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Red Fleet State Park

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Red Fleet
Red Fleet
Red Fleet
Red Fleet

Red Fleet State Park, Utah

If you’re ever feeling old, just visit Red Fleet State Park, where you can hike to 200-million year old dinosaur tracks. Yeah, that’ll have you feeling young again! Budding paleontologists will want Read more...
If you’re ever feeling old, just visit Red Fleet State Park, where you can hike to 200-million year old dinosaur tracks. Yeah, that’ll have you feeling young again! Budding paleontologists will want to check out the tracks, too. Get there via a 1.5-mile trail with a few uphill and downhill spots that’ll get your lungs pumping and your legs burning. It’s best to go during early morning or late afternoon, since the burning Utah sun can make the tracks hard to pick out. If you make the trip in the morning, spend the rest of your day relaxing on Red Fleet Reservoir. Boating and fishing are popular, and if you’re lucky enough to catch some dinner for your group, enjoy it in the park’s scenic campground that overlooks the sandstone and desert that surrounds you.
Red Fleet Campground
In a Land Before Time, three-toed dinosaurs roamed what is now the Red Fleet State Park. As you hike...
Public campground
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