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5 sites · Lodging, Tents5 acres · Quilcene, WA
Welcome to Tranquil Acres. We have transformed our five acres in the “Pearl of the Peninsula” for the world to be your oyster during your stay with us. The Big Quilcene river is a water wonderland with private riverside access available to all campers just a short easy walk from each campsite. Here is where you can enjoy the cooling relief from the Summer heat, bask in the sun on cool Spring days, listen to the soothing sounds of the water and wildlife, interact with fellow campers, as well as fishing for Coho salmon in the Fall for a full meal deal experience. (Fishing license required). The river access “Common Area” is for all campers to enjoy with plenty of space to also have some alone time. If you are a more adventurous camper, Tranquil Acres is perfectly located to be your “home base” for extended stays, allowing you to explore the many wonders that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer as easy day trips. We are happy to answer any questions and share some of our favorite hikes, lakes, restaurants, and historical areas we have loved over these many years. My family has lived in this area since the early 80's and after almost a decade of renting this property and becoming a part of the amazing community of Quilcene, I had the opportunity to buy this land and “pay it forward” by creating Tranquil Acres for all to enjoy. My children that grew up here, continue to help and support this endeavor as adults. “It’s a King Thing”. Camping Etiquette: **Please read before booking** First and foremost, the road leading down to the camping area is a steep gravel drive. Going down isn’t usually a problem…it’s getting back up again. When you get to the bottom, the rest of the roadway leading to all campsites is a natural dirt road with tree root humps that isn’t designed for low clearance cars. AWD or 4WD is recommended, but please check with us before booking to see if your vehicle can have access all the way to your campsite and make it back up the hill. If not, we do have parking available at the top of the hill safely located next to our house, and transport options available to help you pack it in and pack it out without risking damage to your vehicle or the land and still enjoy a wonderful camping experience. Please inquire before booking if you have a low clearance vehicle so we can discuss your options. Please be respectful of the land. We are a “pack it in, pack it out” campground and wish to provide this space for folks to enjoy for many years to come. The Quilcene transfer station is located nearby and is open on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. (hours may differ on holidays). We do offer waste disposal as an add-on at checkout. Recycling must be separated from solid waste and contained in the bags provided and will have clear instructions of what is recyclable. Potable water is not available in the camping area. It is okay to use water from the river if you have a certified filter system (at your own risk). If you are the bold and brave that likes to bathe in cold waters, please be mindful of the eco-system and the damage that soap can do to our natural habitat. Dishwashing is not allowed in the river at any time. Like most campgrounds, our quiet time is 10pm-8am. Please be respectful to your camp neighbors at all times. Sounds carry easily in the woods. Play, explore, have fun, and stay awake to enjoy your space for as long as you want, just be mindful to use “camping voice” after 10pm. Communication is encouraged and appreciated! If you need anything, are having any issues with fellow campers, or just have a question… please don’t hesitate to get in touch… day or night. We love being able to share this wonderful land for folks to have a joyful camping experience in our neck of the woods with their fellow campers. Dogs are allowed at all campsites. Cats too if you have a camping cat! Please be mindful of your neighbors and that not everyone feels comfortable around dogs or may be allergic. Off leash is allowed if your dog is not aggressive with humans or other dogs. You know your dog best, and we will trust that you will use your best judgement in any circumstance while you are staying with us. If there is an issue in this regard, we will ask you to keep your dog leashed at all times, or under extreme circumstances may be forced to ask you to leave. We would rather not do either of those things, so please be aware of where your pet is at all times. Everyone loves a campfire! No one loves a wildfire. The lushness of the Olympic National Forest can be deceiving. Wildfires do still happen here and we expect you to extinguish your fire if no one is at the campsite, before going to sleep, and prior to departure. Firewood is provided as an add-on at checkout and will be at your site when you arrive, or you are also welcomed to bring your own. You