Jacques Cartier State Park

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About Jacques Cartier State Park

Sometimes us outdoor types just want some wiggle room where we can do the chicken dance without our elbow wings flapping into someone else's. At Jacques Cartier State Park, there is plenty of open space to dance, hoola hoop, or just enjoy some fresh air. Visitors have their choice of a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River or a secluded sheltered forest. Past the campsites, there are also open, expansive lawns just begging for games to be played, so bring that bocce set! Need even more space? Throw on that bathing suit and take a dip at the bathing beach, letting the endless waters of the St. Lawrence River wash over you, cleansing you of the stresses of urban life.

Campgrounds in Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier State Park Campgrounds

1. Jacques Cartier State Park Campgrounds

Hit up Jacques Cartier State Park Campground for the perfect summertime getaway. Whether you’re packing for nights around the campfire and...


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Jacques Cartier
June 5th, 2015
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