North Sterling State Park

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About North Sterling State Park

Blue skies for miles, bluffs that dot the horizon due west and the Rocky Mountains loom 100 miles in the distance. North Sterling State Park is like a vague dream that leaves a sweet taste on the lips and a ring of dirt around the ankles. Gently rolling hills mark the end of the Great Plains and the beginning of majestic Colorado landscape.

A geologically ambiguous gem, many different species of plants, animals and ecosystems call North Sterling home. Listen for the eerie whistling wind echo off the eastern slope, explore the many hiking, biking and horseback riding trails and relax for a while on the edge of the Western frontier.

Campgrounds in North Sterling


1. Elks

Elks Campground is located at the north end of the park, with some of the campsites on the shore of the lake and others a very short walk away....

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Chimney View

2. Chimney View

Chimney View is the most basic campground in North Sterling, and that's not an insult. Instead, it means simplicity, space, and a trail that goes...

Inlet Grove

3. Inlet Grove

Southsiiiiide! Inlet Grove Campground is located just inside the south entrance of North Sterling (that makes sense, right?) and offers sites for...


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North Sterling
June 5th, 2015
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