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Boysen State Park

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Boysen State Park, Wyoming

A startling expanse of blue surrounded on all sides by dry, rocky plains, Boysen State Park is as close to an oasis as you can get. Like many parks in Wyoming, this one was created around an Read more...
A startling expanse of blue surrounded on all sides by dry, rocky plains, Boysen State Park is as close to an oasis as you can get. Like many parks in Wyoming, this one was created around an artificial lake—the 19,000 acre Boysen Reservoir. This body of water may be man-made, but nature lovers will delight at the untouched surroundings: a rainbow of vibrant badlands and fantastical rock formations serve as a cherry on top of the starkly beautiful, hilly panorama that frames its shores. While there are certainly hiking trails available, the real playground is the water. By boat, you can cruise up to the incredibly scenic northwest end of the lake, great for waterskiing and far from any major roads. Oh, and don't forget your rod and reel—Boysen is also a fisherman's paradise, with enough rainbow trout, walleye, and perch to make for some legendary camp meals.
North Muddy Campground
North Muddy Campground provides easy access to both Boysen Reservoir and Lake Cameahwait (aka Bass...
Public campground
South Muddy Campground
South Muddy Campground is kinda like it’s northern neighbor except it’s located on West Shoreline Loop...
Public campground
Sandy Hills Campground
Located on West Shoreline Loop 1 between South Muddy and Fremont Bay Campground, Sandy Hills...
Public campground
Fremont Bay Campground
Fremont Bay Campground is the southernmost camp on West Shoreline Loop 1. It has some of the most...
Public campground
Sand Mesa Campground
Located on West Shoreline Loop 2, Sand Mesa Campground has convenient access to Boysen Reservoir....
Public campground
Trout Bay Campground
Another one of the Loop 2 west side camps, Trout Bay Campground is right on the water. Yes, there is...
Public campground
Cottonwood Bay Campground
Posted up on the west siiiiide of the reservoir on Loop 2, Cottonwood Bay Campground has close access...
Public campground
Tough Creek Campground
Sometimes places just don't live up to their names, and in the case of Tough Creek Campground, this is...
Public campground
Poison Creek Campground
Jamee: September 17, 2015. Secluded spot. We stopped here on a whim only to find we are only ones here. Co...
Public campground
Tamarask Campground
If you’ve got a boat, you may want to camp out at the Tamarask Campground, located at the north end of...
Public campground
Brannon Campground
Located on the north end of the reservoir, Brannon Campground is close to park headquarters and a...
Public campground
Upper Wind River Campground
Unzip your tent, gaze at the mighty Wind River flowing beneath ancient rock walls (while still in your...
Public campground
Lower Wind River Campground
Jamee: Pulled in late and found a nice site by the river. Sweet little spot, but next to highway. No traffi...
Public campground
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