Please read the rules section before booking - the key to a great experience is clear expectations! 

Please notify us of your anticipated arrival time as soon as possible. Check-in ends at 7 pm.  Late check-in may be arranged in advance up to 8 pm.

Your visit requires a guided tour to the campsite, we are firm on check-in times! If you cannot arrive in our


Please read the rules section before booking - the key to a great experience is clear expectations! 

Please notify us of your anticipated arrival time as soon as possible. Check-in ends at 7 pm.  Late check-in may be arranged in advance up to 8 pm.

Your visit requires a guided tour to the campsite, we are firm on check-in times! If you cannot arrive in our check-in window, your booking is voided. 

We will provide one guided walk to campsite per booking party. If your party involves a second vehicle add-on, you will need to show them to the site.

This is off-grid forest camping. No power, no lights, and you and your camp stove in the coastal forest. Please plan accordingly for your 5-minute walk to the campsites.  Pack light or have a way to transport your gear.

This is a coastal rainforest, so you may want to bring a tarp for placement under your tent. The ground can be damp depending on the season.

Fires are not currently allowed and it can get cool on the coast. Please bring some cool weather gear and a rain jacket! Temperatures June - August are average high of 65 F and a low of 50 F.

The 5-minute walk to the campsites is easy but has some very short inclines and uneven terrain. It may also be muddy, more so earlier in camping season.

Trip Camp Main provides 3 sites to choose for 2 camper parties, first come first choice. Each site will accommodate two 4 person tents without issue as well as hammocks.  Please inquire before booking if you are looking to host more than 6 persons in your party.

Though spaced out, you may encounter other campers on trail systems and parking areas and you may hear them depending on which sites are chosen.

Remember there are wild animals here! We've never had a problem except the occasional bear trying to break into a trash can. We recommend you store most foods in your car.

Please plan for most activities to occur at your campsite. We do not allow car camping or cooking in the parking area. You are welcome to explore the trails and use our playground for children at your own risk. No amplified music on property (though you might hear ours in the common areas!).


-CHECK-IN IS 3-7 PM.  Late check-in may be pre-arranged up to 8 pm.  Arrival after 8 pm is not possible and voids your booking.  Do not arrive after 8 pm.  Please plan accordingly.

-EACH SITE ACCOMMODATES ONE CAR, AND --ONE--ADDITIONAL PARKING SPACE CAN BE ADDED ON IN THE "EXTRAS" --> Extra parking is bought on a per night basis, and may need to be parked away from the trailhead.**




Your privacy and safety are important to us. As such, we only host a limited number of campers at a given time. We also respect what you choose to do while connecting with nature. Just please, always be aware of safety and the risk of fires in our area.

Campsite area
Tent sites
2 sites
Up to 6 guests per site
Short walk
2WD Accessible
No wheelchair access
Toilet available
Fire ban in effect
No pets
Showers available
Playground available
No potable water
No kitchen
No picnic table
No wifi
Pack it out
Laundry absent
  • Check in: After 3PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 3 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 10% off

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Offered on the Host's property or nearby.


Offsite mountain biking and highway road biking.


Offsite ocean and river


Minor short trail system on property and extensive hiking around Yachats in scenic areas and national forest for miles around.


Bring your own surfboard for the ocean areas. Popular spots within 30 minutes and in Yachats.

Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at Trip Camp Main in Oregon.


You can walk to a wonderful stretch of beach that is about 15 minutes away, off the property. From here you can walk all the wa...Read more


Your campsites sit within our forested areas!

River, stream, or creek

Small seasonal creek near camp area.


We're a small working homestead with tractor, greenhouse, chickens and an old farm dog. Eggs always available ($5), produce dep...Read more


Driveway to campsites may have accessibility issues depending on ground wetness/season. Alternative parking arrangements may be...Read more


19 Reviews

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Hipcamper Jane

Beautiful mossy woods!

Jane C.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 14th, 2021

Lovely mossy site with no one around! Magical! Clean outhouse--all around extremely pleasant. We will come again!
We set up our tent in the light and figured out he short woods walk into the site--we recommend doing that because easy to get turned around in the dark. Beautiful!

Hipcamper Olya

Mossy goddess

Olya H.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 11th, 2021

Loved the mossy forest vibe in the morning. Im a single women traveling and felt safe. If your new to back packing i highly recommend you give this a try before heading out for a longer adventure. Super greatful to regina and glen for helping a sister out last min and being accommodating. Really sweet ppl

Hipcamper Mona
Mona S.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 8th, 2021

Beautiful forested campsite! Close to Yachats and the beach. Would recommend!

Hipcamper Amy
Amy H.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 6th, 2021

Trip Camp One has a few lovely, isolated campsites to choose from. The site are well spaced and private. We loved waking up to a view of the forest and nothing else. We were also easily able to walk to the beach from our site.

Hipcamper Cicely

Camp where the forest meets the sea

Cicely B.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 30th, 2021

Late August 2021–it was a pleasure to stay in this peaceful and serene setting where the forest meets the sea. Our tent site was nestled in the moss below tall trees and giant rhododendrons and we fell asleep to the sound of the ocean. I’m glad I packed extra blankets and a hat as the nights were chilly. It was a short hike from where we parked. There’s a nice new outhouse a short distance from the campsite. We didn’t even see or hear the other campers. We left our cooler of food in the car and only brought what we needed to the tent. In hindsight I would have packed our clothes in backpacks rather than luggage. That would have been much easier to carry. The outdoor shower is very nice but it’s not near the outhouse so plan accordingly.

