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Modoc National Forest

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Modoc National Forest, California

Spanning more than one and a half MILLION glorious acres (yes, you read that right, the official count is actually 1,654,392), Modoc is situated in the majestic and mysterious volcanic territory of Read more...
Spanning more than one and a half MILLION glorious acres (yes, you read that right, the official count is actually 1,654,392), Modoc is situated in the majestic and mysterious volcanic territory of Northern California. Known for its distinctive landscape contrasts and truly wild camping areas, this park spans mountains, pine forests and meadows, lakes, streams, soaring canyons and mystical wetlands, otherworldly lava beds and stark, high desert plateaus. Truly exquisite, it is the perfect place to go if you are looking to wander and lose yourself in some of California’s most rural and striking wilderness.
Reservoir C Campground
Welcome to Devil’s Garden in the heart of the mile-high Modoc Plateau. Reservoir C Campground is quiet...
Public campground
Howard's Gulch Campground
Daniel: This place is amazing! It is a birding area with lovely forest and stone formations. We were the only ...
Public campground
Jane's Reservoir Campground
Jane’s Reservoir Campground is known for its beauty and solitude. The campground is partly shady and...
Public campground
Big Sage Campground
Big Sage Campground is partially shady, surrounded by juniper woodland and sagebrush near Rattlesnake...
Public campground
Lower Rush Creek Campground
Lower Rush Creek Campground is a secluded spot conveniently located one mile from the highway. The...
Public campground
Lassen Creek Campground
Josh: This dispersed campground is near an outcropping of obsidian called Rainbow Mine. Get yourself some dr...
Public campground
Stough Reservoir Campground
The shady Stough Reservoir Campground sits at an elevation of 6,200 feet, offering respite from hot...
Public campground
Payne Springs Campground
Payne Springs Campground is a shady spot in the Medicine Lake Highlands near Paynes Creek. Attractions...
Public campground
Red Tail Rim Trail South Trailhead/Campground
Calling all hikers, bikers, and equestrians! The Red Tail Rim Trail South Campground is a great spot...
Public campground
Blanche Lake Campground
Blanche Lake Campground is a shady, secluded spot sitting on the banks of the tiny lake. The nearby...
Public campground
Ash Creek Campground
Ash Creek Campground sits at a lower elevation than others in the region, so it opens earlier in the...
Public campground
Bullseye Lake Campground
Bullseye Lake Campground sits in a quiet, shady spot on the banks of the small Bullseye Lake. Bring...
Public campground
Hemlock Campground
Hemlock Campground is in the Medicine Lake Highlands on the shores of the lake. This is an ideal spot...
Public campground
A.H. Hogue Campground
A. H. Hogue Campground is the largest and most spacious campground on Medicine Lake, so bring your...
Public campground
Medicine Campground
Medicine Campground sits in the highlands on beautiful Medicine Lake. You’ll have great views of...
Public campground
Pepperdine Campground
Pepperdine Campground sits in a serene area shaded by the forest canopy. Horse corrals and great...
Public campground
Headquarters Campground
If you’re looking for a quiet, secluded camping spot on beautiful Medicine Lake, Headquarters...
Public campground
Schonchin Springs Campground
Schonchin Springs Campground is a quiet spot located one mile from Medicine Lake. It is more secluded...
Public campground
Soup Springs Campground
No soup for you! Just kidding, Soup Springs Campground is for everyone! This family campground in a...
Public campground
Mill Creek Falls Campground
Mill Creek Falls Campground sits in a dense pine forest in the South Warner Wilderness above the Jess...
Public campground
Willow Creek Campground
Willow Creek Campground is located conveniently near the highway, but the dense trees block out...
Public campground
Emerson Campground
Emerson Campground sits in a forested spot of the South Warner Wilderness near the banks of Emerson...
Public campground
Blue Lake Campground
Alison: What a great Campground. We arrived in the middle of Labor Day Weekend and there were plenty of open s...
Public campground
Patterson Campground
Patterson Campground is a small family site perfect for tents, and small trailers or RVs. Horses are...
Public campground
East Creek Campground
East Creek Campground is an equestrian campground, but visitors without horses can camp here, too. At...
Public campground
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Creekside Hideaways
Rebecca: Lovely spot, great people. Laurie is fun and relxaxed and great to talk to. For those that want to hel...
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Lupine Loop Car Camping
Vanessa: Rancho Love Joy Peace is a beautiful piece of land and a prefect environment to come and hang out and ...
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Squirrelville Cabin
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Cabin in the Pines
Brooke: If you want a truly off grid peaceful retreat, I would definitely recommend this cabin! It is still ro...
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Geo-Dome @ The Aerie
Elliott: Spend the night in a Geodesic Dome! Sweat it out in the sauna! Hike the hills!The Aerie is a...
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Camp Dev ilstirrup cabin unit
Kasim: Cabin for $20/day. No maximum nights. No bathroom. Year round creek and pond water. Electricity by...
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Camp Dev Ilstirrup tent 2
Kasim: Pre set tent ready to camp. Ten is already set up. Fits 3. No firepit. Comes with blankets. Possibly...
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Camp Dev ilstirrup Tent 1 unit
Keda: Got stuck on the undeveloped road to get there and even got a flat on the road.. We were unable to sta...
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Indian Well Campground
Lori: Bring boots -lava beds are sharp
Public campground
Mt. Shasta Ceremonial Site
Clayton: As other reviews have mentioned: This site does not have facilities. But for those that want to get aw...
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Garden Getaway
Steven: Didn't meet Melissa but her roommates were extremely nice. The garden was huge and we helped ourselves...
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Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout
Madison: Probably the most beautiful spot I've ever slept. You get a private view of Mt. Shasta to the west and...
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Mt Shasta Rock Painting Campout
Emily: Camping in Franklin's backyard was a perfect, easy pit stop on our way from SF to Oregon for the total...
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Klamath Falls farm
William: From the top ofHogback Mountain,phenomenal views ofthe city, Klamath Lakeand the Cascade Range!
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Dog Lake Campground
It’s a dog’s life at Dog Lake Campground—meaning you’ll probably do a lot of laying around punctuated...
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Drews Creek Campground
Dip your toes in Drews Creek, or go for the whole shebang at Drews Reservoir, where you can boat,...
Public campground
McArthur-Burney Falls Cabins
Samantha: Do the Falls Loop Trail.
Public campground
Goose Lake Campground
Rob: The lake is very shallow, and doesn't always have water anywhere near the campground. It sites literal...
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Pioneer Indian Campground
Sabrina: We accept RVs, Cabovers, Bumper Pulls and 4-season tents.
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Guesthouse, Forest Springs
Miran: I absolutely loved Guesthouse! Colette is a gracious host and provides excellent information not only ...
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