Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

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About Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Lets get real: Wallowa-Whitman National forest is 2.3 million acres and so incredibly magical that nearly 40 percent of the park is designated special–do that math. Tread lightly on nearly 173,000 acres of old growth forest and follow green moss covered trails to cascading waterfalls; through deep canyon walls straight to your heart’s content. The ancient, massive forest dares all sorts of wild wilderness adventures, year round–pick your best poison. Not to be taken lightly, Wallowa-Whitman is home to clandestine enchantments like the “wild and scenic” Snake River and Hell’s Canyon; North America’s deepest river gorge. With four different wilderness areas to investigate, what you won’t gain in elevation will tempt you into perfect fairy tale fascination.

Campgrounds in Wallowa-Whitman

North Fork Catherine Creek Campground

1. North Fork Catherine Creek Campground

Got a hankering for the freshest air and some good old fashioned family time? The 18 campsites on the river’s edge at North Fork Catherine Creek...

5 Saves
West Eagle Meadow Campground

2. West Eagle Meadow Campground

Pretty, private, and open to the public, West Eagle Meadow Campground is a hidden gem well worth the extra effort. Jagged rock formations,...

5 Saves
Indian Crossing Campground

3. Indian Crossing Campground

Apologies in advance to your Instagram followers. Indian Crossing campground is literally located at the end of the road and provides access to the...

4 Saves
Lick Creek Campground

4. Lick Creek Campground

If relaxing and exploring are kinda your “things” then get your kicks at Lick Creek. Located along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Lick Creek...

3 Saves
Frog Heaven Forest Camp

5. Frog Heaven Forest Camp

Frog Heaven is truly that, an undisturbed camping ground with ZERO facilities and home to more amphibians than campers. Perfect for the camper...

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Yellow Pine Campground

6. Yellow Pine Campground

Looking for an outdoor adventure that doesn’t involve drinking on a patio? Visit Yellow Pine Campground and revel in the unsolicited bird songs and...

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Spring Creek Campground

7. Spring Creek Campground

Spring Creek Campground is located in an open pine forest near a small meadow so you can do your best Julie Andrews impression. The road leading...

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Anthony Lake Tent Campground

8. Anthony Lake Tent Campground

If you’re looking to perfect the art of roughing it, Anthony Lakes Tent Campground is walk-in only and will test your camping game! Nestled on the...

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Mud Lake Campground

9. Mud Lake Campground

From Treasure Island festivals to backwoods weddings, you’ve set up camp anywhere you can pitch a tent (within legal reason). Mud Lake Campground...

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Windy Saddle Horse Camp

10. Windy Saddle Horse Camp

All in favor of giddy-upping down the highway for some nature-loving fun? You’ll love horsing around at Windy Saddle Campground located on the rim...

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Saddle Creek Campground

11. Saddle Creek Campground

You know when someone tells you to “take a hike?” They definitely had Saddle Creek Campground in mind as your destination. With seven walk-in...

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Bird Track Springs Campground

12. Bird Track Springs Campground

In true Oregonian style Bird Track Springs is a riverside campground known for it’s accessible bird watching, letting campers literally put a bird...

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Spool Cart Campground

13. Spool Cart Campground

If a camping spot served with a side of history is more your speed, hop on board at the Spool Cart Campground. With a yesteryear as a train stop...

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Seven Devils Campground

14. Seven Devils Campground

If eight devils is one too many then Seven Devils Campground is just right for your outdoor adventure. is a small rustic facility located near the...

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Arrow Forest Camp

15. Arrow Forest Camp

Arrow Forest Camp is right on target for your outdoor adventure. Campsites are located along the Wild and Scenic Lostine River perfect for fishing...

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McCully Forks Campground

16. McCully Forks Campground

Rugged. Striking. Pretty much the perfect outdoor companion. And no we don’t mean a man in a flannel (although that couldn’t hurt. ) We’re talking...

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Tamarack Campground

17. Tamarack Campground

Any hopes of a mild summer have already been dashed. But the silver lining is, of course, that glorious oasis known as the southern Wallowa...

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Grande Ronde Lake Campground

18. Grande Ronde Lake Campground

It's a jungle out there. Or at least your boss's dark hints about "survival of the fittest" make it feel that way. So it's probably time to brush...

Arin: This has been a favorite camping spot for my family for years and we love the smaller camp units-it makes it more private. If...
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Hurricane Creek Campground

19. Hurricane Creek Campground

Located at the 'end of the road' (cue Boyz II Men), this small campground allows visitors to explore the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area,...

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Williamson Campground

20. Williamson Campground

The largest campground in the Lostine River Canyon, Williamson campground has plenty of nature to make sure you’re on a road less travelled. A...

