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How to Start Earning Extra Income as a Hipcamp Host

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Hipcamp to be your partner in sharing your land with millions of campers across America. Hipcamp partners with landowners like you (who become Hipcamp Hosts) to connect your property with folks who are looking for places to stay and camp outside. All you need to get started is a flat spot where someone can pitch a tent or park an RV, or a structure (such as a yurt, canvas tent, or tiny cabin) for them to spend the night in.

We want to help you achieve your revenue goals with your campsite, so we put together a guide with our top tips for success as a Hipcamp Host. Read through the information below, and send an email to our Support Team if you have any questions.

How Hipcamp Hosting worksBasic hosting requirementsHow to get more bookingsHosting FAQ

How Hosting on Hipcamp works


You tell us how you’d like to receive bookings


Campers find your listing page


You get notified when a camper books

Choose your booking options in your Host Dashboard. Whether Hipcampers book instantly or you approve each request, how far in advance, and more. All campers are required to provide payment information, a phone number, and agree to your terms. You’ll always be alerted when a camper is interested in staying on your land, and on which date.

PRO TIP: Keep your calendar up-to-date

When your availability is accurate, you create a great experience for Hipcampers.

  • Learn how to use and update your calendar here
  • Block off any dates that are not available to campers and sync other calendars here
  • Get in touch with us at if you need help with your calendar

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Basic requirements for Hosting on Hipcamp

✅ Be responsive

Help us create a good experience for Hipcampers by responding to booking requests and inquiries within 24 hours. Hipcampers are excited when requesting dates on your land, and it creates a bad experience for them when they don’t hear back from you. Our support team is always happy to help you with this if you need it.

✅ Accept booking requests

Keeping your calendar as up-to-date as possible means you won’t have to decline any booking requests. It’s discouraging to Hipcampers when dates appear to be available but actually aren’t. Learn how you can block off dates here.

✅  Make sure your listing is accurate

Attract the perfect Hipcampers for your land by ensuring your listing details are accurate and expectations are set. This means directions are detailed and correct, photos are representative of where the Hipcamper is staying, the description accurately sets expectations, and the amenities you offer will be available during their stay.

✅  Communicate with the Hipcamper

Communicating with the Hipcamper before and during their stay helps them feel supported and comfortable. Make yourself available for any questions they might have, which will allow you both to have a better experience. Learn more about managing communication with Hipcampers here.

✅ Maintain good ratings

By helping create a stress-free experience for the Hipcamper, you’ll almost always get great ratings. If the Hipcamper didn’t have a stellar time, address their concerns directly to make sure you can learn from this for the next time. Learn how to respond to their reviews here.

☮️ Be inclusive

One of Hipcamp’s core values is that diversity is strength, so we expect you to make sure that all campers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political views, religion, or culture feel welcome and safe on your land.

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How to get more bookings on Hipcamp

Looking to drive bookings to your listing? Look no further. Here are the 4 easiest ways to draw more Hipcampers to your unique land: price affordably, take good photos, add amenities, and market your listing.

1. Price your listing competitively and affordably

We’ve found that pricing competitively and affordably can help get you your first bookings early on. To find out how listings like yours in your area are priced, visit the pricing section of your Host Dashboard.

2. Spend time taking good photos of your site

Photos are the easiest way to attract campers and set expectations. Here are our 3 top tips for photographing your land:


Clean up the site


Take horizontal photos


Use the best lighting

Clear clutter, trash or anything that might deter a Hipcamper. Take zoomed-out landscape (horizontal) photos instead of portrait (vertical). For outdoor shots, take photos in late afternoon to get a warm, flattering light. For indoor shots (in structures), take photos during the day when there’s lots of bright, natural light, and turn on any additional lighting.

PRO TIP: Mention & include photos of what makes your land unique!

Have any cute farm animals? A swimming hole? A great view? Take photos and mention it in your listing! Hipcampers love seeing what makes your land special.

3. Add amenities Hipcampers appreciate and will pay more for!

Think like your campers: what can you add to make their stay more convenient and enjoyable? Here are the top amenities and additions we’ve found at Hipcamp’s most successful listings:

All things considered, listings with toilets receive an average of 2 times more bookings than those without, so it’s worth spending time adding a toilet. Learn how to make a composting toilet in less than 45 minutes here, and debunked myths about them here.The best toilets are not personal toilets in your home—these can make the Hipcamper feel like they’re invading your privacy. See some of our favorite toilet types and get inspiration here.

Fire rings
If your county allows fires, this is a great amenity to add. Aside from toilets, fire rings or pits are the top amenity requested by Hipcampers.

Drinking water
Hipcampers are more than happy to bring their own water, but they’ll be even more prepared if you can provide access to water. It could be from a tap, hose, spigot, jug, or water body (followed by boiling for purification.)

A few simple signs pointing the Hipcamper to their parking spot, site, and the toilet go a long way (and prevent messages to you!) Learn about the essential Hipcamp signage here.

Showers / sanitation
There’s nothing like rinsing off after a day of exploring outside. A unique outdoor shower or bathtub can act as a major draw for Hipcampers.

PRO TIP: Can you offer access to local food?

Do you have orchards with fruits or berries that are safe to eat? Egg-laying chickens? Do you grow seasonal veggies? Offering these for purchase to Hipcampers from the very land that they’re staying on creates a deeper connection and respect for the dirt below their feet.

4. Market your listing

Learn about some of the different, easy ways to market your listing here.

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Have more questions?

Check out our hosting FAQ or email the Hipcamp Support Team anytime.

Want to earn extra income to help pay for property taxes, home expenses, and future dream projects? Learn more about becoming a Hipcamp Host. (Use the promo code JOURNAL and get an extra $100 when you host your first Hipcamp guest.)

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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