Golden Hill State Park

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About Golden Hill State Park

Ever slumbered in a Lighthouse? Now’s your chance! Head over to Golden Hill State Park and watch the sunset on Lake Ontario right outside your window. This park is not just gorgeous, but also full of ways to pass the time: hiking, boating, fishing, and a tour of the park’s rich history. In addition to the unique option of lighthouse lodging, Golden Hill also offers camping and yurts, most with views of Lake Ontario. The fun doesn’t have to end in the winter, the park offers snowshoeing and 5 miles of snowmobile trails. Come evening, cozy up with a spiked hot chocolate by the fire and watch the sunset. Nothing beats a warm 'n' buzzy nightcap by the lake!

Campgrounds in Golden Hill

Golden Hill State Park Campground

1. Golden Hill State Park Campground

NOMADIC YURTS! That’s all we have to say. Ok, we’ll keep going. These sweet thangs are decked out with wood floors, dome skylights, a fridge and...


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Golden Hill
June 5th, 2015
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