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ADVISORY NOTICE AS OF OCTOBER 18: Bullfrog Pond Campground and surrounding Austin Creek SRA, including all backcountry trails, are back OPEN. Water facilities are operational at the campground and should only be used for washing purposes. Please do not drink the water until it has passed safety inspection. For more information, call Field Ops at 707/869-2015. ~*~*~*~Bullfrog Read more...

ADVISORY NOTICE AS OF OCTOBER 18: Bullfrog Pond Campground and surrounding Austin Creek SRA, including all backcountry trails, are back OPEN. Water facilities are operational at the campground and should only be used for washing purposes. Please do not drink the water until it has passed safety inspection. For more information, call Field Ops at 707/869-2015.


Bullfrog Pond Campground, located in Austin Creek State Recreation Area and operated by Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, is nestled atop rolling hills studded with oak trees and encircles a pond surrounded by redwoods. The sunsets from Vista Point at the campground entrance are incredible! The drive to the campground itself offers a beautiful winding view as you climb out of the canyon and onto the rolling ridge line.

The campground is tent/car camping only. It has 23 sites total, 16 of which can be reserved in advance for $35 per night (includes 1 vehicle), and 7 "walk-up" or first-come-first-serve sites for $25 per night (includes 1 vehicle). Each site can accommodate up to 8 people and 20 ft. of equipment (no trailers). All sites must be paid for up front with cash or credit card only (no checks). As there is no guarantee walk-up sites will be available, we recommend arriving early on the day you would like to camp.

The park also offers three backcountry sites that work on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only accessible by hiking trails. Parties of up to 16 people can enjoy the remote wilderness of Austin Creek. Note: You must obtain a camping permit from Operations before entering the backcountry.

If you cancel at least 24 hours before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus Hipcamp fees). If you cancel within the 24 hours before check in, there will be no refund.

Please be advised that:

  • Austin Creek often runs 10-20 degrees warmer than the valley floor during the summer/early fall months.
  • Fire bans can go into effect at any time due to dry weather conditions and can be lifted at any time.
  • Backcountry campsites are subject to closure due to heavy rain and/or inaccessibility issues.

If you need to cancel your reservation or check for availability, please call Field Operations at 707/869-2015.

As of June 10, 2017, there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN in effect for Austin Creek SRA. No fires are permitted in the backcountry sites or at Bullfrog Pond Campground. Camp stoves are OK. All campers are required to sign a fire permit and agree to adhere to all campfire regulations.

If you are planning to camp during peak season on a weekend it is recommended that you register by Thursday or early Friday morning as sites fill up quickly.

Stewards strive to make Bullfrog Pond Campground a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. If you experience disruptive behavior by other campers or witness suspicious activity, please alert the Camp Host or our Field Operations staff immediately.

For more information, call 707/869-2015 or email us at camping(@)stewardscr(.)org.

Hipcamp Promo Codes and other discounts cannot be applied to Bullfrog Pond Campground as it is run by the State, and is not a Hipcamp Landshare property.

Fires are not allowed
Bring your own camping stove
Potable water is not available
Bring your own water
Pets are allowed
  • Listing type: Private
  • No. of sites: 23
  • Accessible by: Drive
  • Accommodation: Tent Only
  • Check in after: 2PM
  • Check out before: 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: None
  • Accepts bookings: 7 months out

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Hipcamper Erin

Rustic campground with spacious sites and clean bathrooms. There a 3 categories of sites in the main campground (not including the hike-in sites):

1. The drive-in sites (1-8) are along the main road when you first enter the campground. They are forested and slightly closer together than other sites, providing less privacy. There is a path that runs from around site 1 to around site 17 to get to the toilets. My choice for this set of sites would be 8, since it's on the end and gives the most privacy.

2. The reservable sites in the main area of the campground are forested. The toilets are between sites 18 and 20. The sites on the end provide the most privacy (9, 19, 20). Sites 14 & 15 and sites 16 & 18 are closer together than the other sites. We stayed in site 17 and thought it was one of the best in the area (despite having people walk by to get to the bathroom). It is a very large site, so we could only really see the neighbors on site 15 (site 19 was separated by a grove of trees).

