We've got your back

We are thrilled to provide hosts with our full support and the peace of mind that they will be taken care of in the rare event of a camper injury or property damage. The Hipcamp Insurance Policy protects you in the United States, Australia, Canada, or any US or Canadian territories. If your property resides outside of these areas, please know we are working on getting you additional insurance options as quickly as we can. In the meantime, we require that you have your own proper liability insurance to cover camping related activities on your property or for your structure.

Hipcamp Insurance Policy

In order to have a live listing on Hipcamp and receive bookings, it is required you have the proper insurance in place. There are two ways to be covered:

  1. Leverage your own commercial insurance policy. If you have one, this will be your best bet!
  2. Qualify to be covered under Hipcamp's own Insurance Policy. Qualified hosts will be protected for up to the policy limit for general liability claims per occurrence. This policy would be in excess to your homeowner's insurance, and in the event you do not have coverage under a homeowner's insurance, this would act as your primary coverage.

In order to qualify to be covered under Hipcamp’s Insurance Policy, you must:

To list your land and see if you qualify for our Insurance Policy, get started here!

How does the Hipcamp Insurance Policy work?

Hipcamp provides Registered Hosts insurance for third party claims through the Hipcamp Host Protection Plan. The Insurance Policy covers both Hipcamp and its registered Hosts as insureds. This insurance does not replace a Host’s homeowners policy, but rather is designed to provide liability protection not typically afforded by a homeowners policy. Insurance is provided at no additional charge, for all bookings processed on the Hipcamp platform. Insurance is only available to valid, uncancelled bookings made through hipcamp.com. It is the responsibility of the host to confirm any changes to their eligibility under the requirements listed above.

Download a summary of the Hipcamp Insurance Policy.

Hipcamp Property Protection Plan – Only available in the US and Canada.

The Property Protection Plan provides protection and reimbursement for up to $10,000 in damages to eligible property in the event a camper damages a landowner’s property during their confirmed stay, and the issue is not resolved by direct payment from the camper.

Campers sign that they are responsible to pay for any property damage, but in the account of a dispute, the damage may defer to the Hipcamp Property Protection Plan. We want to make sure that no matter what, you’re covered.

This is not an insurance policy and should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for homeowners or commercial insurance.

The Property Protection Plan is at no additional charge to hosts.

Landowners seeking payment under the Property Protection Plan must cooperate with Hipcamp and its insurers, including providing documentation of the loss they’re claiming and agreeing to inspection if necessary.

This does not protect:

How to File a Claim Under the Property Protection Plan

If you believe a camper has caused property damage or loss, you should first contact Hipcamp Support within 14 days of the camper’s check out (or before the next camper checks in, whichever is earlier) to notify Hipcamp of the property damage. You should also file a police report.

Proper documentation, such as photos or video, may be requested by Hipcamp. Examples of documentation:

Hipcamp will then reach out to the camper to understand the full narrative, negotiate the issue, terms and evaluate your payment request.

Hipcamp will review both sides and determine whether the camper should be held responsible for property damage payment.

If the camper is deemed responsible, Hipcamp will collect funds from the camper and transfer to you with no fees or charges.

If the camper is not deemed responsible, Hipcamp will contact you to decline the camper payment request and issue payment from the Hipcamp Property Protection Plan.

Most claims take two to three weeks to process.