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Summit Farms
11 reviews
· Olympia, Washington
28 acres
9 sites
9 RV/Tent
We are Mitch and Michelle, newbie farmers selling at the Olympia Farmers Market and your Hosts. Our 28 acre property has a Heritage listed barn, on the Thurston Bountiful Byway, Certified Tourism Ambassadors, minutes from the I5/Exit 99, yet private and secluded, bordered by Millersylvania, wetlands, WA State Forest with RV full hook-ups, 6 unique drive-in dry/boon-dock tent sites. Great for workers on the road, families, and single campers - safe and secure plus serenity, or fun or both, Welcome! Welcome to Summit Farms! In February 2021, we saw this unkempt land and the dilapidated buildings therein, and KNEW in our hearts it was the place we would grow and gather for the rest of our lives. After a year of clean-up and repairs, and getting their farming business off the ground, we decided to start hosting friends and family. It’s now time to open up to “friends we haven’t met yet” and share this magical place. Just a note that our property is a work in progress, rustic in nature and sturdy shoes are always a good idea. This spot is truly a hidden gem. A turn-of-the century farm property located at the end of a private lane in unincorporated Thurston County, just a few miles from the State Capitol. This property is private and secluded, bordered by a State Park on one side, wetlands and undeveloped forest on two sides, and the nearest neighbors are a quarter-mile to the rear. It feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, with an almost 360 degree view of brush and trees, while just eight minutes off HWY 5. We have three RV full hook-up sites, with easy back or front in-and-out access, able to accommodate up to 40ft rigs. For our guests looking for a more natural and rugged experience, there are also six dry camp sites all chosen for their unique beauty, and well spaced out, so you get that “away from it all” feel. Each site has (or will have) a communal or personal picnic table and a BBQ pit. There are also two port-a-potty's (one designated for women) in the center of the camp area (with a wash station coming). Please note that until we update HipCamp listing, please add on hook-ups under "extras". While staying with us, you’ll enjoy the quiet peaceful setting, just right for bird-watching or nature walks. Find a perfect spot for your daily meditation, yoga or writing practice. Read a book. Listen to your favorite music. Lay on your back and watch the clouds or gaze at the moon and stars. Or venture out to Deep Lake at Millersylvania State Park (or other nearby parks, lakes or trails). We’re just 15 minutes from downtown Olympia - with lots to see and do, as well as all necessary supplies. And if that isn’t awesome enough for you, for a small additional hourly/evening fee, you can rent out the sauna. We have a large sauna tucked under the trees in the center of our property, and it is amazing to experience! And in our barn there are rope swings, a pool table and assorted musical instruments to jam on if that’s your thing. You can also enjoy a group dinner or movie watch... Imagine the possibilities! For two of the recent guest families, we put one a (free) Saturday Night Movie Night on the 10 foot screen, projector and big speakers (Secret Life of Pets); we want you and your family or guests and kiddos to have a memorable time and come join us as we make further improvements in the coming months). We are Farmers, First and we specialize in a number of areas depending on the season. From April to June, we're growing and selling various vegetable and herb starts. The sunflowers are in bloom through September and we have cacti and succulents for sale all season long. In late summer we have tomatoes, peppers (bell to ghost), cucumbers, zucchini, squash and later, tons of u-pick pumpkins. We have an outdoor grow-house, a sunflower/pumpkin patch, and an indoor greenhouse (lit up in your favorite color at night). We are working towards our organic certification in 2023 and a commercial food processing license so we can sell specialty salsas, sauces, pickles and relish. We also have 100-year old black walnut trees and decades old other apple trees and on normal weather years, peaches and plums along with the ubiquitous blackberries and bamboo you are free to pick or cut (just ask for a cutter). (On a personal note ... Mitch doesn't like to brag but he's not only summited Mt. Everest (at age 53) but also completed the Seven Summits at 54, this after running a marathon on Seven Continents between ages 45-50. You can read his story (and with Michelle) in his first of four published books, Climbing Your Personal Everest (on Amazon) or one of his two children's books. But really, we want you to know that this is Mitch and Michelle's Everest and they want you to experience tranquility, joy, serenity and fun while here at Summit Farms!). Things to Know while staying at Summit Farms • NOISE: We are located in a very private and quiet area. However, we are near Olympia airport, as well as in the airspace which JBLM uses for training, so you may hear the occasional small airplanes and military aircraft flying overhead during the daylight hours. There are also two freight railroad lines that run along Old HWY 99 and through Maytown. They are hardly noticeable, until the midnight train comes through. (Think “My Cousin Vinny!”)