will need to provide your own paper and flame to get your campfire going. There are many small sticks and twigs around every site to use as kindling, but please don’t use any wood you find on the land that won’t entirely fit inside of the rock ring. This is dangerous because wood holds heat and can continue to burn and ignite leaves, sticks and twigs outside of the firepit. If it is windy at any point during your stay, we respectfully request that you don’t have a fire while the winds are blowing. You can see if there is a recreational fire burn ban prior to arrival by visiting or send us a message. It is rare that recreational fires are banned in this area, but it does happen on occasion. Burning any kind of garbage in your campfire is not allowed at any time. Doing so means it is no longer a recreational fire and could permanently stop us from allowing campers to stay here. We offer a variety of add-on features that can turn your camping adventure into a glamping experience. Need a tent? No problem, we will even set it up for you and take it down. Don’t have a stove to cook with? We have that too. When we say: “It’s a King Thing”… it means we intend to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling like Royalty. Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your camping adventures. We are thrilled and grateful to share our Tranquil Acres with you and look forward to seeing you soon! Add-on descriptions (Updated) Essentials: Toilet Available: 2 composting toilets are conveniently located for all campers and cleaned daily. Bring your own TP and please don’t leave the roll in the Shat Shack or Poop Hut when you’re not doin ur bizness. There are instructions posted if you have never used a composting toilet. Pets Allowed: Off Leash You know your dog best. Please be mindful and aware if they are aggressive towards other dogs or humans. Fire Ban in effect: (no) River rock ring firepits available at all sites. You are welcome to bring your own firewood, or add-on at checkout. Lots of sticks and twigs on the ground available for kindling. Bring your own paper and flame to start your fire. Please don’t use wood from the land that doesn’t fully fit inside of the firepit. Amenities: Kitchen Available: Grill over firepit available upon request. Forget to pack a much needed cooking utensil? Please ask and I may have one you can borrow. Picnic Table Available: All sites have a picnic table. No Potable Water: Bring your own bottled water for drinking/cooking, or you can access river water with your own certified filtration system. We do not recommend drinking or cooking with water from the river that has not been filtered, doing so is at your own risk. We are just minutes away from 2 different stores in Quilcene. No Showers: Bathing in the river is allowed if you are brave enough to handle the cold water. Please be mindful of the natural eco-system and use only biodegradable soap minimally. The Big Quilcene river plays an important role in this region supporting wildlife, aquatic life, plant life and human life. No Wifi: But all major phone providers do get service in our campground area. Pack it out: Garbage/recycling is available as an add-on feature, otherwise, please pack it in/pack it out and leave it better than you found it. Laundry Absent: There is a laundromat in Quilcene just a short drive from our campsite. Available offers: Firewood $6.00/bundle Locally sourced firewood with a range of sizes will be waiting at your campsite when you arrive. Bring your own paper and flame, and there are many small sticks and twigs on the ground just waiting to be useful as kindling! (Cash or Venmo is accepted if you need to order more during your stay. We are not allowed to charge your card for additional products/rentals after you book your site.) Tiki torch fluid- citronella based $10.00 A great ambiance for the great outdoors and helps keep pesky insects out of your camp. (Tiki torches are provided at all sites.) Garbage/Recycling $15.00 ** We are offering this option on a trial basis.** Containers will be provided for your garbage and recycling at your site during your stay. Clear instructions will be provided for what is recyclable and what is solid waste. PLEASE adhere to the instructions so we can continue offering this service to future campers. Large tent – sleeps up to 12 - $55.00 We will set it up before you arrive and break it down after you leave. Large two room tent with 2 doors. Broom will be provided, and we just ask that you sweep the floor prior to departure. (This rental is not available for Site 4) Small tent – sleeps 2-3 $25.00 We will set it up before you arrive and break it down after you leave. Broom will be provided, and we just ask that you sweep the floor prior to departure. Cot $10.00 Don’t have an air mattress? Enjoy our high quality cot that also comes with a sleeping pad. Instructions are included for you to set up and place where you want it inside of