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Fremont-Winema National Forest

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Fremont-Winema National Forest, Oregon

Any Cheryl Strayed/Reese Witherspoon fans in the house? Retrace their Wild footsteps in the Fremont-Winema National Forest; part of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail falls along the forest’s western Read more...
Any Cheryl Strayed/Reese Witherspoon fans in the house? Retrace their Wild footsteps in the Fremont-Winema National Forest; part of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail falls along the forest’s western edge. And the forest certainly is “wild”: the 2.3 million acres of lush green forests and alpine meadows shelter elk, antelope, bobcats, and bears--plus intrepid adventure seekers, like yourself! In the summer, try hiking or biking along the Crane Trail, which offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. And don’t fret when the weather turns cold and snowy; Fremont-Winema turns into a winter wonderland! Strap on ski goggles and coast downhill, or rev it up on a snowmobile at the Quartz Mountain Sno-park. Back at camp, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa--with extra marshmallows, thank you very much--and start planning for your next day in Oregon paradise.
Horseglades Trailhead
The campground at Horseglades Trailhead gives you prime access to the Woods Line Trail, so you can...
Public campground
Head of the River Forest Camp
The Head of the River Forest Camp is located—you guessed it—at the headwaters of the Williamson River....
Public campground
Pike's Crossing Forest Camp
Situated next to the loftily-named Paradise Creek, Pike’s Crossing Forest Camp has a lot to live up...
Public campground
Sandhill Crossing Developed Campground
Pines, meadows and an officially designated “Wild and Scenic” river? You’ll find that all, and more,...
Public campground
Lee Thomas Developed Campground
Pines, meadows and an officially designated “Wild and Scenic” river? You’ll find it all, and more,...
Public campground
Dead Horse Lake Developed Campground
Mountains, water, a pebble beach--it’s no mystery why Dead Horse Campground is full most holidays and...
Public campground
Campbell Lake Developed Campground
If you’re looking for a pristine picnic spot, then Campbell Lake Developed Campground is your best...
Public campground
East Bay Developed Campground
The living (and fishing, and boating) is easy at East Bay Campground, thanks to a prime spot next to...
Public campground
Antler Trailhead
Bike, hike, horseback ride and oogle at Yamsay Mountain—you can do it all at the campground at Antler...
Public campground
Thompson Reservoir Developed Campground
When you stay at Thompson Reservoir Developed Campground, you’re not pitching a tent next to a dinky...
Public campground
Clear Springs Forest Camp
Fish the day away at Clear Springs Forest Camp, whose two non-reservable campsites sit alongside purty...
Public campground
Deadhorse Creek Forest Camp
Get a moo-ve on over to this campground whose sites sit along Dairy Creek (see what we did there?)....
Public campground
Happy Camp Developed Campground
Happy Camp Campground is a magical place where every frown turns upside down. Okay, maybe that’s...
Public campground
Silver Creek Marsh Developed Campground
Cast a line into Silver Creek—when you pull your pole back out, we’d be more surprised if there wasn’t...
Public campground
Holbrook Reservoir Forest Camp
Bring your fishing pole when you stay at Holbrook Reservoir Forest Campground; chances are you’ll...
Public campground
Jackson Creek Forest Camp
In life, there’s no such thing as a free ride—except at Jackson Creek Forest Camp. Stay for free at...
Public campground
Dairy Point Developed Campground
Few things in life are free, and camping at Dairy Point Developed Campgrounds is one of them. These...
Public campground
Lofton Reservoir Developed Campground
A shady forest cover and prime fishing location—you don’t need much more than that in a campground,...
Public campground
Marster Spring Developed Campground
Fishing and hiking are swell at this popular campground, which sits along the Chewaucan River. The 10...
Public campground
Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead
Camp at Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead for easy access to the Fremont National Recreation Trail and the...
Public campground
Upper Jones Forest Camp
Fish, picnic and camp along the banks of the Chewaucan River at Upper Jones Forest Camp. Check the...
Public campground
Jones Crossing Forest Camp
Fish, picnic and camp along the banks of the Chewaucan River at Jones Crossing Forest Camp. Check the...
Public campground
Bunyard Crossing Forest Camp
The fishing’s good in the creek that runs by Bunyard Crossing Forest Camp, so don’t forget your tackle...
Public campground
Farm Well Horse Camp Trailhead
Are you and your equestrian pal ready to do some mountain climbing? Then saddle up at Farm Well Horse...
Public campground
Upper Buck Creek Forest Camp
The five campsites up for grabs at Upper Buck Creek Forest Camp offer the perfect home base for hiking...
Public campground
Lower Buck Creek Forest Camp
Ready to rough it a bit? Then you won’t mind the rustic setting of Lower Buck Creek Forest Camp....
Public campground
Williamson River Campground
Fish and frolick in the cool water of the Williamson River all day long when you stay at this...
Public campground
Cottonwood Complex Campground
Get cozy in Cottonwood Complex Campground, where the towering ponderosa pines and aspens provide cool...
Public campground
Scott Creek Forest Camp
In life, there’s no such thing as a free ride—except at Scott Creek Forest Camp! Stay for free at one...
Public campground
Dog Lake Campground
It’s a dog’s life at Dog Lake Campground—meaning you’ll probably do a lot of laying around punctuated...
Public campground
Malone Springs Campground
It’s all about the water activities at Malone Springs Campground. You can boat, fish and even paddle...
Public campground
Odessa Campground
The Odessa Campground is small--you can (almost) count the number of campsites on one hand--but...
Public campground
Drews Creek Campground
Dip your toes in Drews Creek, or go for the whole shebang at Drews Reservoir, where you can boat,...
Public campground
Sevenmile Equestrian Trailhead Horse Camp
Saddle up! Camp at the Sevenmile Equestrian Trailhead with your trusty steed for easy access to the...
Public campground
Cold Spring Trailhead
Hikers, rejoice! Camp at Cold Spring Trailhead and you’ll have access to not one, but TWO trails–Cold...
Public campground
Overton Reservoir Forest Camp
“Hell is other people”: yay or nay? If you’re inclined to agree with famous French philosopher Satre,...
Public campground
Clover Creek Trailhead
Camp at Clover Creek Trailhead for easy access to perhaps the most breathtaking scenery in all of...
Public campground
Walt Haring Sno-Park
Don’t let the name fool you; the campground at Walt Haring Sno-Park is open year round, snow or shine....
Public campground
Sunset Campground
Que up Instagram: perched next to Lake of the Woods with Mt. McLoughlin in the distance, Sunset...
Public campground
Aspen Point Campground
Want to go camping near a lake, in the woods? You can at Aspen Point Campground, whose 60 sites are...
Public campground
Fourmile Lake Campground
Melissa: Camping at Fourmile Lake was awesome. We drove a few miles in on a dirt road from hwy 140. The lake w...
Public campground
Vee Lake Trailhead Campground
Party of one? Party on! Then amble over to the Vee Lake Trailhead campground, whose single campsite...
Public campground
Can Springs Forest Camp
Seeking seclusion? Head to Can Springs Forest Camp, where you’ll only have to share the campground...
Public campground
Corral Springs Forest Camp
Get a dose of history with your stay at Corral Springs Forest Campground—the nearby old Klamath Trail...
Public campground
Mud Creek Forest Camp
Natala : I ended up here based on the recommendation from the Ranger in Lakeview that this campground would not...
Public campground
Digit Point Campground
For easy access to the beautiful Miller Lake and Mount Thielson Wilderness, staying at Digit Point...
Public campground
Twin Springs Forest Camp
Chill out beneath the pine, fir and aspen at this little slice of heaven. And we do mean little—Twin...
Public campground
Willow Creek Campground
You’ll definitely hear the wind in the willows when you camp at Willow Creek Campground. The eight...
Public campground
Deep Creek Forest Camp
Camp at Deep Creek if you want to fill up a bucket full of trophy catches. Yep, the fishing’s good at...
Public campground
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Cabin in the Pines
Brooke: If you want a truly off grid peaceful retreat, I would definitely recommend this cabin! It is still ro...
Direct book$50/night
Geo-Dome @ The Aerie
Elliott: Spend the night in a Geodesic Dome! Sweat it out in the sauna! Hike the hills!The Aerie is a...
Direct book$65/night
Fremont Winema 9.8 Acres Fun
Nora: Do you love camping but hate the crowds of public designated campgrounds? Tired of hearing other...
Direct book$10/night
Oregon's Backyard Experience
Shaun: So this place is quite an amazing stay! I got a little lost trying to locate the property but the owne...
Direct book$11/night
Oregon Forest Raw Land Camping
Natalie: This is a beautiful piece of land. There is a lot to do nearby with the town of Klamath Falls just 40 ...
Direct book$25/night
Pioneer Indian Campground
Sabrina: We accept RVs, Cabovers, Bumper Pulls and 4-season tents.
Request book$99/night
Squirrelville Cabin
Meredith: Squirrellville cabin is a dream come true! I want so bad to live in Oregon now! Our hosts were the kin...
Request book$100/night
Lost Creek Campground

