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A Yurt&Aquaponic Farm in RedWoods

· Sea Ranch, Sonoma, California
40 acres hosted by Thomas H.
1 lodging site
Off-leash friendly
Pets can be off-leash at this Hipcamp.
Creature comforts
Enjoy the comforts of home—including flush toilets, showers, and a kitchen.
No check-in later than 7pm!! HeLLo High on the top of a mountain, minutes from the majestic California Coast and the quaint town of Annapolis CA, you will discover an Eco-Village and Aquaponics Farm like no other. Your stay here in one of our Yurts in the heart of the Farm allow you to experience Off-Grid Living at its Best. Have a guided tour on a SurRon or a e-bike that you own.. Come with Allen Rockefeller & friend's on a journey threw the MeNdOnOmA redwoods during the season. During the day we can be foraging and learning to do some cool app work & photography tricks of the day as we do some mushroom identification on all the different plants here out in the Mendonoma woods. In the evenings we can either do presentations on what we had found & or (perhaps on Psilocybin, mushrooms of Mexico, or microscopy) For those who want to be in a more serious work shop we have them available. people who would like to bring there own microscopes to the classes would be welcomed. the workshop its self where we look at the mushrooms that we found during the day while your enjoying Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm. These classes start at $350 per day with options to upgrade to where the foraging could be geared towards different edibles, & or towards everything (could be toxic, cool tiny things, etc) or could also teach photography, both with cell phones and DSLR cameras as a hobbie for some and or for the professionals wanting to get more comfortable using there cell phones... A Yurt is a structure native to Mongolia. A portable round tent, traditionally covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in Central Asia. The structure is comprised of an angled assembly, or latticework, of pieces of wood for walls, a door frame, ribs, and a wheel. Our yurts are just one example of sustainable off grid living structures here at our eco-village & aquaponics farm.. Hello and thank you for checking out our Yurt here in the Redwoods. Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm wants you to enjoy an experience of a lifetime during your stay. While you are here you will be able to experience an Aquaponics Farm Built Off the Grid that produces food for the local communities and restaurants established here in our community in Mendonoma. This is a healing experience for several with the enjoyment of the rabbits and turkeys and the chickens and oh yeah the duck area could be and enjoyable time for those who need a little animal time and or holding the rabbits or baby chicks and or ducks when the spring time is coming.. Due to the location and uniqueness of our Farm there are a few Rules and Regulations that MUST be adhered to. During you're stay here at Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm WE PLEASE ask you to respectfully have no fires in the pit areas at this time. No items that can catch fire, which means lit cigarettes, joints and your smokable pipes. Although welcomed, these types of items must be used and stored safely AT ALL TIMES. Out of the reach of children and/or animals. We would like to offer you the opportunity to be able to bring out a propane camping stove and or a Buddy Heater which is something that is really useful for people who like to keep warm. Any other items that you like to use while your camping are welcomed as well. This allows you to enjoy your time here a little more if you wish to be warm and comfy. LoL Another way of keeping yourself warm is to bring your thermals or extra clothing you can layer to keep warm until the sun is out and about around noon. This time of the year the coolness comes from the fog and the changing seasons, Fall and then Winter. With these changes the woods are shedding to get ready for winter as well. The fog usually burns off by noon from here to off the coastline. During the cooler winter months you would be able to have a fireplace roaring and enjoying the woods and the environment around you, especially on a rainy day. The best time to be here to experience a wood-burning stove experience is winter for sure..the lovely smoke of the winter day is awesome and the rain falling on the roof of the Yurt making its own melody while you wake up is something you must experience, at least once for sure. During mushroom season is when we can go foraging for different mushroom 🍄 types and cook them up at dinner 🥘 time. Please feel free to reach out to us at wintertime for info for classes or those lessons that we offer. www.happyhopperaquaponicsfarm.com. Okay so a few rules for the property: We do not flush ANY toiletry items down the toilet. We use a trash can to recycle your toiletry items. Water conservation is a MUST here. Please do not over use the water as we are an Aquaponics Farm self sustained established business here to conserve and use water accordingly. There is a His and Hers sinks available with a toilet and a shower but please this is not a free-for-all to run water as you would in your own home. We conserve water by shutting off the water while you're brushing your teeth, washing your hands & or the dishes or taking a shower. Please respect our wishes and rules and try to encourage this throughout the rest of the world as water is a precious resource which we do not like to abuse use. Your furry friend is welcome here. The kitchen cabin is fully stocked with kitchenware and available to you. Please if you do come to stay here and you bring your dog or your cat or pet, they are not allowed on any of the furniture or any of the items in the Yurt. During your stay they must stay in a crate or the use of the crates that we have available, or fenced-in dog areas we have here available for night time use of course.. we have no problems with dogs as we have several here on the property. If we do find that the animals are mistreating the beds and or the items inside the Yurt you will be charged a fee for those items being cleaned. While staying in the Guest Yurt you are welcome to use and partake in any of the amenities and items that are placed out for you to enjoy your stay while you're here with us at Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm. Thank you so much for understanding and caring for the environment as we do here on the farm. Here at the FARM we like to offer the local community services of healing & classes towards off grid living. with a aquaponics class available and plant introduction for people who don't know about plants. Growing introduction to medical marijuana is available for those who would like to grow at there own