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Cottonwood Field Office

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Cottonwood Field Office, Idaho

The lands that are covered by the Cottonwood Field Office are the kind that take your breath away in one swift moment of awe. Set along the stunning Clearwater and Salmon Rivers, you can wade in for Read more...
The lands that are covered by the Cottonwood Field Office are the kind that take your breath away in one swift moment of awe. Set along the stunning Clearwater and Salmon Rivers, you can wade in for incredible trout and salmon fishing while jagged snow capped peaks tower overhead. There’s plenty of points along the way to load in your raft or kayak for the white-water adventures of a lifetime, or set up camp for a quiet night along “the river of no return”. This area has seen the likes of Lewis and Clark, and you too will find yourself out on the trails discovering some Idaho’s dearest and most spectacular treasures. With deep basalt gorges and spectacular sunrises, it’s places like Cottonwood that will remind you why you fell in love with the outdoors.
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Island Bar Recreation Site Campground
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Lookout Butte Lookout
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