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La Lu Farm

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La Lu Farm, Vermont

When I came to Us from Argentina, my boyfriend own a piece of land. When i moved here we decided to buy the rest 44 acres.

We are a family of 38 living in Warren, Vermont.
25 goats, 10

When I came to Us from Argentina, my boyfriend own a piece of land. When i moved here we decided to buy the rest 44 acres.

We are a family of 38 living in Warren, Vermont.
25 goats, 10 chicken, 2 dogs, Constancia, Lucia and Kevin.

8 years ago a friend gave us a belly goat, we called him Manolo. Then another friend gave us 3 girls, Maybe, Maggie and Ginger. Ginger was the mom, and they gave us 2 babies the first year. Sesame and Manolito, since then, we have been growing and growing, having now, 25 goats, milking 10 mothers, by hand.

Will all the fun, that is involve with a farm, we have been making cheese in our kitchen and building a barn. It is time to get the license, for cheese makeing, and here is when we need your help.
We need 20.000 to finish building the barn, with a kitchen, a bathroom, an industrial pasteuriser, a septic systme, and much more. That is why we are asking you to chip in a help us finish our dream. If you will like to support small farming please learn about our La Lu farm go to go fund me,

We have been doing a CSA, in wich Constancia drives around her Suburu and delivers the cheese, to many awesome supporters at the farm. We are truly greatfull, for their support, but we need more. We need you!

Chip in, share with a friend, stop by, try our cheese, be a part of our dream.

Luckily we have been able to share our farm, with many woofers, with many schools, yurt lovers and community members, that enjoyed coming to the farm and learn how to milk, how to make cheese, and how to take care of the grapes.

La Lu farm:
Local Agricultural land use on lincoln Gap rd
La Lu farm is a small goat farm located in the green mountains of Vermont , in Warren. The Argentinean Constancia Gomez and Ex Sugarbush executive chef Kevin Ritchie innovate everyday with new recipes coming up with the best fresh goat cheese flavors in town.

We are artisan cheese producers. We are farming 48 acres mostly wooded both sides of Lincoln Brook, on Lincoln Gap rd. We are reclaiming some meadows. We have 26 goats, 20 chickens. Milking now 10 mothers by hand, making cheese in small batches fresh, every day.

We make 7 types of cheeses:
Chevre, mozzarella, feta, queso blanco, apple wood smoked queso blanco, type of Manchego, and a ripened cheese.

Our goal is to preserve and protect the land while using organic principles to produce products for local consumption and enjoyment.

Our Chèvre is a fresh, smooth creamy goats spread, with a little bit of tang with hints of berry bushes and clover. Great for appetizers, to mix with herbs, spread on toast with butter, to add to scramble eggs and much more!

Our queso blanco is spanish for white cheese, latin america specialty. This cheese is a firm cheese, with a fresh mildly sweet flavor. Great for cooking! Does not melt while fried or grilled! Take on the flavor of the food and spices in a recipe!

Our Apple wood smoked queso blanco is spanish for white cheese and is marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. Great for cooking, for appetizers and for salads.

Our Feta is strongly flavored salted cheese, originated in Greece. Often crumbled in little pieces on salads or tacos.

Our goat Mozzarella is a firm style cheese with with a slight tang. Good on pizzas, flat bread or marinated with basil and tomatoes.
Thanks for supporting local farmers.
Stop by for a mate, and pet the goats, milk them, feed them and share the love for nature.

Hipcamp host Constancia
Hosted byConstancia
La Lu Farm Goat Yurt
Abby: We loved our time at La Lu Farm Goat Yurt! Constancia was very kind and was there to greet us and show...
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