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Elk Creek Campground

21. Elk Creek Campground

The teddy bears may have their picnic and now you can have yours streamside in a picturesque ponderosa forest. Elk Creek campground offers group...

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Anthony Lake Campground

22. Anthony Lake Campground

Ahoy, matey! Summer’s not complete without hopping aboard and feeling the wind on your face. So let down your hair and that anchor, and prepare to...

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Oregon Campground

23. Oregon Campground

100% Recommend (4 Responses)

Oregon Campground is an off-roaders dream. Located along Highway 26 which is part of the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway, Oregon Campground...

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Wetmore Campground

24. Wetmore Campground

As you know, summer technically may not begin for a few more months. And as you also know, anytime the word “technically” is used, you can...

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Kirkwood Ranch

25. Kirkwood Ranch

The Kirkwood Historic Ranch Campground is rich in river history from early Native American occupation to pioneer ranching life. This site is super...

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Canyon Forest Campground

26. Canyon Forest Campground

S’mores are good. Really good. Almost seems like they can’t get any better. Unless you’re toasting marshmallows along the Wild and Scenic Lostine...

Buck Creek Forest Camp and Trailhead

27. Buck Creek Forest Camp and Trailhead

Just look at it out there. Yep, we’re entering prime eating-on-the-ground season. So you might as well do it better than everyone else at Buck...

Millers Lane Campground

28. Millers Lane Campground

Millers Lane Campground is the most intimate of 3 campgrounds near Phillips lake surrounded by powerful ponderosa pines. Ahoy matey! this usually...

Two Pan Campground

29. Two Pan Campground

Long weekend. Road trip. Hey, those two things go together. So we think you should head to the Two Pan Campground. Located below the Two Pan...

Irondyke Forest Camp

30. Irondyke Forest Camp

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through the workweek—and you still haven’t thrown up your hands, hopped into your RV and hit the open road....

Two Color Campground

31. Two Color Campground

Wanderlusting? Then head to Two Color Campground (we promise there are more than two colors tho). Set in a idyllic forest of towering pine and...

Turkey Flat Forest Camp

32. Turkey Flat Forest Camp

Turkey Flat Forest Campground is nestled in a cool forest of pine and fir, almost pretty enough to put down your phone for. One of several small...

Boulder Park Campground

33. Boulder Park Campground

TLC had it right with don’t go chasing waterfalls, but we think you should make an exception at the Boulder Creek Campground and chase the nearby...

Blackhorse Campground

34. Blackhorse Campground

Looking for your chance to hole up in a tent with some s'mores? Look no further than Blackhorse Campground, surrounded by grasses this site has a...

Rebecca: We stayed at Blackhorse last year, twice. The first time we stayed, we were met with a very friendly Doe, yes, a doe, a deer, a...
Walla Walla Forest Camp

35. Walla Walla Forest Camp

Do you ever feel like when summer is half over, your weekend park rotation needs a refresh? Check out without checking in at Walla Walla Forest...

Stevens Campground

36. Stevens Campground

Exert minimal effort and maximum relaxation camping at Stevens Campground. Fishing, hiking, and hunting are popular along the South Fork of the...

Coyote Campground

37. Coyote Campground

Send your friends down a social media rabbit hole of jealousy by staying at Coyote Campground. Camp in an open pine forest and grassland, offering...

Boundary Campground

38. Boundary Campground

There are so many ways to handle an unseasonably warm weekend. You could handle one in at Boundary Campground relaxing campside in a hammock,or you...

Buckhorn Campground

39. Buckhorn Campground

Journey to the Wild West at Buckhorn Campground; camping, hidden waterfalls, and hiking in the mountains near the Buckhorn Tower Viewpoint, this...

Moss Springs Campground

40. Moss Springs Campground

Popular with equestrians, the trails radiating from Moss Springs Campground seem long and dusty to hikers. The prize on these trails is reaching...

Fish Lake Campground

41. Fish Lake Campground

Here’s the situation: your A/C is proving woefully inadequate against Mother Nature, and also it’s summer. Adjacent to Fish Lake in the Wallowa...

Lake Fork Campground

42. Lake Fork Campground

Lake Fork Campground lies between North Pine Creek and the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway. The vibe here is complete devotion to re-creating your best...

Eagle Forks Campground

43. Eagle Forks Campground

Eagle Forks campground is along Eagle Creek, a Wild and Scenic River. This fast moving recreation river provides a whitewater background and trout...

Hidden Campground

44. Hidden Campground

If the closest you got to spring break in the past few years was watching James Franco camp it up in cornrows--then escape for belated R&R at...

Black Lake Campground

45. Black Lake Campground

If roughing it is more your speed, you’ll feel at home at Black Lake. Providing a truly 'off-the-beaten-path' experience Black Lake has only four...

