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Cherry Plain State Park

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Cherry Plain
Cherry Plain

Cherry Plain State Park, New York

This small patch of woods, a mere 175 acres, is a little known secret kept by the residents of the small town of Petersburg, a 3 hour drive from Manhattan. The park is more often quiet and secluded Read more...
This small patch of woods, a mere 175 acres, is a little known secret kept by the residents of the small town of Petersburg, a 3 hour drive from Manhattan. The park is more often quiet and secluded than busy. Having just shy of 30 campsites, more than half of which are hike-in, the park caters to those who are truly trying to escape the hustle and bustle of modern living. Despite its name, Cherry Plain is quite unique and makes a wonderful weekend for hiking, camping, and exploring.
Cherry Plain State Park Campground
More Cherry than Plain, this park is a quaint, calming respite from the daily hustle. On 175 acres,...
Public campground
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