homes or a larger scale. while your here on your stay its good to embrace in different enjoyments that you might not have the opportunity to have while at home. these times are to relax for sure but there is always joy around the corner looking to be embraced with a positive contentment with farming or mindfulness of the quietness offered from the woods. We have several different healers that are here to help you feel better with out having to travel anywhere.. Services Offered! www.happyhopperaquaponicsfarm.com for more info towards classes & lessons DINNER CAN BE ARANGED TO BE MADE AND COOKED FOR YOU FROM THE FRAM TO TABLE WITH THE PLANTS FROM THE FARM. MEAT IS LOCALALY RAISED AND GRASS FED BEEF IS YUMMIE TO. ask for more info. LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD HERBS WE CAN HELP U OUT WITH THAT 2 We also ask you that you keep your hands and your items and your children with you at all times while you are appreciating the food being grown in the Aquaponic systems. These systems are designed by me here at Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm and we will ask that all customers, clients, friends and family sign an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement with us during your stay here at Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm to ensure the system design stays private. To ensure that this system stays as a working system for the people and is able to be correctly produced and setup by Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm members & family exclusively 🤗😁🌱🦗 Thank You 🤗😁🌱🦗Hello and welcome to Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm. Where we are growing food with your help by you choosing us to stay here. By purchasing food from the farm it helps promote building and expanding for our local farmers markets and our choice 5 star restaurants.. And our local winery's to choose from as well. All farm tours are a time consuming teaching experience that we offer.. We charge a hour of my time at $50.00 and it comes with the info you will be asking me about. Like how or what is this doing or what is making that move??..lol All fun to teach! We are a active off the grid Farm trying to make a living as well... We wish you the best and that you understand we're we are coming from... Thank you. The farm is on the other side of the property from were you will be sleeping. You will be able to enjoy the peace and quite of the farm & redwoods all together in one. The yurt is located in the middle of the farm, next to the yurt u will find a composting toilet , and the kitchen is about 70 feet from the yurt you will be staying in. There are other people working and living here on the farm that you could get to know or enjoy! Or you can choose to stay to yourself, its all good.. ALL camp spots are flat and are on the map site located for each person to have space. If you want to have more tents with more people please feel free to ask me about it.  Also please understand that if you poop in the woods please do it the right way for everyone and the safety of your self and those to come. Put it in a bag. Or poop  & pee in a sealed contained bucket with a lid on it to do with it as you go home or to a safe place to dispose of it properly PLEASE. While you are staying here we also have available at times are duck eggs and chicken eggs. Sometimes even turkey eggs as well! If you would like a care package from the garden please feel free to ask and we would be happy to have a basket awaiting your arrival. We also sell plants at certain times of the year. Food range is from $25 dollars for our Aquaponics food (the vegetables from our garden). A basket or specific things u might want from the garden..  We have firewood available during burn season and/or if your are wanting to take it with you to your next camping experience that's okay with us too. Bioenergetic therapy is a form of therapy that combines work with the body and mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and well-being It is based on the idea that emotional healing can take place through the release of physical tension Bioenergetic therapy aims to heal the stress that builds up in the body, including muscle tension, postural problems, and breathing It can help with chronic tension or muscle spasms related to difficulties in managing emotions like rage or fear Bioenergetic therapy is an exploration of the whole self: mind, body, and spirit The Bio Energetic Therapies offered by Jennifer Fillmore include Chakra & Aura Scan, Energetic Healing & Emotional Clearing, Cranial Spinal Alignment & Subtle Touch Fascia Release, Tibetan Bowl, Ark Crystal & Iterracare Wand, Lymphatic Drainage with Vibrational Cleanse, Light Language Mantras & Higher Guidance These sessions are intuitively guided and may increase flow in Lymphatic, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Nervous System, Hormonal, Energetic & other Systems Je Nefe Ra Om Fillmore offers sessions that range from 60 to 90 minutes, with a sliding scale of $110-$140 or $150-$210 She also offers phone sessions at a $2.35 a minute. That is very useful to those who are in a state who can't have a visit. She is available to come to you with a fee for her driving time to your residence is $2.00 a mile Her residence is located at Happy Hopper Aquaponics Farm, where a healing meditation retreat is available for days or a week for healing and a place to stay and dinners prepared and your days are free of all thinking and just mindfulness out into your stay. To schedule a session or for more information, you can call her at 707-267-8686 and leave a message if there is no answer or Email @ happyhopperaquaponicsfarm@gmail.com Namaste THIS IS A NO FIRE ZONE AT ALL...NO FIRES HERE AT ALL...U WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE IF A FIRE IS FOUND HAPPENING... CAMP STOVES ARE USABLE AND OTHER SAFE EQUIPMENT IS WELCOMED!! Please bring your own coolers and food with you while your staying here.. If you would like other ways to stay here, we do offer dinner from the house & from the farm. For a fee, it comes with kitchen privileges if you would like to use that, everything is marked and is easy to use. If you would like to use the food that is here already in our pantry.. that would cost you a few extra bucks just like everything else. But it could save you the time in packing or having to pack a lunch & or dinner. I am open to any thing most the time...   All farm tours are a time consuming teaching experience that we offer. We charge a hour of my time at $50.00 and it comes with the info you will be asking me about. Like how or what is this doing or that making that move..lol all fun to teach but we are a active off the grid Farm trying to make a living as well... We wish you the best and that you understand we're we are coming from... Thank you.