… We find the sound to be quite nostalgic and cool, but we’re very sorry if it disturbs you. It is also possible you may hear some chainsaws in the early morning from Tenino. Finally, every now and again you will hear gunshots- which means either our neighbors are getting in some target practice or folks are enjoying deer hunting season. It never lasts long. We hope you won’t be alarmed. • DELIVERIES: Because we have a residential address, you are free to have any deliveries made here while you stay with us. Amazon, UPS and FedEx are all familiar with our address, but for APPS like InstaCart and DoorDash, you will need to give specific directions to make sure they find the place. (Already, one of our guests had several packages delivered including a Starlink system for their rig, so it works well.). • SHOPPING: The best area to shop for essentials is two exits north, off Trosper Road. There you’ll find Fred Meyer, Home Depot, COSTCO, Walmart and Walgreens. Capital Mall is about 15 minutes from here off HWY 101. If you’re looking for a specific type of retailer, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find what you need. • FOOD: Our favorite places to eat locally for quick and casual bites, would be “Infernos Pizza” in Tumwater, and “Old HWY 99 Bar & Grill” in Tenino, Lady of the Lake (both less than 10 minutes away). .If you’re looking for something more (seafood, fine dining, Tapas, Italian, Mexican), just ask and we’ll give you our best recommendations. • PARKS: As noted on our listing we are just a few minutes from Millersylvania State Park where there are hiking trails, a beautiful lake and even a snack bar and seasonal beer garden! We’re also in close proximity to other places to walk, hike, boat or swim. NOTE: Every park we’ve been to requires a “Discovery Pass” and this is very strictly enforced (A one day pass is $12, a year pass is $35, and the fine for parking without one is $99). A number of folks park their rigs here and take their trucks over there for the day and come back and enjoy the lovely sunsets while BBQing. A BIT MORE DETAILS Welcome, and Thank You for choosing to stay with us. We want you to be safe, comfortable, and most of all, enjoy all our little farm property has to offer. To ensure this, we’ve put together a list of things to be mindful of while you make our land your home away from home. 1) SAFETY FIRST: FIRES: While there are county fire bans in place, or if it is too windy, hot or dry to feel comfortable permitting campfires on our property (we’ll let you know), no campfires can be allowed. If fires are being permitted, please build your fire only in designated fire-pits. Most every HipCamper knows, but never leave a fire unattended, and be sure to completely extinguish it before leaving the area (thanks!). We'll have metal ash cans nearby, and we'll point out hose connections that reach and fire extinguishers we have placed all around the property (just in case). TENT SITES:: Most all of them you can drive your Subaru or small truck or SUV to, it's just a bit bumpy and we can lead you there in the ATV. We're also happy to ferry you anywhere also and their beautiful secluded sites are early guests are saying are pretty special for the away-ness but closeness for classes, work, parks, fishing, etc to and ideal for the Boondockers. RV SITES: Though we have five full hook-up sites, we normally only list three available for guests as we think (and you'd probably agree) that it's best to have some space between (especially big ones) rigs. However, if you're a family or group of friends that want four to five, just ask about the availability. BBQ: You are free to grill on your BBQ with propane, coals or pellets. Again, please be extra mindful of heat and flames, never leaving the cooking area unattended until completely finished. Once done, please allow coals to cool, wrap in foil, and dispose of in the metal trash (you may use our trash can for this purpose, if you don’t want to bring ash into your vehicle). WILDLIFE: Please be aware that our property is home to much wildlife. To name a few, we have resident deer that roam freely, garter snakes in the tall-and sometimes not-so-tall grass, as well as hidden under random rocks and such. Recently, our guests have spotted a neighbor's lost black calf munching on low hanging apples in the early morning fog. The area is also home to lots of rabbits, and of course the protected Pocket Gophers (as you’ll notice their dirt piles all around). There are also hundreds of birds that reside in the area, including many birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks. Additionally, we have three Honeybee colonies living in the walls of the lower part of the barn, which are scheduled to be moved to proper hives in March ’23. Though never sighted, we have heard of coyotes, bears, minx, raccoons, skunks, and the like in and around our area. Thankfully, Blooms Ditch (you are welcome to visit on the south side of the west field) provides an environmentally protected barrier between the Doug Firs and animals from our property. Not once has anyone been stung, bitten or had an unpleasant encounter with wildlife. However, if you’re allergic to bees or scared of snakes, or have a small pet with you that could possibly be the target of a hungry Bald Eagle-this is a heads up, to keep your awareness sharp- but mostly just a reminder to do your best to live safely, and in harmony with all the living things that we share our home with. WALKING THE PROPERTY: You are welcome, and encouraged to roam our property freely. We have set up a walking/running/off-road bike path around the property that we're working on proper signage. It's about a 0.8 mile loop, or there is also a 400 meter (quarter-mile) (bumpy) running/walking track on the west field towards Millersylvania. Please keep the following in mind. Firstly, the grassy fields on our land can be bumpy, uneven, and have random holes and rocks here and there. We ask that you please watch your step at all times. Also, if you venture into an uncut area, please be aware of stinging nettles, blackberry vines and other such sharp and thorny bushes and weeds. Second, you are free to pick any wild berries (we have tons of blackberries) or forage for other wild plants you find on our land. You may also pick apples from the orchard. And lastly, please observe and refrain from wandering into our private resident areas, and work areas. And, importantly, do not cross the boundary into our neighbor’s property. 