Canoe-Picnic Point State Park

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About Canoe-Picnic Point State Park

Canoe-Picnic Point is the place to be! That is, if you have a boat or are like a fish in the water. You see, this secluded island on the St. Lawrence river, is well, an island. Automatic coolness factor, +10. The park is on Grindstone Island, which is one of the largest islands in the famous “Thousand Islands” area. (Rumored as one of the most beautiful places in the state). As you would expect, the boating and fishing is excellent and is what draws most people, but the island itself is quite pretty with picnic areas scattered about and secluded, forested campgrounds. Canoe-Picnic Point is a wonderful visit and only accessible by boat… how cool is that?

Campgrounds in Canoe-Picnic Point

Canoe-Picnic Point Campground

1. Canoe-Picnic Point Campground

Since you’ll need a boat to get to Canoe Point State Park, you might as well stay a while. Pop your tent or reserve a cabin… either way, you’ll be...


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Canoe-Picnic Point
June 5th, 2015
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