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Check in to a Michigan City campground by the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan shoreline.

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97% (66 reviews)

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7 sites · RVs, Tents40 acres · Baroda, MI
GROOTs OFF GRID lets you have freedom to do as you wish have fun doing just that! – Unlike the State Parks many surrounding campsites. You can have privacy, you are not stacked next to your neighbors! You have your space! This Offers the responsible camper here to keep your fire burning and maned all evening long if you chose. Play your music! Drink quality Michigan craft booze and beer out of glass bottles! Laugh out loud at night after 8 pm without bothering anyone! Smoke Quality Michigan Cannabis! Come and go as you please, Park your cars by your campsite! Enjoy your pets! Just do all of these wonderful things responsibly! So Groot won’t kick you OFF the GRID!GROOTs OFF GRID, you will find a wonderful private nature experience. With areas and private nooks that created many unique coves. Creating their own presence of solitude and privacy each of the individual campsite areas unique amongst themselves! This is a slice of wonderment that you can take in your memories and enjoy in all the off seasons the fun you had here! Come back and try a different spot next year! GROOTs OFF GRID has got the A1 Prime location! With all our local activities at the right season. 10 mins from: BEACH- WINERIES- CRAFT BREWERIES. FINE FOOD, LOCAL MARKETS, ANTIQUE SHOPS, ART STUDIOS and GALLERIES. THE WARREN DUNES, & WARREN WOODS NATURE TRAILS. PLENTY OF WOODS, CANOE / KYAK, BIKE, HIKE, FISHING and CANNABIS SHOPS. GREAT STAR LIGHT NIGHTS, AND ALL NIGHT CASINOS ALL NEAR BY! The Wine hay wagon tour bus stops for pick up @ the entrance each Saturday @ request!GROOTs OFF GRID Featured Amenities for its campers! A new rented PORTA JOHN with A WEEKLY CLEANING SERVICE! WELL WATER ON TAP! BRAND NEW! CLEAN PICNIC TABLES @ each site! LARGE CAMP FIRE RINGS @ each site! FIREWOOD TO PURCHASE for your convenience. OR you are welcome to PICK UP FREE FALLEN DEAD STICKS IN THE WOODS! & then of course… best part of all…TO STAY AT A TRULY UNIQUE AREA, EQUIVOCAL TO ALL OTHERS!@ GROOTs OFF GRID you will be staying at an active nursery in the off season that specializes in over 300 different antique fruit trees and Wholesale large ornamental trees and shrubs that envelops the entire 40 acre property! We started planting Windbreaks, then a huge array of Nursery Stock since 1956! GROOTs OFF GRID is an oasis of cooling shade and green abundant tree and plant life! That is totally surrounded by nothing but a long creek, wine grapes, beans and corn the average rotating crops that hold the oppressive heat of the days sun. However! The moment that your crew pulls onto the GRID property you will experience a 20 degree drop in temperature! With the overhead lush green canopy of established trees and the stress of your journey getting here will drop 45 more degrees!GROOTs OFF GRID is surrounded by an open plane farming land, of wine grapes and rotating corn and bean crops all around the property. Which in turn caused the attention and inhabitation of all the surrounding indigenous wonderful species of animals and birds, like Turkeys, hawks, owls, sparrows, storks, blue heron, geese and ducks. Beavers, woodchucks and lots of aquatic life! Too many to list!GROOTs OFF GRID sports a diversity of plants that has always been of interest to our customers. However as time moves forward the landscape gradually has changed. When an old world Dutch Nurseryman, plants a living block of wonderful arborvitae, junipers or honey suckles and everything in between, we sell what we can and leave the rest of the plants to get larger and more valuable in time. Which in turn creates a beautiful arboretum with a countless collection of varieties of mature plant life never to be recreated in on one property in a life time! GROOTs OFF GRID is a bird watchers delight! No end here of Hawks, Vultures & other birds of prey and flocks of sparrows, Blue Jays, finches, Oreos, more than can be mentioned! & home to Great horned Owls, Hooting in the evenings. Wake up to the soothing coo of the mourning doves that all the creatures enjoy this oasis of shade and natural cover and protection to thrive & make their nests and raise offspring. GROOTs OFF GRID sports the Natural Organic progression of trees and shrub growth that has created a cornucopia of attraction of life to a vast array of wild life that outdoes any nature center you may have attended before, because of GROOTs OFF GRID location and long periods of isolation due to a seasonal business and a lot of land. GROOTs OFF GRID Organic nursery has 3 ponds and natural flowing water ways that were laid out and dug by a Dutchman who understood that rain water will flow downhill to end up into The Fowler Creek at the back of the property were you can see large Salmon, Carps, Turtles, Blue Gills Bull Frogs & much more aquatic life! GROOTs OFF GRID Activities available here on the property! 3 Hiking & Biking paths A. B. and C. Trails. All grass mowed and all trails marked with directional signs leading to different directions on the property. BIKE PATHS leading to safe back roads leading to breweries and wineries, local lakes and parks. & Lake Michigan Wine Trail. Large trees to climb! Bird watching, Turtle racing, reptiles and interesting Butterflies and insects! There is lots of open space to play corn hole, badminton, frisbee. Toss the football around or play a baseball game! Better yet, you can set yourself up in the sun and get a great tan! Or slip into a nice slow swinging hammock with a good book under a cool shade tree and make that your plan! Either way its Ok if you like your stay, book another day!GROOTs OFF GRID is a new Campground. That is slowly growing larger. Operations were put in place in 1998 to start to make this large area to become available and open for the public to come and enjoy. Only on a limited level of occupation at each season is allowed here, to insure the animal presence is not overly disturbed. By too many visitors at a time. This is to preserve a true experience for the campers to understand actual living in the wild of Michigan’s original forests with its natural animal inhabitants! A unique experience many kids in time, will never see again.WHAT ENTERTAINMENT IS AVAILABLE AROUND GROOTS OF GRID?·      LAKE MICHIGAN! Swim & Sun! Several beaches with local access!·      Weko Beach about 8 miles away Bridgeman Mi.·      Warren Dunes state Bridgeman Mi.·      Cherry Beach Harbert Mi.·      Lakeside Beach. Lakeside Mi.·      Union Pier Beach Union Pier Mi.·      New Buffalo Beach. New Buffalo Mi.·      Or Silver Beach In St. Joseph Mi.·      Lions Beach St. Joseph Mi.·       ·      HIKEING AND BIKEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!·      Lake Michigan Wine Trail·      WARREN WOODS 3 OAKS MI.·      WARRN DUNES STATE PARK.·      New Buffalo Board Walk·      St. Joseph Lake Blvd. Beach Run.·      Three Oaks (Home of Prancer) Apple cider century Bike ride.·       ·      FISHING! & EXPLOREING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!·      3 PONDS ON THE PROPERTY WITH NATIVE FISH & Aquatic life!·      LOCAL FISHING & BOATING & SWIMMING LAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!·      SINGER LAKE 5MIN. HESS LAKE 10MIN. BOYLE LAKE 15MIN. DAYTON LAKE. 20 MIN - ST. JOE RIVER 20 MIN. TO LAKE GALIEN RIVER. 20 MIN. TO LAKE.·      BEAR CAVE HIKE FISH & HARIOT TUBMAN UNDER GROUND RAILROAD SAFE HIDEING PLACE. CAVE TOUR! BUCHAN, MI.·      HOUSE OF DAVID.·      BIT OF SWISS – DECADENT PASTRIES!
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