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Bates State Park
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Oregon Campground
Oregon Campground is an off-roaders dream. Located along Highway 26 which is part of the Journey...
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9 Corners Ranch
Sheila: 9 Corners Ranch is 117 acres completely surrounded by Malheur National Forest in Grant County Oregon....
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Strawberry Campground
Rod: Intimate, incredible campground right next to the creek. You can literally throw a stone to the trail...
First come, first serve
Unity Lake Campground
Imagine a picturesque lakeside overnight with juniper drenched dreams, high desert nighttime skies...
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Driftwood Campground
White. Water. Rafting. How awesome are those three words? Add campfire, s’mores, and stargazing and...
First come, first serve
Trout Farm Campground
Nostalgic for simpler times? Head out to Trout Farm Campground and leave that weekday grind behind....
First come, first serve
Crescent Campground
Leave the checkbook at home, grab your gear, and camp free of charge at Crescent Campground! Crescent...
First come, first serve
Deerhorn Campground
It’s all in the name! If it’s game you seek, Deerhorn Campground is a great place to station yourself...
First come, first serve
Dixie Campground
Berries and big game are the name of the game at Dixie Campground. During the summer, Dixie Campground...
First come, first serve
Elk Creek Campground
Elk Creek Campground is what Ron Swanson’s dreams are made of. Its five first-come, first-served...
First come, first serve
Head O' Boulder Forest Camp
We all love a good morning in bed, but with Head O' Boulder Forest Camp tempting us, it’s not hard to...
First come, first serve
Lower Camp Creek Campground
Six-site Lower Camp Creek Campground is most popular during late summer and fall for hunting season,...
First come, first serve
Magone Lake Campground
Endless summer fun awaits you at Magone Lake Campground—get your tan on on the lake’s sandy beach,...
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Middle Fork Campground
Come one, come all to Middle Fork Campground—whether you’re interested in hiking, hunting or fishing...
First come, first serve
Slide Creek Campground
Wilderness is your backyard at Slide Creek Campground. Set amongst ponderosa pine trees and bordering...
First come, first serve
Slide Horse Camp
Yeehaw! If you prefer to travel by four feet instead of two, Slide Horse Campground won’t let you...
First come, first serve
North Fork John Day Campground
Word has it the North Fork John Day River is pretty wild and scenic, and this campground lies right...
First come, first serve
Olive Lake Campground
Ah, a campground in a wooded forest on a lake. Does it get much better? There’s good reason why Olive...
First come, first serve
Oriental Campground
Whatever your preferred mode of transportation into the wilderness is, be it horseback, motorbike, or...
First come, first serve
Tollbridge Campground
Just a few miles off 395, this campground offers two RV pads and five campsites at the confluence of...
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