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Sawtooth National Forest
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T-J Ranch
T-J Ranch
92% – 6 Responses
Gordon: This is a wonderful place to camp (dispersed!) with a full flowing river (The Big Lost River) running ...
Direct book $100/night
Bear Valley Trailhead Upper Campground
Relaxing in the middle of a meadow alongside a babbling creek might sound like a scene straight out of...
First come, first serve
Big Eightmile Campground/Trailhead
Candace: This is a nicely shaded campsite with a good amount of climbing/bouldering nearby.
First come, first serve
Bonanza Group Campground
David: Cellular service is non-existant in this area, however that should not be a deterrent to visiting this...
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The Meadow
The Meadow
100% – 1 Response
Andrea: The Meadow is a very special place. Nestled in the trees by Freeman Creek sits a quaint & rustic litt...
Request book $60/night
East Fork Recreation Site Campground
The East Fork Recreation Site Campground sits in a valley surrounded by hills and cliffs, on the banks...
First come, first serve
Morgan Creek Recreation Site Campground
Landscaped by Morgan Creek's rocky escarpment, Morgan Creek Recreational Area Campground echoes with...
First come, first serve
Bayhorse Recreation Site Campground
Oh man, Bayhorse Recreation Site Campground is one seriously scenic camping spot in central Idaho....
First come, first serve
Cottonwood Recreation Site Campground
The name says it all… camp in a lush cottonwood grove and get some much needed peace and quiet at...
First come, first serve
Deadman Hole Recreation Site Campground
Deadman Hole Recreation Site sits alongside the Salmon River. The campground is named after the deep...
First come, first serve
Morse Creek Campground
For the truly dedicated campers, be sure to add Big Creek Campground to your list of secluded, secret...
First come, first serve
Twin Peaks Campsite
Calm down guys, Twin Peaks Campsite is cool, but it doesn't have much in common with the popular TV...
First come, first serve
Big Bayhorse Campground
Tucked away on the eastern end of the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Big Bayhorse Campground is an...
First come, first serve
Little Bayhorse Campground
If primitive camping at a small, secluded site sounds like your jam, fill up that gas tank and head...
First come, first serve
Mill Creek Campground
Mill Creek Campground isn’t large by any standards, but this spot is popular for good reason. Tucked...
First come, first serve
Mosquito Flat Reservoir Campground
After taking a few twists and turns up the dirt roads outside of Challis, Idaho, you’ll know you’ve...
First come, first serve
West Fork Morgan Creek Campground
Hidden amongst the trees in Salmon-Challis National Forest lies a lone campsite at West Fork Morgan...
First come, first serve
Eightmile Campground
Imagine dipping your toes in the crystal-clear water of a flowing river while soaking in the views of...
First come, first serve
Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead Campground
Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead Campground is an ideal camping spot for anglers. The site sits next to a...
First come, first serve
Meadow Momma-Vintage Camper
Doug & Shannon
Doug & Shannon: Relax in our 1963 Retro Vintage Camper that sleeps up to 4 people. Complete with dishes, cookstove,...
Direct book $50/night