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Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

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Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Considering the state of ice around the globe, getting yourself up to Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve sooner rather than later is a wise choice. You’ll get to see magical glaciers Read more...
Considering the state of ice around the globe, getting yourself up to Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve sooner rather than later is a wise choice. You’ll get to see magical glaciers cracking, groaning, and shedding ice chunks with a splash! You can also explore misty fjords, temperate rainforests, and some seriously wild coastline and rugged land here, complete with puffins, bears, and whale sightings! Many people choose to visit the area via cruise ship, or take a boat out in the water to see the ice and miss all the other good stuff on land. So we say get out into the wilderness by foot, raft, or kayak and sleep under the stars, because this is a wilderness park after all. There is one designated campground and the rest is open, mostly roadless, trailless wilderness. Depending on your skills, guided trips are available too. The adventure of your dreams is waiting, don’t delay!
Bartlett Cove Campground
Elizabeth: Short hike in, wheel barrows available, bear cannisters available
Public campground
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Pinta Cove Shelter Lookout
Wood stoves, sleeping bunks, tables, oh my! Only available on a first-come, first-served basis, Pinta...
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Chilkat Campground
Chilkat Campground keeps it simple. This mid-sized collection of sites is pretty stripped down when it...
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Bohemia Basin Shelter Lookout
Available for recreational use, this Adirondack style Bohemia Basin Shelter sits at the mouth of...
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Alsek River Cabin Lookout
Rustic and secluded, Alsek River Cabin Lookout is used predominantly by moose and elk hunters during...
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Saint James Bay Campground
Planning on camping at Saint James Bay State Marine Park? Then you better plan on packing your...
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Tanis Mesa North Cabin
Primarily used by fall moose hunters, Tanis Mesa N/s Cabin Lookout is a rustic abode located in the...
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Greentop Cabin Lookout
Bathed in natural sunlight, Greentop Cabin Lookout is a beguiling little slice of rustic paradise...
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Eight-fathom Cabin Lookout
If you’re the outdoorsman (or woman) who not only packs lightly, but also enjoys the absence of...
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Berner's Bay Cabin
WIth it’s sun-aged wooden steps creaking with charisma, Berners Bay Cabin is a prepossessing getaway...
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Dyea Campground
Another primitive, walk-in style campground, Dyea Campground is located within close proximity to the...
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White Sulphur Springs Cabin
Epic views of the North Pacific with crashing waves on rocky cliffs? Check. Some serious wilderness...
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Goulding Lake Cabin
A-Frame cabin in a peaceful and remote wilderness with two lakes, marshy muskeg, and dense forest...
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Denver Caboose Cabin
It’s a retired railroad caboose—enough said. Quite possibly one of the more unique “cabins” you’ll...
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Eagle Glacier Cabin
Eagle Glacier Cabin is just like the avian it garnered its name from—bold, proud, and prideful. Able...
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Windfall Lake Cabin
Windfall Lake Cabin is located outside of Juneau and accessible via just over 3 miles of hiking trail...
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Laughton Glacier Cabin
A panabode style cabin, Laughton Glacier Cabin sits comely in the Tongass National Forest, able to...
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Peterson Lake Cabin
Hike, snowshoe, ski, or hell, fly (float plane) to reach your destination at Peterson Lake Cabin. The...
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Auk Village Campground
Stephanie: Right on water, great spot to watch for wildlife. Be prepared for rain, and understand food handling/b...
Public campground
John Muir Cabin
A chalet-style cabin, John Muir Cabin was yet another small, quaint cabin found in the Tongass...
Public campground
Italio River Cabin Lookout
Equipped with wooden bunks and light furnishings, Italio River Cabin Lookout is another three-sided...
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