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The Great Wall Of Mudgee
8 reviews
· Pyramul, New South Wales
100 acres
1 site
1 RV/Tent
History of the Property Our 100-acre property was part of the Wellington Goldfields located in the Pyramul Creek Reserve owned by the Commonwealth proclaimed back in the 17th of March 1884. It was first surveyed 18th of February 1911 and was sold by the Crown around that time to Henry Keightley believed to be the son of the district's gold commissioner in the late 1800's. He also purchased neighbouring properties at that time too. Maybe he knew something about the area that most didn't for his reason to purchase the land. At the west boundary along the fence line, there are the old mullock heaps and tailings visible from where the old-timers were fossicking for gold. The area is about 5 acres where the diggings are quite visible still along the seasonal creek beds. These creeks only run after a fair amount of rain but they are still only trickle fed from the mountain named Tindalls Ridge. They may have been ancient river beds with the presence of river worn rocks that have been piled along the creek banks. There has been evidence found as to where people may have stayed and fossicked. A levelled area appears to be where they may have lived and the remains of fossicking equipment, buckets, tins, glass bottles and ceramic containers to name just a few were scattered. The dry stacked stone wall aka “The Great Wall of Mudgee” constructed along the river edge would have been used to carry water to the gold mine area for working their sluice machines to find the gold. The wall is approximately 600m long and takes about 6 minutes to walk overlooking the lower part of the gorge. You can only imagine the amount of manpower and time it took to build with all the stones laid nice and straight following the mountain to create a level walking track. We can only speculate that there must have been enough gold there to justify the time and effort to construct it. It must have been a very busy place back in the old gold mining days around 1855 to 1865. We first purchased the property in November 2014 and it was nothing but a vacant block of land with a road cut across the river crossing and a levelled area where the amenities shed is now. Some of the river banks were overgrown with blackberry bushes up to 9 feet high and weren't accessible. The Mudgee Council had the property listed with a noxious weed control order for us to maintain them as they were that bad. We have since eradicated most of them and the council are satisfied and removed the order. We had a bulldozer come in and cut a road over the top of the mountain and down the other side for access to the whole property. All the other tracks and areas were cleared by chain saws and the rocks removed by hand along with driving repeatedly over the tracks to make them as they are today. There are 4 camping areas available all beside the river with varying differences in natural beauty. We're so grateful to be the caretakers of our property with its natural features and history equivalent to any National Parks. We also hope that everyone who experiences it will build a life long memory of the adventure here just as we have done.
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Pyramul, New South Wales, AustraliaTo respect the Host's privacy, the precise address of this land will be provided after booking
Hosted by Nick & Pauline W.Joined in November 2020
14 ratings · 8 reviews
Greg C.recommends
November 19, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Birdsong and a River
Peaceful spot, close to entry to property. Birdlife abundant, wonderful birdsong. Excellent walk up the hill and down to Echidna Flat and along the very pretty Pyramul River back to our campsite. Saw a platypus, water rat and a goanna all in the one day. Put my kayak in the river at the beach, but only a short paddle (500m) is possible at that site. Plenty of firewood. Easy walk to excellent flush toilet and cold shower. Property’s neighbours not necessarily happy with the whole Hipcamp idea, but were polite to us. A great stay.
Heather W.recommends
November 10, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Peaceful creek side camp
Loved our stay at ‘The Beach’. Flat ground with a great creek. To find such a peaceful spot all to ourselves, a fire at night and our dog with us was all we could ask for. Oh and a flushing toilet to boot! Lots of gates to get in but once there it was fantastic.
Karen W.recommends
November 8, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Great wee stay
A lovely isolated wee spot with great walks. Just perfect for the six of us and two dogs who had a great time. Clean toilet and cold water shower an added bonus. A little difficult to find but it was raining heavily on arrival and the tracks all looked the same in the rain.
Kathleen D.doesn't recommend
November 4, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Potential to be had
Some great potential at this campsite. Facilities were very clean and well looked after although quite a walk from sites. Property could use a little maintenance (eg. Clearing of sites) although understandable with lockdown and minimal people. The driveway was a definite let down and did not leave a good first impression with a lot of ?household goods scattered throughout and required physically clearing to pass. Activities were good although highly understated on website, bushwalking was more rock scrambling, 4WDing was definitely challenging in places, and I do not think kayaking more than a short distance would be possible. Very private location which was nice. Overall, a pleasant stay but a little underwhelmed comparative to other properties and pricing. Would highly recommend cleaning around the drive in.
Marcel L.recommends
April 18, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Great camping experience. Had a wonderful time. Well worth a visit. We’ll be back.
Elizabeth R.recommends
March 21, 2021
Great Wall Of Mudgee, The Beach
Although there are other farms nearby, there is a feeling of remoteness at this campsite. A short drive up the mountain gives great views, and there are some short walks on the property. A flushing toilet is a bonus, but personally I didn't indulge in a cold shower! The men tell me it was good.
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