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Umatilla National Forest
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Vintage 1962 Travel Trailer
Gardand Vickie: Vintage 1962 Travel Trailer. Comfy, private, situated on a wonderful flowing river.
Request book $60/night
Homestead Hipcamp
Debra: Camp at the base of the Blue Mountains in the beautiful Toucet River valley on the Lewis and Clark...
Direct book $25/night
Red Bridge Campground
Red Bridge offers simple camping joy as you explore the Blue Mountain territory in Eastern Oregon....
First come, first serve
Emigrant Springs Campground
Year-round outdoor appreciation can be had at Emigrant Springs campground (including a cabin option!)....
Book externally
Hilgard Junction Campground
Looking for some peace and quiet right off the road? This campground has got it. It contains primitive...
First come, first serve
Minam Campground
At Minam you’ll find basic camping necessities in an untamed wilderness framed by the Wallowa Whitman...
First come, first serve
Bird Track Springs Campground
In true Oregonian style Bird Track Springs is a riverside campground known for it’s accessible bird...
First come, first serve
Spring Creek Campground
Spring Creek Campground is located in an open pine forest near a small meadow so you can do your best...
First come, first serve
Tucannon River Camping
Kim: My family and I have stayed at the McGovern Residence twice now, once with our newborn daughter and ag...
Direct book $30/night
Spool Cart Campground
If a camping spot served with a side of history is more your speed, hop on board at the Spool Cart...
First come, first serve
Boundary Campground
There are so many ways to handle an unseasonably warm weekend. You could handle one in at Boundary...
First come, first serve
Moss Springs Campground
Popular with equestrians, the trails radiating from Moss Springs Campground seem long and dusty to...
First come, first serve
Frog Heaven Forest Camp
Frog Heaven is truly that, an undisturbed camping ground with ZERO facilities and home to more...
First come, first serve
Catherine Creek State Park Campground
Where Catherine Creek’s 20 primitive sites now stand, native populations once harvested steelhead and...
First come, first serve
Umapine Campground
We wouldn’t argue with you if you called it walking, but you might change your mind about hiking with...
First come, first serve
Canyon Forest Campground
S’mores are good. Really good. Almost seems like they can’t get any better. Unless you’re toasting...
First come, first serve
Williamson Campground
The largest campground in the Lostine River Canyon, Williamson campground has plenty of nature to make...
First come, first serve
North Fork Catherine Creek Group Campground
Forget the Ambien-we are prescribing you a weekend away and sounds of Catherine creek to help you get...
First come, first serve
West Eagle Meadow Campground
Pretty, private, and open to the public, West Eagle Meadow Campground is a hidden gem well worth the...
First come, first serve
Walla Walla Forest Camp
Do you ever feel like when summer is half over, your weekend park rotation needs a refresh? Check out...
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