the mighty Mount Whitney, Lone Pine Campground offers an abundance of outdoor activities surrounded by brilliant...

Clara: The Alabama Hills/Lone Pine are a great location to view the Leonid Meteor Showers in mid November.
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5. Overnighter

Designed for overnight, in transit guests. Attached to main ranch house with private deck and private entry. Bedroom has a queen bed and sitting...

Artist's Retreat
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6. Artist's Retreat

The Artist's Retreat encompasses an entire house, minus the space for my other listing, The Overnighter. There is no shared space, except for the...

Redwood Ranch
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7. Redwood Ranch

Come enjoy your own private wilderness river ranch! Our 190 acre ranch features1800 feet of river frontage and world class swimming holes. Great...

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River Campsite
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8. River Campsite

The River Site is my favorite site on the land. It is right on the river bank and about as close to sleeping in a river as you can get. It is,...

Nic: The River campsite is one of many great campsites located on the property and is only seasonally available due to the required...
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Coyote View Tent Camping
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9. Coyote View Tent Camping

CV is my favorite spot on the land. It is a raised area of ancient river bed that looks out on the land in the four directions with the east...

Nic: Coyote View campsite is located at the back of the property and is a slightly raised plateau that provides sweeping views of...
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Cold Springs Campground

10. Cold Springs Campground

Just because you’re enjoying some good old Sequoia National Park camping doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to only sequoia trees. Make...

Desiree: After what seemed like hours on a narrow windy mountain road, 7/29 we arrived 10am on Friday and were left with no choice but...
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Atwell Mill Campground

11. Atwell Mill Campground

Sequoia National Park camping might be a popular activity for nature-seeking tourists world-wide, but you’d never know it from Atwell Mill...

Nicholas: Great small campground nestled in the woods. Incredible mountain hikes. Did a long hike up to the Monarch lakes which was...
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Buckeye Flat Campground

12. Buckeye Flat Campground

Set up camp in the lush Sierra Highlands for spectacular wildlife spotting. Summers are hot and dry, so you’ll want to take cover under the shade...

Daniel: Buckeye Flat is absolutely beautiful. From the farthest campsite you are a 2 minute walk from a pretty huge river and there's...
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Potwisha Campground

13. Potwisha Campground

Potwisha Campground gets hot in the summer! Lucky for you, it’s right by the banks of the Kaweah River’s Middle Fork, the perfect place to cool...

Clara: I was a Sequoia newbie when my small dog and I arrived in the park after dark in the . We camped one night at Potwisha and...
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South Fork Campground

14. South Fork Campground

Travel down a rough dirt road into the foothills for some remote Sequoia National Park camping at South Fork Campground, named for its location at...

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Dorst Creek Campground

15. Dorst Creek Campground

You should never have to choose between convenience and open space when it comes to Sequoia National Park camping! Dorst Creek campground is the...

Kristen: Arrived late afternoon on a Friday in mid-August. Even with the forest fire relocated reservations we were able to find a nice,...
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Stony Creek Campground

16. Stony Creek Campground

Wake up to the sound of rushing water washing all your cares away! No matter where you choose to settle down for the night at Stony Creek...

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Upper Stony Creek Campground

17. Upper Stony Creek Campground

You don’t have to carry thousands of balloons to get UP! Just hit Upper Stony Creek Campground and bring your clan. And when we say, up, we mean...

Whitney Portal Group Campground

18. Whitney Portal Group Campground

We’re fans of that old saying “the more the merrier”, especially when it comes to group camping. So get your squad together, whether it’s a college...

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Whitney Portal Family Campground

19. Whitney Portal Family Campground

Tent dweller? RV devotee? Whatever you are, there’s a spot for you at Whitney Portal’s Family Campground. It’s located 13 miles from the town of...

Paulina: Reserve a site off the main section of camp for more seclusion and closer access to the creek. Lots of bears here so make sure...
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Moraine Campground

20. Moraine Campground

Moraine Campground is also located on the Middle Fork of the Kings River, and at 120 sites, it is one of the largest in the park. Like most of the...

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