Keewaydin State Park

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About Keewaydin State Park

The park's interesting landscape includes steep, rocky outcroppings between the campsites and the shoreline, which makes for some cool boat watchin' along the river. Campsites look over the river, like little woodsy angels, as well as a swimming pool and picnic areas. If you were so eager to get to this little riverside getaway that you forgot to pack supplies, there's a shop on scene to help you rectify that s'mores debacle or fend off pesky mosquitoes with bug spray. You may also want to pick up a nice picnic lunch and stay a while, because there's a botanical garden that isn't gonna stroll itself.

Campgrounds in Keewaydin

Keewaydin State Park Campgrounds

1. Keewaydin State Park Campgrounds

Tucked away on the St. Lawrence River, Keewaydin State Park Campground is a scenic oasis for the soul. Summertime sings songs of swimming, fishing,...


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June 5th, 2015
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