2) PETS: Your four-legged family members are welcome here! We ask only that unless they have excellent recall, or never leave your side, you keep them on a leash or in a pet gate, while outdoors. We have neighbors whose dogs roam off leash every once in a while, and we don’t want any curious furry guests to come or leave because they smell another pooch. We also have a one-year-old American Staffordshire who will be in our fenced yard or on a leash whenever guests are staying here. He is very friendly, but a bit socially awkward, and not perfectly trained yet. (If you have a friendly, medium/large sized dog, and you’re interested in meeting him for a play-date, just let us know). He'll protectively bark when he hears cars or sees folks but it's until he knows it's safe and then he just wants to get to know you. 3) THE BIG RED BARN: Except for the corner “Barn Store”, the lower barn is normally off limits, but just ask us to open as we’re happy to give the kiddos the chance to sit (safely) on the tractor etc. l, The upper barn is open for your exploration or simply to hang out. You’re free to bring food, drinks, books, board-games or a Bluetooth if you want to listen to music; just remember to please take anything you brought with you, when you leave. We do have some audio and visual equipment, as well as musical instruments which you can use. However, we ask that you please check in with us first, so we can help with set-up, and go over any use instructions. This is where we can put on a family or group movie night, we'll set it up and it's a very cool experience for young and old. Stargazing - we encourage you to bring binoculars or a telescope as Jupiter is high and bright along with Saturn and the star formations, and you might even see a meteor shower in one of the darkest local places we know (check dates especially for the Orionids, which are better than the Perseids.) The Moon and Mars are pretty spectacular here also! 4) BE NEIGHBORLY: *We ask that you please observe the 10 MPH speed limit, as this helps keep wildlife safe, controls gravel dust, and minimizes wear and tear on our private road. We've had big trucks with 31 foot plus trailers and no reported issues driving in, parking, etc. *Quiet Hours are from 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. please refrain from playing loud music, using loud voices and/or other potentially disturbing noise, to allow for those who are sleeping to do so (except for the midnight train, haha). *A few bins are located around the property, which you may use to dispose of small miscellaneous trash and recycling items. However, take them with you when you check-out, if at all possible if you have room, thanks! 5) OTHER POSSIBILITIES We had some requests on HipCamp about hosting a healing/wellness/yoga/women's groups, band practice or 100pax concert/club venue and the answer is a Big Yes! We're keen and happy to message or talk about any of your ideas for a "run of the place" package. We're on the Thurston Agri-Tourism Advisory Committee and we can connect you or arrange the best BBQ catering on-site for your team or group or big hungry family! Well, we think that covers it! Again, we are so glad to have you here, and hope you Love our place as much as we do. If there is anything we haven’t covered, or you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask. Most of all…Enjoy you’re stay at Summit Farms! Very Welcome, Mitch and Michelle
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Olympia, Washington, United StatesTo respect the Host's privacy, the precise address of this land will be provided after booking
Hosted by Mitch And Michelle L.Joined in August 2022
Response rate: 100%Response time: Within 3 hours
12 ratings · 11 reviews
Carla K.recommends
September 26, 2022
RV Site 3 - Sunflower/Pumpkin
Camping with kids.
I loved staying at this hidden away, picturesque gem in my 27’ airstream. Plenty of room to navigate and explore.
Katie T.recommends
September 21, 2022
RV Site 2 - Big Red Barn View
We had a great time at Summit Farm! Beautiful property, easy RV hookups, and plenty of activities for the kids. We’d definitely return if we’re back in the area!
Rainboe S.recommends
September 11, 2022
Dry Tent 5 - Shady Grove
Lovely and Peaceful
Really close to Millersylvania State Park so it was an easy 5 minute trip to go get some hiking in, then come back to our spot with no people and tons of quiet. Mitch was a very kind host.
Alexis S.recommends
September 9, 2022
RV Site 1 - Drainfield Flowers
We had a wonderful time! Mitch and Michelle were generous hosts and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Our children loved the barn movie night experience and discovering all of the treasures on the lroperty. We were able to visit the Mima Mounds only 15 minutes from our campsite. A great place to visit. We will definitely go back!
Randy T.recommends
September 8, 2022
RV Site 1 - Drainfield Flowers
Very beautiful clean camping. Very nice and accommodating hosts If you want quite place to relax stay at this camp.
Adrian P.recommends
September 5, 2022
RV Site 2 - Big Red Barn View
A beautiful Labor Day weekend
Summit Farms is a spectacular spot. Very beautiful, quiet, with fantastic amenities, particularly if you have an RV, having full hook ups makes all the difference. The kids had a great time exploring the farm and playing in the barn (…the swings were particularly popular). Mitch and Michelle are lovely hosts, they made us feel very welcome. We will be returning!
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