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Grand Canyon National Park
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Green Leaf Canyon Primitive
Lauren : I couldn't be happier that the path lead us to Greenleaf Campground. The land parks itself so perfect...
Direct book $25/night
Big Spin Ranch Grand Canyon
Big Spin Ranch Grand Canyon
81% Recommend – 13 Responses
Ross: A great place to get some sleep! It was easy to find and pretty easy to find a spot to set up camp. Th...
Direct book $22/night
Barebones Cabin near Grand Cany
Arthur: This place is pretty cool. The cabin is nice and we especially recommend camping here if you wanna go...
Direct book $45/night
Zion West Ranch, Eco-Campsites
Clark: This was a terrific spot to camp! As other people have mentioned, it's a primitive site...which is exa...
Direct book $29/night
Antelope Run Rewilding Camp
Brittany: Hipcamp heaven! This community of wilderness dwellers is a thriving FAMILY! We were welcomed onto the ...
Direct book $20/night
Heart of the Parks!
Heart of the Parks!
93% Recommend – 16 Responses
Kat: Great spot up high on a hill to see some awesome views! Colt had some great recommendations, including...
Request book $40/night
Coronado Camp @ Grand Canyon
Chris: Raw land (camp wherever) at the Southeast Corner of Coronado Dr and San Mateo Rd in Valle, AZ about 25...
Direct book $19/night
Unique Camping For Unique Campers!
Katie: Greenleaf Canyon Camping Ground was such a rad spot to set up tent. It’s away from the noise and touri...
Direct book $25/night
Near the Grand Canyon
Casey: Park on the 1 acre lot easy to find near everything tents ok . you wont wana leave this spot. near the...
Direct book $10/night
Water Canyon Cliffside Campsite
Casey: What an amazing place! The campsite is nice and spread out with views that will blow your mind. Hiking...
Direct book $25/night
Grand Canyon Close
Shawn: Staying  at Halfrack Ranch is a slice of forest heaven. Camp down by the pond near the treehouse or up...
Direct book $50/night
Parks Ponderosa Forest
Chris: Raw Land, camp wherever. Gorgeous 5 acres in Parks, AZ between Flagstaff and Williams, AZ! Close to...
Direct book $25/night
Navajoland Wagon Glamping #1
Peter: Unforgettable experience. Camping under the milky way on Native Navajoland in a restored early 1900s s...
Request book $150/night
Ranchito Feliz
Ranchito Feliz
97% Recommend – 44 Responses
Jasmine: Very well thought out and cared for space, the pictures don't do it justice! Roy had a lot of insights...
Request book $40/night
Ghost Horse Ranch
Darlene: Located 5 minutes south of the Kanab, Utah border in Arizona.   Ghost Horse Ranch offers shady trees...
Direct book $45/night
The "Rent-A-Tent" Package
Green Leaf
Green Leaf: No Gear? No problem. The G. L. C. "Rent-A-Tent" package includes: -the tent itself -tent setup -two(2)...
Direct book $55/night
Off-Grid Grand Canyon Escape
Mildred: This is a property that once hosted a lot of farm animals. There are lots of little overhangs to set...
Request book $35/night
Antelope Run Dispersed Camping
Morgan: Perfectly dark, perfectly quite, yet just off the 40. You can see all the stars and find freedom and ...
Direct book $15/night
Antelope Run RV Site
Laura: This is the campsite designated for RV camping. It is also a great spot for tents. This is the only...
Direct book $30/night
Antelope Run Van Camping Site
Laura: This secluded vehicle accessible site features a firepit and a shaded tent area. It's a short walk to...
Direct book $30/night