3. Sites 21-24 (reservable) are located in the lower portion of the campground along the pond. The toilets are located across the road from site 23. Site 21 has a little bit of shade from the trees behind the site, but sites 22 & 23 are fully exposed to the sun with little privacy. Site 24 seems to be the best of the lot. It is tucked away from everything else, down a long path. There is an open area for setting up camp, but there is also shelter from the sun.

General notes on the campground:

- Bring bug spray! Around dusk, those little buggers are relentless - especially in the wooded areas on the campground.
- Make sure you check out the sunset from the upper viewing point (before you enter the campground). It's spectacular!
- No need to bring TP - it's provided in the well-kept bathrooms.
- If you want your food secured in the food locker, you'll need to bring your own lock (latches to keep critters out, but not hungry neighbors).

Helpful 17
Helpful 17
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Hipcamper Katie

Fantastic campground! Some campsites are closers to each other, some more private. Note that sites 1-20 are shaded in the woods, while sites 21-24 are open on the pond, two totally different feelings. Loved the croaking of bullfrogs at night!

Helpful 12
Helpful 12
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Hipcamper Katey

Very much echo what Chelsea Gaynor said before me: secluded campground but sites are very close together. For best seclusion, book 24, 21, 20, or 8. The bathrooms were in perfect shape, the staff was super nice, views were phenomenal. Bring bug spray.

Helpful 10
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Hipcamper Roman

We went camping on the Easter weekend. We loved the campground. Far away from civilization. Its already fun driving up the curvy road to the top. Great view and hikes. The Pond was almost dried out. We stayed on site 9 and really liked it. Felt nice & secluded

Helpful 4
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Hipcamper Mac

- campsite #9, #21, and #24 are the most private...#24 being my favorite
- great sunset spot at the vista point on the main road just before the campsites

*if you're a light sleeper you might want to bring earplugs as the bullfrogs can be pretty vocal throughout the night

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Hipcamper Chelsea

Pros: Right outside of Guernville, feels isolated, great views, cool setting in the forest. Cons: most campsites are very close together and have little to NO privacy. Be prepared for long, steep, one way drive into the hills, but worth the adventure! We stayed on Valentine's Day. HipCamp sent around red roses for all the campers! So cool! We will definitely come back!

Helpful 3
Helpful 3
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Hipcamper Brooke

Beautiful camp site! The first-come-first-serve sites are big and have a bit of privacy. The pond is no longer a pond, and the camp ground is on a very strict fire ban (since 7-3-15). Dogs are allowed! Came Saturday at noon and there were 3 sites left.

Helpful 2
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Hipcamper Amy

We had an overall great stay at Bullfrog Pond and will definitely be back. We stayed in site 17, which ended up feeling pretty private since the neighboring sites were not full on Sun - Mon nights. As previous posters mentioned, sites 10-18 are all pretty close together. If all were full it would have felt over-crowded for sure. Sites 17 and 18 are the last ones on a sloping hill - so these are relatively more private. Site 19 is pretty private - just know that your car is parked across the road and your gear has to be carried up a short but steep path. Site 20 looked great - very secluded. Sites 21-24 are by the pond and get full sun most of the day.

The park location is great - we loved spending the whole day in Guerneville before returning to the site. The road up to the campground has some amazing views once you get up higher in the hills. The road is a bit intimidating because it is so narrow and winding, but it is perfectly drivable in an average car during daylight hours. I wouldn't recommend arriving at the campground after dark until you are familiar with the road.

Although the park and hipcamp says that firewood and ice are available from the camp host, definitely come prepared with your own. We didn't see the camp host for the full 2 days we stayed. Also note that the sign at the park entrance always says that the campground is full, even when it is not.

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Hipcamper Jonathan

Beautiful area for camp sites. Camp sites are a short walk to a spectacular overlook and many miles of hiking trails. The sites -- except the ones by the pond -- are not very flat, so just find the fall line of the space you plan to pitch your tent and make sure your head is at top. We were there in March so off-season and it was relatively quiet (well, except the frogs after sunset, but they become like white noise and, I felt, made it easier to sleep) and no bugs. The sites are physically pretty close to each other but once everybody was settled in it feels like your site is relatively private.

The bathrooms -- just a (flush) toilet -- are surprisingly clean and always had toilet paper. Note: no sinks. The water in the taps scattered throughout is potable and tastes pretty good.