4 person tent in late morning sunbeamsPark here. Unload and walk to campsite from here. 5 minute easy hike. We made 3-4 trips.I was glad for a place to set my stuff when I needed to use the outhouse.Welcome
Hipcamper Margaret
Margaret C.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 18th, 2021

Regina’s camp was lovely.

Hipcamper Kyle

Very unwelcoming host

Kyle T.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 17th, 2021

The first thing I would like to say about this hipcamp is that the property and area were all very pretty and well maintained. The campsite was neat and private.

Despite arriving at our pre-arranged time well before our host's cut off at 7pm, when my partner and I arrived there was not so much as a "hello" or a smile or anything that showed we were welcome. I introduced myself and my partner and tried to start a little small talk, and he responded by just pointing in the direction we needed to go with very vague instructions on where to park the car and said he would meet us there. I tried to park where I believed he wanted me to but he just got annoyed and grumpily told where he wanted the car.

After we got out of the car he showed us to where our campsite was, which was about a 5 minute walk from the parking area. The whole walk was rather awkward and he spent the whole time complaining about various things such as the number of times he had made that walk that day or past guests, again making it very hard to feel welcomed.

After showing us to our campsite this is where some of the confusion came up. The third member of our party arrived about 15 minutes after us in his own car, which was not established clearly enough with our host. This obviously upset Glen. He informed me of the extra fee (which i was 100% ok paying, mistakes happen). He then made a big deal how there wasn't enough parking IN A LARGE FIELD for our third party member's Subaru. Finally after a few minutes of him muttering to himself he said it would be ok if we both parked our cars as far into a corner as possible. His concerns being again, space in his large field and that he wouldn't have room to move his small/medium sized tractor around in the morning. After we figured out the parking crisis my partner thanked him for his flexibility and apologized for the misunderstanding (after we already paid the extra fee) and he responded back to her with "It is not a big deal... actually it is". Also this is the only time during the whole interaction he acknowledged my partners existence (she also said hello and walked to the campsite right next to him)

Following the resolution of the parking debacle we received no good bye, have good night, or anything that a warm welcoming person would say, he just trudged back into his house and we never saw him for the rest of our one night stay.

My group and I had such an uneasy feeling from this interaction that in the morning we packed our stuff and got out of there as quickly as possible.

I have had excellent experiences with hipcamp hosts in the past and I am not the type that likes to leave bad reviews (this might be my first one on any platform) I just feel it is necessary to let people know what they can expect from Glen at this site.

Hipcamper Regina and Glen
Response from Regina and Glen, the Host, on August 23rd, 2021

It’s interesting how we can all have different perceptions of how a check in is going. From our perspective, everything seemed to be fine up to the point that you informed us there would be a second vehicle that you had not listed on the booking. Glen came in to verify that you hadn’t paid before asking for additional payment. You seemed annoyed that we couldn’t charge your credit card directly (something we can’t do as hosts) after that, and even more so when Glen let you know that we only check in one party per booking, and you would need to meet the second vehicle in your party. You get the same check in that every other camper gets. We meet at our rainbow gate, and walk with the car to the parking area to clearly show where to go. You seemed discontent with the speed of walking, so we gave verbal instructions on where to go while we finished walking. We are homeowners, not graduates of the hospitality industry. I am sorry if you feel you did not get a showy welcome you were expecting. We’re real people, and, everyone’s perceptions are colored by their own experiences. On the guided walk to the campsites, you asked very specific questions about how our Hip Camp hosting experience has been, specifically if we have had any problems. As we want to help anyone who might be considering hosting themselves, you got an honest answer. Perhaps you shouldn’t ask those questions and be surprised when you get honest answers? In asking how the host experience is going and being told “this is the X time I’ve made this walk today” why did you choose to take this as a reflection on yourself? Seems much of your review is based on disliking being told where to park and that you had to pay for the second car in your booking. You seem to be quite hung up on how we choose to check people in and where we have people park on our property. As you are not the property owner, it really isn’t your place to have any opinion on where anyone should park or how our property should be used. We have designed our system in a way that makes us be able to live and work here, while also accommodating a small amount of guests. I’m sorry you felt the need to rush out in the morning, though, clearly you felt comfortable enough to stay the one night stay. Best of luck on future trips.

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Hipcamper Jaye
Jaye M.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 16th, 2021

Lovely stay! Spacious camp site, gorgeous forest, very private, very friendly and accommodating host. Highly recommend!

Hipcamper Regina and Glen
Response from Regina and Glen, the Host, on August 23rd, 2021

Thanks Jaye! I hope you all can be back sometime! Would love to hear more about your home. Won’t say more publicly on that but thanks for staying and be very kind to our son. Your family was very friendly and you’re welcome back anytime.

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Hipcamper Jeff
Jeff C.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 13th, 2021

Regina and Glen have created some lovely places to tent camp on their property within earshot of the ocean and with access to a nice pit toilet and outdoor shower.

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