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Best Camping near Big Sur, California

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Heart of the Wild Group Camp
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1. Heart of the Wild Group Camp

100% Recommend (10 Campers)

We are sad about Highway 1, BUT>>>the good news is you can still get here!Still accessible via Route 101! You can get here by taking the...

Aswin Ajaiy Kumaran
Aswin Ajaiy Kumaran: The camp is huge and amazing. Betty was very helpful. :) The kitchen was almost fully stocked with everything we needed. Be...
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Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground

2. Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

This park may only have two camping spots, but they are known to be some of the best camping in California! Both are walk-in (meaning be prepared...

Sasha: Rather than parking in the JPB lot and schlepping your stuff, drive another 1/4 mile or so down Hwy. 1 until you see a pullout...
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Limekiln Campground

3. Limekiln Campground

100% Recommend (15 Campers)

This coastal campground has two main loops: one that winds along the redwoods along Limekiln Creek, and one that perches on cliffs overlooking the...

David: The area is beautiful. My review is specific to the camping context. Looking at the photos, the sites look amazing, but...
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Andrew Molera Trail Camp

4. Andrew Molera Trail Camp

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Sleep in a grassy open meadow in your Big Sur campsite at Andrew Molera Trail Camp, waking early to meander along a trail beside the Big Sur River...

Sasha: These sites are in a big open field, and while it makes for nice, flat camping, there is ZERO privacy. The only exceptions are...
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Arroyo Seco Campground

5. Arroyo Seco Campground

How do you see your summer playing out? Snorkeling in a rock cove, tubing down a gorge, rock climbing gorge sides? Good news, all this and more can...

Tim: Hike in two miles to find camping riverside. From there, proceed another mile or so up the canyon, alternating hiking and...
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Plaskett Creek Campground

6. Plaskett Creek Campground

100% Recommend (6 Campers)

Plaskett Creek is a campers, surfers, spearfishers, and super-relaxers paradise just across from the largest sandy beach in the Big Sur area, Sand...

A: I'm a fan of beaches, and Sand Dollar Beach is pretty dang rad (and directly across from the campground)!
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Nacimiento Camp Campground

7. Nacimiento Camp Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Nacimiento campground offers remote camping close to Monterrey and Big Sur. If you're looking to escape the crowded coast, this small campground is...

Tori: This is a perfect option for peak times in Big Sur, when camp spots is hard to find. There are plenty of camping options...
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A Place To Stay
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8. A Place To Stay

Along a wild and lonely coastline, where the mountains meet the sea. A place to stay in the milky way, near the ocean by the creek. This is a...

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China Camp Campground

9. China Camp Campground

Pardon us, did somebody say Hot Springs? That’s right! China Camp Campground located on the scenic Chews Ridge is right down the road from the...

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Big Sur Mountain Retreat
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10. Big Sur Mountain Retreat

Nestled on the edge of a redwood canyon, with a view of the ocean to the west and mountains to the east, this romantic Big Sur hide-away welcomes...

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Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground

11. Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground

99% Recommend (54 Campers)

Take in the beautiful Big Sur coastal views at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. With ample shade provided by Redwood and Sycamore trees, an 80-foot...

Nate: We stayed at campsite 177 based on Sarah's recommendation and loved it. Right on the river, and within a stones throw to the...
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Kirk Creek Campground

12. Kirk Creek Campground

94% Recommend (16 Campers)

“Welcome to ‘post-card land,’ feel free to pitch a tent. ” Kirk Creek Campground offers-up a piece of saline serenity for the outdoor savvy...

Aja: Listen raccoons. You think you're gonna sneak up up on me? This is not my first time at the rodeo. Don't look at me with your...
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Mini Studio In The Ranch House
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13. Mini Studio In The Ranch House

70% Recommend (15 Campers)

We are sad about Highway 1, BUT>>>the good news is you can still get here!Still accessible via Route 101! You can get here by taking the...

Matt: Betty is a great host and is very accommodating! The mini studio is a rustic get away with access to redwoods, goats, a small...
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Escondido Campground

14. Escondido Campground

If you’re thinking about exploring the epic swimming holes and canyons of the Arroyo Seco River, you might want to set up camp at the Escondido...

William: I have been to Escondido many times.. Wonderful remote campground. It is on Google Maps so I suggest you look at it there...
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Alder Creek Campground

15. Alder Creek Campground

If you are in the market for a lesser known primitive campground head to Alder Creek in the Monterrey Ranger District. The views on the drive up...

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Memorial Park Campground

16. Memorial Park Campground

Memorial Park Campground offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of SoCal’s cities into the invigorating mountain air. Campsites are...

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Ponderosa Campground

17. Ponderosa Campground

Come ponder the view at Ponderosa Campground. Family campsites and a mountain stream, all under the protective canopy of Ponderosa, Pine, Oak,...

K.E.: Beautiful campground and chill camphost. This site would be great for late autumn or late winter. I had read yelp reviews...
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White Oaks Campground

18. White Oaks Campground

Head out on the adventurous Chews Ridge to White Oak Campground. Nearby trails will take you into the Ventana Wilderness, and the developed...

G: Closed due to fire as of 11/4/2016.
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