My only complaint was that the fire pits have these metal cylinders around them which are way too tall: they are nearly 3 ft tall and it really kills the vibe of a camp fire unless you make it roaring. They have a strict "no gathering wood" policy, so bring your own wood (though they also sell wood there).

Hipcamper Chi

Great experiences we had last year camping at bullfrog. The 2-3mls drive up to campsite was scary but worth it! Great outlook about 400 feet from campground entrance where you get to sit down and enjoy the sunset and edge of mountain and trees below your feet!

Hipcamper Tamara

Very nice campground- exactly what you want for a camping trip. The site was very quiet at night and didn't seem to really have a raccoon problem which surprised me. A TON of mosquitoes though. Overall, we would happily come back here again

Hipcamper Amy

We stayed at a spot by the pond (heavenly) then had to move to a spot in the trees (not heavenly at all) the second night. We were right on top of five other sites - no privacy and it was just plain weird to be so close to so many other sites full of other campers. They need to re-design that area to spread out those sites.

Hipcamper Kyle

Best camp spot for Russian River activities

Hipcamper Haley

Beautiful park, at the top of the hill and in the valley. Everyone was really friendly! Much yes.

Hipcamper Stacy

It was nice and fairly secluded.
At the entrance to the camping area there are great Forrest views!

Hipcamper Shoshana

Great spot! Beautiful setting, secluded and tree shaded. Bathrooms were flush toilets and pretty clean! No sinks. Our site 18 was very sloped and we slipped a lot but no one was injured. Camp host was responsive when our neighbors were very loud at 5 am.

Hipcamper Christy

What a special and delightful place! Lots of shade and nice sized spots. Each one is different. Many are on uneven ground so be prepared to go with the roll! No sinks in bathroom so toilets only.
The frogs don't come out until after sunset so be ready for fun around 9 pm. We really enjoyed catching and releasing little frogs with the kids each night.
The road in is very scary so do not attempt at night. We were there on weeknights in the summer and there was no camp host and very few campers.

Hipcamper Sherri

Wonderful Redwood camping, with flush toilet and no shower. There is poison oak all over in the little patchy green areas, so be ware. We had the best time camping we have had in a long time. Remote, with hiking/running trails and perfect weather (altho' i am sure we were lucky, as it can be hot, and it can be foggy, so pack for all kinds of weather, as it changes quickly. layering is best, with shirts for hot weather covered with heavier and heavier clothing until you have a coat, and a wool blanket on top of that. better to be prepared than to wish you had brought more....)

Hipcamper Peter

Very beautiful location - at the top of the world

Hipcamper Chelbie

We arrived at this campground slightly after quiet hours started, and the camp host camp directly out to us to check-in. She was very friendly and filled us in on fun things to do around the area.
The drive up is not one for the light-of-heart, especially not in the dark, but the remoteness is so worth it; I have never seen more stars in my life, and we met some of the most friendly people.

Hipcamper Ken

Our third time here. Easy car camping. Rather steep site #20 with only one flat area big enough for a tent, but that was all we needed. We enjoyed our stay.

Hipcamper Carl

A beautiful campground surrounded by redwoods. What could be better?!

Hipcamper Chris

Quiet campsite amidst some beautiful scenery. The campsite near the pond was a bit sunny, but other campsites in the woods had canopied shade. Fellow campers in adjacent sites were very quiet and considerate. The bullfrogs were noisier than the people!

Hipcamper Shannon

Love the off-the-beaten path of this place, while still having the necessary amenities (fire ring, toilets)

Hipcamper Morgan

Very nice campground, no showers but lots of ambiance. Be sure to head up to the top of the hill for the sunset.

Hipcamper Spencer

Bullfrog pond holds many fond memories for me. there are 24 sites and bathrooms; flushing. There is easy access to hiking trails with fantastic views of Sonoma County. The camp hosts are friendly and informative, and the bull frogs are soothing, to me, at least.

Hipcamper Lewis

Nice campsites. Decent bathrooms and fresh water. No showers. Some mosquitos. Serenaded by frogs. Good hiking to amazing views.

Hipcamper Sonya

Great camping, beautiful location. As others mention, the road up to the campground is narrow and best taken slow, but worth it to get off the beaten path. Bathrooms are clean with flush toilets (no sink or shower) and sites were well kept.

