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Kiptopeke State Park

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Kiptopeke State Park, Virginia

A game of badminton plays under the warm mid-day sun. Back’n forth, back n forth. Pock, smash; pock, smash. The game, in its melodious titanium, reverberates against the nearby cabin walls, Read more...

A game of badminton plays under the warm mid-day sun. Back’n forth, back n forth. Pock, smash; pock, smash. The game, in its melodious titanium, reverberates against the nearby cabin walls, bleached by the very sunlight that envelops the players. “You two, get back inside,” a commanding voice sounds from the cabin’s antiquated, yet well cared for porch. “We’re about to leave to go hiking! And we still have to find your brother’s sunglasses in the car!”

This, among many other hypotheticals, is the reality that likely takes place at Kiptopeke State Park. Offering both beguiling and creative outlets alongside Chesapeake Bay, Kiptopeke is snaked with over five-miles of well-manicured hiking trails, keeled by the barek of lining hardwoods. And, for those that fancy a rod-and-reel over well-laced hiking boots, the park offers accessible fishing outlets that are known to be well-populated by gamefish. “We’ll be there in a second, mom,” her perpetually annoyed teenagers respond. “Why are we in such a rush? We’re going to be here for the whole long-weekend, anyways!”

Kiptopeke Campground
Paint with all the colors of the wind next weekend in Kiptopeke State Park! This spot was once the...
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