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Sea Ranch, Sonoma, California, United StatesTraditional, ancestral territory of Graton Rancheria and Kashaya First Nations according to To respect the Host's privacy, the precise address of this land will be provided after booking
Hosted by Thomas H.Joined in March 2022
Response rate: 80%Response time: Within 15 hours
6 ratings · 6 reviews
Roko K.
September 18, 2023
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
The hosts were kind & gave me & my dog a lot of independence. The yurt & facilities were more lived in than expected.
William S.
May 30, 2023
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
This was a very unique, eclectic Hip Camp experience. It was a little less peaceful than I was expecting, given the abundance of roosters, dogs, and other people around. The arrival instructions were also out of date (it referenced a combination code lock that has since been replaced by a keyed lock). However, Hopper was a generous and friendly host, and the amenities were exactly what we were expecting (fully stocked shared kitchen, flushing toilet, etc.). I would recommend this Hip Camp for people who are interested in having a getaway with some (hopefully delightful) surprise and perhaps chaos, and not so much for people looking for a more energetically simple or private getaway. Important to note is that for every person over 2 at the yurt, there’s an additional $55 charge that’s not mentioned in the original hip camp listing. This location is also a little out of the way—so be prepared to drive some rocky dirt roads and to bring your own groceries, and I would definitely not arrive after dark (it would be very easy to get lost and on the wrong property). One of my friends who went with me on this trip had this to add: “I almost didn’t want us to write a review because of how amazing it was. We wanted to keep this hipcamp to ourselves as our own little gem. But alas, if it’s calling to you, we want you to discover this special place too”
Haley K.recommends
September 2, 2022
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
This was a good weekend.
If you’re looking for a lil’ off-grid slice of paradise and a fascinating experience, this is it. (Although the cell service was actually great at Hopper’s place). His property is beautiful and unique, the Yurt was cozy and the beds were comfy AF, nice n’ clean. All around the views and vibes were just pretty solid here. Grateful we had the opportunity to spend a weekend here and get a taste of what it’s like to truly live amongst and be one with nature. Not to mention Hopper is an awesome dude, doing awesome things. This was a good weekend.
Raquel J.recommends
June 9, 2022
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
Wow. 5 stars. Ian was an absolutely exceptional host. He set up camp a camp spot for us with a tent, a table, a couch, and a tarp even though we booked last minute. He even left a sign out and Christmas lights so that we could find our spot since we were arriving in the dark. His property was beautiful and felt very safe. We let the dogs run around off-leash because they got along with his amazing pups and they had the time of their lives. In the morning he showed us the property and his hydroponic farm he is starting and I have never tasted arugula that good ever. Like I didn’t even know arugula was supposed to taste like that. The shit we are buying in the stores must not even be arugula at all lol and the eggs he had were amazing. I don’t even remember what else he let us try because I was so in awe of it and the best is that you can get a personalized basket at the property. This place is exactly the vibe of what Hip Camp is all about. Oh and had a super fun swing to swing on too.
Amy E.recommends
June 3, 2022
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
Sustainable living experience 🥦🥗🥚🍄
This place is like a fairytale. The yurts are designed so seemlessly to accommodate your stay. Hopper (the host) is such an awesome guy with so much knowledge about basically everything earth and beyond. He can chat about the local plants, sustainable living, the area, and much much more. Well worth the “trip”.
Michelle S.recommends
May 30, 2022
Redwood Yurt Bioenergetic Healing
Peaceful & Comfortable Redwood Stay
We loved our stay on the farm! The setting is beautiful and peaceful. It is secluded enough to feel away from it all but convenient to the coast, groceries, trails, gas, wineries and restaurants. We were warmly welcomed upon arrival by everyone at the farm and the experience is as communal and social as you choose. We enjoyed meeting the host, staff and guests on the farm and socializing with them in the common areas. However, when we wanted to have some alone time it was well respected. Our dogs were welcome and were allowed to wander around and interact with the host's and other guest's dogs. The fresh eggs and produce were delicious and a must try! The yurt was cozy, comfortable, and clean and the bathroom was nearby and nicely stocked and furnished. We enjoyed wandering the area and getting a tour of the working farm. We can't wait to return and again enjoy all the offerings.
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