Lost Creek Campground

96% Recommend – 13 Responses
Christina: Its best to go in August or September so that after a long hike you will actually want to jump into th...
Public campground
Garden Getaway
Steven: Didn't meet Melissa but her roommates were extremely nice. The garden was huge and we helped ourselves...
Direct book$50/night
Mazama Campground

Mazama Campground

89% Recommend – 28 Responses
Lorene: The camp store at Mazama Village is very well stocked, which is a good thing since the nearest grocery...
Public campground
Diamond Lake Campground

Diamond Lake Campground

100% Recommend – 10 Responses
Brian: Heavily wooded, spaced out campsites make this place special. You get privacy, and if you aren't luck...
Public campground
Oregon Desert Stars
Carissa: We are very close to the path of totality for the August solar eclipse! If you like to get far away...
Direct book$50/night
Collier Memorial State Park Campground
Collier offers a plethora of camping preference options, but beyond the beauty of choice, what you are...
Public campground
Indian Well Campground
Lori: Bring boots -lava beds are sharp
Public campground
Jackson F. Kimball Campground
Briana: We were eaten alive here, regardless of long pants and long sleeves. Bring bug spray! They bit us thro...
Public campground
 Willow-Witt Wall Tents

Willow-Witt Wall Tents

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Teresa: Willow-Witt is the most lovely place I've camped all summer. The facilities are clean and the outdoor ...
Request book$150/night
Creekside Hideaways
Rebecca: Lovely spot, great people. Laurie is fun and relxaxed and great to talk to. For those that want to hel...
Request book$20/night
Union Creek Campground
Ann Marie
Ann Marie: The family was split about this one. I thought it quite lovely. Our spot backed up to Union Creek and ...
Public campground
Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout
Madison: Probably the most beautiful spot I've ever slept. You get a private view of Mt. Shasta to the west and...
Public campground
Lupine Loop Car Camping
Vanessa: Rancho Love Joy Peace is a beautiful piece of land and a prefect environment to come and hang out and ...
Request book$25/night