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Best Camping in Alaska

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Gold Mint Trailhead

1. Gold Mint Trailhead

Gold Mint Campground is a tiny treasure that puts you right in the way of some outstanding scenery. If you can secure one of the few basic sites on...

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John Muir Cabin

2. John Muir Cabin

A chalet-style cabin, John Muir Cabin was yet another small, quaint cabin found in the Tongass National Forest, inundated by still silence and...

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Lower Troublesome Creek Campground

3. Lower Troublesome Creek Campground

Lower Troublesome Creek Campground is great for campers looking to get into the water. Being that it's near the banks of the cascading Chulitna...

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Thumb Cove Campground

4. Thumb Cove Campground

270 acres surround you at Thumb Cove Campground, including access to close-up views of the park’s most striking geologic feature, Porcupine...

Teklanika River Campground

5. Teklanika River Campground

Teklanika River Campground, “Tek” for short, is shaded by forest and offers privacy between campsites. Much of the surrounding land is brushy and...

Upper Russian Lake Cabin

6. Upper Russian Lake Cabin

The quintessential cabin in the wood, Upper Russian Lake Cabin sets you just a small ways back from. . . well, that lake, enclosing you in an open...

Juneau Lake Cabin

7. Juneau Lake Cabin

On the eastern shore of Juneau Lake, surrounded by a sprawling spruce and birch forests, sits the lovely and secluded Juneau Lake Cabin. If fishing...

Big Bear and Baby Bear State Campground

8. Big Bear and Baby Bear State Campground

Almost as adorable as it sounds, Big Bear and Baby Bear State Campground makes for a little jewel of a getaway. Primarily accessible by boat and...

The Coop Cabin
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9. The Coop Cabin

Have a true Alaskan experience as you cozy up in view of "The Big One. " You'll be a stone's throw from the iconic Nenana river, with plenty of...

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Eklutna Lake Campground

10. Eklutna Lake Campground

Eklutna Lake Campground will, of course, give you access to Eklutna Lake. That’s a given. This decent-sized spot has even more to offer off the...

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Cantwell Denali View Camp
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11. Cantwell Denali View Camp

Set up camp a mile off the main road on a nice level gravel pad with a stunning view of Denali (Mt. Mckinley) on a clear day. You will have no...

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Bird Creek Campground

12. Bird Creek Campground

Even if you’re not a bird geek, you’ll find plenty to love at Bird Creek. Bird Creek Campground offers basic accommodations in a wilderness setting...

Liza: Beautiful view with such a nice vibe. The water is incredible and sets you up nicely for the night. Tons of flat ground and...
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Denali View North

13. Denali View North

Denali View North offers great views of the imposing 20,000-foot peak. Campers looking for a day hike can head out on the 3. 3-mile Little Coal...

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The Coop Camp
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14. The Coop Camp

Have a true Alaskan experience as you tent it up in view of "The Big One. " You'll be a stone's throw from the iconic Nenana river, with plenty of...

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Caines Head Campground

15. Caines Head Campground

It’s first-come, first-served at Caines Head Campground, a tiny bunch of sites near the shores of Resurrection Bay. All manner of alpine beauty...

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Byers Lake Campground

16. Byers Lake Campground

Byers Lake Campground sits on the shores of the chilly lake and the 22-mile K’esugi Ridge Trail passes near the campground. Not up for the entire...

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Morgan's Landing State Recreation Area

17. Morgan's Landing State Recreation Area

When it’s time for camping, those in the know hit the road for Morgan’s Landing State Recreation Area. Sites are plentiful, scenic beauty abounds,...

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Ninilchik River Campground

18. Ninilchik River Campground

Searching for a campground your mom would approve of? Mid-sized Ninilchik River Campground provides all the thrill and adventure experienced...

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Ninilchik Scenic Overlook

19. Ninilchik Scenic Overlook

Visitors to Ninilchik Scenic Overlook can bask in the sun, wave to passing eagles, and check out the view. Made up of a small collection of sites...

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Ninilchik View Campground

20. Ninilchik View Campground

Camping atop a bluff is already a pretty sweet deal, and Ninilchik View Campground throws a beach into the mix for good measure. Take in Mt....

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Stariski Campground

21. Stariski Campground

Stariski Campground at the Stariski State Recreation Site is a small and quiet campground away from the crowds. It offers spectacular views of...

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Deep Creek Beach Campground

22. Deep Creek Beach Campground

Camping is for the birds. And also the fish. That’s certainly the case at Deep Creek Beach Campground, where the waters are known for their stocks...

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Tok River Campground

23. Tok River Campground

A popular spot to stop, especially for highway travelers entering Alaska from Canada, Tok River Campground is the place to rest your head tonight....

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Crooked Creek Campground

24. Crooked Creek Campground

A real forest retreat, Crooked Creek Campground offers private, modern sites nestled in amongst the evergreens. Hikers can hike, anglers can angle,...

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Clam Gulch Campground

25. Clam Gulch Campground

Clam Gulch: it’s not a classic marine western starring Gary Cooper. Clam Gulch Campground is a sizeable setting for a little more than the classic...

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Eagle River Campground

26. Eagle River Campground

Sure enough, the river itself is the centerpiece of Eagle River Campground. It’s beautiful, it’s well-stocked with fish, and it’s right there for...

Liza: This was actually such a cool camp site. I visited with a group of 10 and we were able to pitch our tents and still have room...
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Chena River State Recreation Site Campground

27. Chena River State Recreation Site Campground

Chena River State Recreation Site Campground. That’s a mouthful for such a cute little bunch of sites! You’ll find more in the way of modern...

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Black Sands Campground

28. Black Sands Campground

Black Sands Campground may sound a little sinister, but this rustic, undeveloped spot has been a popular recreation destination since the 1930s....

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Primrose Campground

29. Primrose Campground

When the ice melts and the sun comes out it means camping season is on! At Primrose Campground you can come anytime you please and find first-come,...

Clara: Primrose is a great campground for car camping! The plots provide some privacy and are well off the highway.
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Johnson Lake Campground

30. Johnson Lake Campground

Nature buffs looking to live in harmony with wildlife can get their wish at Johnson Lake Campground, where moose, hares, lynx, squirrels, and bears...

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