Hipcamper Stevi

Beautiful views! Super clean bathroom! Beautiful redwoods! What more could you ask for

Hipcamper Sarah

This review is going to be a bit mixed. Be warned.
The Bullfrogs are so loud. So very, very loud. And they croak allll niiigghhhtt looonngg. If that's your thing, you'll love it! I couldn't sleep until the sun came up and they finally stopped.
We stayed at campsite 24. Really secluded, private, right by a bathroom and water spigot. Primo, right? Really nice little trails nearby. Beautiful views. The drive in isn't bad. Narrow, winding road but our sedan made it just fine.
Beautiful red woods. LOUD FROGS. Great views. You decide. :)

Hipcamper Lori

Based upon other's thorough reviews, my BF and I stayed at #20 last night and loved it! The incredibly clean restroom is between #18 and #20 but far away enough that we couldn't even see it from our site. There is a wide hook on the wall, toilet paper and hand sanitizer but no sink. There are potable water spigots everywhere. If we return, we will most likely stay at #19 which although smaller and less secluded as it is above the road, is a more level site and hopefully mosquito-free as it is a bit farther from the pond. Bay laurel trees shade the sites and the scent was just great every time I took a step on the fallen leaves. #20 has poison oak near the water but not near the main area. While my BF cooked dinner, a duck casually wandered through our site and several young deer ran through the woods. No raccoons - yay!

My recommendation would be to hike around Armstrong Woods in the morning and ensure you have firewood before heading up to Bullfrog Pond campground as the 3-mile road up to the campground is a narrow, pot-holed, steep, winding 5-mph and 10-mph road where signs alert drivers that downhill drivers will have to back up to the nearest turn-out if encountering oncoming vehicles. We were relieved we had brought firewood, as the camp host was nowhere to be found for the entirety of our stay. One neighbor was not as lucky and had to forage for wood to burn as they did not want to venture down the road in the dark. If you plan to cook a full meal over a vertical camp stove, be aware that even the picnic table and food storage locker at #20 are tilted.

Hipcamper Wojtek

One of my favorite campgrounds / hiking areas in California. The Gilliam Creek hike is just AMAZING (just prepare to get wet and beware of the rampant poison oak).

The campsite is stunning and incredibly well maintained.

Hipcamper Brianna

Some key points: allergies were horrible, flush toilets were the nicest I've ever seen, and you can actually have a fire here! The campground is really beautiful to start with. Each site has plenty of space to fit your crew. We had number 17, which easily fit 4 two person tents. We also had site 19 which unlike most other sites, is so graded that you can only put one or two tents up. There are plenty of trails to go hiking on right from the campground. A warning: after so much rain this year a bunch of us had allergies that were out of control. I happened to bring some Claritin and allergy eye drops with me which helped a bit, but I could barely breathe the second night. If you have allergies, avoid hanging out by the tall grasses. There's a gorgeous overlook for sunset but I paid the price all night long to watch. Other people mentioned that bugs were a problem but they weren't so bad for us. The flush toilets were the best I've ever seen at a campground on a weekend with every site taken. I would certainly come back here again!

Hipcamper Kevin

Great tree coverage and accessibility to the trails. And the best kept bathrooms I've ever seen in a public place anywhere! The campsites are pretty small, close together, and lack privacy, so as long as you aren't looking for a secluded area then these sites are nice. The ones at the end of the road have less traffic and you'll be able to be louder at if you need to be.

Hipcamper michael

Just got back from Bullfrog Pond. Unfortunately, it was a less-than-ideal experience. My law school buddies and I have an annual campout, and this year we picked Austin Creek SRA. Yesterday, we got up, had breakfast, hung out at camp, and then went hiking. When we came back we had a few beers and played some games around the campsite. Big mistake. Within minutes a ranger was at our site telling us to shut it down or leave. We were loud, yes, but no more so than the kids screaming their heads off right next door. And it was 4 p.m. And we had already paid for another night. Needless to say, we won't be returning to Bullfrog Pond, and probably won't encourage any of our friends to use Hipcamp in the future.

Hipcamper Ivan

Cons: Stayed here during a mid-summer heat wave. It barely cooled down below 80 degrees at night even though the redwoods below were in the 60s. The pond is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so come prepared with plenty of insect repellent.
Pros: Otherwise, fairly quiet, great views from the ridge above. Turkeys and deer walked through camp every day.