North Fork Catherine Creek Group Campground

46. North Fork Catherine Creek Group Campground

Forget the Ambien-we are prescribing you a weekend away and sounds of Catherine creek to help you get some peace and relaxation. A group campground...

Umapine Campground

47. Umapine Campground

We wouldn’t argue with you if you called it walking, but you might change your mind about hiking with the 140 miles of challenging trails at the...

Ollokot Campground

48. Ollokot Campground

Wish you could live inside Moonrise Kingdom? Experience similar quirkiness in an old growth ponderosa pine forest along the Wild and Scenic Imnaha...

Windy Saddle Trailhead

49. Windy Saddle Trailhead

All in favor of giddy-upping down the highway for some nature-loving fun? You’ll love horsing around at Windy Saddle Campground located on the rim...

Southwest Shore Campground

50. Southwest Shore Campground

Glamping. Awful word. One of the worst. But dammit, you respect what it stands for. Be as glam as you wanna at Southwest Shore with accommodations...

Shady Campground

51. Shady Campground

You’re nickname is ‘shady lady’ so you might as well camp at your namesake site. Deep in a ‘shady forest of fir and pine, Shady Campground is...

Vigne Campground

52. Vigne Campground

Vigne Campground (that’s vine to some of you) is a secluded site set in an open pine-fir forest bordering Chesnimus Creek. With six tent or trailer...

Twin Lakes Campground

53. Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Lakes Campground is the perfect destination for a last minute trip or weekend getaway. A minimally developed site on the southern edge of the...

Coverdale Campground

54. Coverdale Campground

Honking, quacking, whistling… sounds like a Saturday night out in the city. Trade in those city sounds for something a bit more natural at the...

McBride Campground

55. McBride Campground

McBride Campground is a berry popular choice with local campers and berry picking connoisseurs. This is a small, semi-developed, non-maintained...

Dougherty Campground

56. Dougherty Campground

Dougherty Springs Campground is near the northern boundary of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The site offers four tent and...

Pittsburg Campground

57. Pittsburg Campground

So you’ve got some sort of end-of-summer camping excursion in the works but aren’t sure where to go? Pittsburg Campground is definitely the answer...

Union Creek Campground

58. Union Creek Campground

Forget the boys of summer and kick off everyone’s favorite season at the Union Creek Campground. One of the largest in eastern Oregon Union Creek...

South Fork Campground

59. South Fork Campground

Bypass a summer bummer by pitching your tent at South Fork Campground. Conveniently located along the South Fork of the Burnt River, the South Fork...


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Hipcamper Rebecca

We stayed at Blackhorse last year, twice. The first time we stayed, we were met with a very friendly Doe, yes, a doe, a deer, a female deer! (hahaha) She wanted to eat dinner with and stayed for a couple of hours. We left the next day!

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Hipcamper Arin

This has been a favorite camping spot for my family for years and we love the smaller camp units-it makes it more private. If you can do without showers and just bippies-you will enjoy yourself. The lake is beautiful and there is a meadow nearby-you can watch deer in the morning. Fishing has been great for us too.

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History of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

The land that is now the Wallowa–Whitman National Forest was first occupied by the Nez Perce people around 1400 CE. The area was the summer home of the Joseph Band of the Nez Perce tribe. The Cayuse, Shoshone and Bannock tribes arrived in the area some time later. The native people hunted deer, elk and bighorn sheep in the Wallowa Valley and surrounding mountains. The first European settlers arrived in the Wallowa Valley in 1860. In 1887, a gang of horse thieves murdered 34 Chinese miners in Chinese Massacre Cove along the Snake River.

In 1905, the Wallowa Forest Reserve and Chesnimnus Reserve were established by President Theodore Roosevelt. The two reserves were later merged to create the Imnaha National Forest on March 1, 1907. On July 1, 1908, the name was changed to Wallowa National Forest, and in 1954 the Wallowa was administratively combined with the Whitman National Forest to create the Wallowa–Whitman. The Whitman had been established on July 1, 1908, from part of the Blue Mountains National Forest. On June 20, 1920, part of Minam National Forest was added.

The Eagle Cap primitive area was established in 1930. The area was designated as a wilderness in 1940. The Wilderness Act in 1964 placed the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the National Wilderness Preservation System. The Eagle Cap was enlarged by 73,410 acres (297 km2) in 1972 and by an additional 67,711 acres (274 km2) in 1984. Its area now totals 350,461 acres (1,418 km2).

The Wallowa Mountains Visitor Center and headquarters for the national forest, a 20,500-square-foot (1,900 m2) log building in Enterprise, burned to the ground on July 11, 2010