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Elephant Butte Lake State Park

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Elephant Butte Lake
Elephant Butte Lake
Elephant Butte Lake

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, New Mexico

Those young at heart may giggle at the name, but Elephant Butte Lake State Park is far from looking (or smellin’) like an elephant butt. In fact, this place is pretty rad, and the scenery is to die Read more...
Those young at heart may giggle at the name, but Elephant Butte Lake State Park is far from looking (or smellin’) like an elephant butt. In fact, this place is pretty rad, and the scenery is to die for. In the middle of the lake Elephant Butte rises over those chilling in the water. Jet skis, sailboats, kayaks, pontoons, and houseboats all share the water here; there’s plenty of room since this is New Mexico’s largest state park! There’s over 15 miles of hiking and biking trails for those who want to see the butte from all angles, and campgrounds nestled along the shore will ensure you get that crazy sunset shot. Anglers will be happy here too, the fish are a plenty and local guides can show you all the best spots. Giggle at the name if you will, but once you get to Elephant Butt, er, Butte, those laughs will most definitely turn to memories!
South Highlands Campground
Set up camp at the South Highlands Campground of Elephant Butte Lake State Park and soak up the peace,...
Public campground
North Highlands Campground
Fancy some camping right alongside the Elephant Butte Reservoir? North Highlands Campground might be...
Public campground
Lost Canyon Campground
Wanna camp in one of Elephant Butte Lake’s most central spots? Make the most of your time on the lake...
Public campground
Long Point Campground
Looking to do some camping in the seriously gorgeous Elephant Butte Lake State park away from the...
Public campground
Club Cove Campground
More primitive than other Elephant Butte Lake campgrounds, Club Cove Campground is perfect if you’re...
Public campground
Three Sisters Campground
Are you into hiking, fishing, and biking? Then look no further than Three Sisters Campground. Located...
Public campground
South Monticello Campground
Camp right on the edge of Elephant Butte Lake at South Monticello Campground. For great lakeside views...
Public campground
Lions Beach Campground
Need a campground with all the fixin’s? They’ve got you covered over at Lions Beach Campground. This...
Public campground
Desert Cove Campground
Feel the cool lakeshore breeze and inhale some seriously fresh air as you set up camp at Desert Cove...
Public campground
Quail Run Campground
Drive on down to Quail Run Campground and get a feel for the breathtaking natural beauty of New Mexico...
Public campground
Paseo del Rio Campground
Want to relax and chill at Elephant Butte Lake State Park a little bit further from the crowds? Paseo...
Public campground
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