your tent, and break it down prior to departure. (if you are not able to do this yourself, please message me!) Propane Grill $15.00 Propane is included. Bring your own flame, follow the easy instructions and Bon Appetit! Propane fire pit $40.00 Still have the campfire feel when there is a recreational burn ban by renting one of our propane fire pits. Easy peasy…turn the knob and strike a match! Extra Car Fee $10.00 Only 1 car is allowed per site. This helps reduce the wear and tear on the land. There are exceptions to this…so please message me if you have more than one vehicle in your group, or you have a low clearance vehicle so we can discuss. Extra cars can park safely next to our house at the top of the hill. ACTIVITIES ON THE LAND OR NEARBY BIKING: multiple mountain biking trails for any level of rider. Check for information about trails located in Quilcene and nearby areas just a short drive away. FISHING: The salmon start running on the Big Quilcene in September. Fishing license required. There are other options for fishing around the area depending on what you want to fish for, go ahead and message me if you want some insider information. HIKING: There are many hikes close by with a variety of difficulty levels. I have hiked pretty much all of them and would love to share some of my favorites with you. PADDLING: Quilcene Bay, Lake Leland as well as other options just a short drive away. WILDLIFE WATCHING: We have deer that wander through the campground from time to time and in the mid-late summer it is a real treat to see their fawns. There is a fun assortment of birds, owls and even herons and hawks that can be spotted while hanging out at the river in our common area. If you are lucky, you can even spot a bald eagle passing by. Grey whales and Orca whales migrate north in the late Spring and Summer and there are whale watching tours available in Sequim and Port Angeles. There is also the Olympic Game Farm Park in Sequim that is a drive through wildlife preserve that is a lot of fun for the whole family just 45mins away. (Absolutely no hunting is allowed on Tranquil Acres and we respectfully request that you keep your distance from wildlife for the safety of all involved.) NATURAL FEATURES ON OR NEAR THE LAND: BEACH: There are several Bays and Lakes in the area that I would love to tell you about that are easy to access…please don’t hesitate to ask. FOREST: We are located on the eastern side of the Olympic National Forest, and there is a Ranger Station just a couple minutes away. The rainforest eco system of this area is truly an adventure worth exploring, and our Tranquil Acres has all the native trees and plants of this unique region that makes it feel like you are living in the heart of a rainforest…but with less rain, and slightly warmer temperatures than the central and western side of the Olympic rainforest in the summer. LAKES: Lake Leland Lake and Crocker Lake are the nearest most accessible lakes in the area. There are many others, please feel free to ask about any lakes you find in the area and I can let you know if it is suitable for what you are wanting from a lake experience. RIVER, STREAM OR CREEK: Tranquil Acres is located on the Big Quilcene River. It’s beautiful and most of the time secluded (except during salmon season in September when there are fisherfolks that have public access to the river itself). There are many other rivers in the general area, but none quite as awesome as our little stretch of the Big Quilcene. SWIMMING HOLE: Yes, various options at different times of the year…and It’s COLD! Bring a float device for a gentler experience in the hot summer sun or have a bold and brave Polar Plunge regardless of what month it is. (AT YOUR OWN RISK, please be mindful of how strong the river current is at different times of the year and do not let young children into the main current without a life jacket or without adult supervision. Highly recommended to wear water shoes at all times/all ages.) The Big Quilcene is a River that anyone could slip and fall on the rocks regardless of age and how low the water is. WATERFALL: The Falls View loop trail just a few miles south of Quilcene is an easy 1 mile hike that has a spectacular view of the large waterfall that flows into the Big Quilcene River. I am happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about local adventures in the area. MOUNTAINOUS: Mt. Olympus reigns supreme over them all, but the Olympic Mountain Range has 9 other distinct Mountain peaks, and there are a variety of ways to experience this unique mountain range…just ask me how, I am happy to share the variety of ways to enjoy the Olympic Peninsula. FARMS: We have multiple organic farms in the area where you can purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are also many community activities at various times of the year to get to know this little Pearl of the Peninsula.
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