Westcott Beach State Park

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About Westcott Beach State Park

Westcott Beach State Park is a day trippers delight! Snuggled up against the shore of Lake Ontario, you’ll feel renewed after a day of swimming, boating or picnicking. Jonesing to snag some dinner on your line? There’s a marina and fishing beach; and since this spot is so popular during the day, stick it out for a chill night by the cool waters. Wintertime is an escape here with cross country skiing and hiking. Overnight or not, Westcott Beach welcomes you with open arms.

Campgrounds in Westcott Beach

Westcott Beach State Campground
Westcott Beach State Campground is located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Henderson Bay. Spectacular...


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Westcott Beach
June 5th, 2015
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