Hipcamper John

Awesome campsite, beautiful area in the redwoods. Watch the drive up, it's a one lane windy road with really tight corners...

Hipcamper james

Looks like great spot sadly had to cancel due to sudden change in plans

Hipcamper An

Bullfrog was a wonderful place with a nice beautiful drive up to the site. Very mellow and relaxing. I felt like I was in the Lion King when we went to the top to watch the sunset. Gorgeous! Also, it's near a bunch of Russian River wineries!

Hipcamper Stephen

Nice sites with potable water and clean bathroom facilities.

Hipcamper Carl

We stayed at the Bullfrog Pond Campground and enjoyed the 3 days we spent there. The setting is beautiful and very peaceful. Lot's of hiking around the campground and down in the Armstrong Redwoods. The drive up the hill is an adventure in itself. I do have one suggestion though. To make the camping experience more enjoyable you should take the time and level out the camping areas in some of the campgrounds. We stayed in #16 and it was very hard to find a level spot to sit or even walk around. I understand you want to lessen the impact on the setting but I don't see how increasing the level the area around the tables and tent areas would hurt.

Hipcamper yuri

One of the best camp sites I have been to in a long time!

Hipcamper Kyle

The campground was great! Lots of shade, beautiful trees, clean bathrooms (with flush toilets). I'm definitely going to make another trip back.

Hipcamper Charles

campsites are nothing amazing but the surrounding beauty is breathtaking

Hipcamper Britton

Great campground! Campsite 24 is fantastic and secluded. We had a great time here. Hipcamp rules.

Hipcamper Schuyler

We stayed Thursday through Saturday at campsite 19. This was one of the best sites, with privacy and easy access to the pond (dry) and the restrooms and potable water. The weather was pleasant, never hot, slightly cool at night (bring a warm sleeping bag). The site only got hot direct sun between 11-1pm, being tucked in the trees. There are nice hiking trails right out of the campground and the star gazing was wonderful.

Hipcamper Jay

This is a great location, not far from Gureneville. The road up the mountain from Armstrong Redwoods is steep, curvy and poorly maintained one lane. No trailers allowed. The campground itself is not very private , dusty and noisy. But it has potable water and accessible bathrooms. Great hiking from there. 7/16

Hipcamper Erin

Beautiful spot. The bummer was that the voicemail said that the fire ban pertained only to hike-in/deep woods camps but it is in effective for all of Austin Creek!

Hipcamper Adam

Although the road is VERY narrow, steep and windy to the campground, this is a bonus in that you don't have to worry about camping next to any RVs! The campground and panoramic views from on top the ridge were a welcomed retreat from crowds in Guerneville below, while still a relatively close drive for eating out or enjoying the Russian River. The campsites on Bullfrog Pond itself were VERY exposed while the others were generally very shaded by pine tree cover, but close to one another. All in all it was a very convenient way to enjoy being "on" the Russian River while camping above it.

Hipcamper Heather

Bullfrog Pond Campground is the perfect place to set up a hammock, read and nap. Site 13 had a lot of daytime shade and enough trees to set up two hammocks. If you are looking for more movement, this campground would be a good home base for hiking in the redwoods or tubing along the Russian River.

Hipcamper Sarah

Great campground and friendly camp host. We stayed in spot 13, which had great tree coverage. Spots out in the open looked pretty hot during the day so may want to choose your spot wisely if you're camping during summer months.

Hipcamper Lauren

2 miles from the Redwoods, gorgeous area of sunsets and star-gazing. Clean amenities.

Hipcamper Ana

Great spot, good sunset views, nice clean friendly campground.

Hipcamper Bristin

Beautiful setting! Definitely out in nature. Scenic but steep/windy road to get from the town to the campsite itself. Would recommend and would come again.

Hipcamper Judy

Beautiful place to relax in nature. Billions of stars, trails to walk

Hipcamper sai

A helpful camp host to go with the pretty and secluded camp ground!

Hipcamper Taylor

Bullfrog Campground was incredible. To this day it's one of the best sunset spots I've ever been to. The frogs are definitely loud but in a therapeutic way. We stayed at campsite #24 in the back corner. It was shaded and quite private. I would highly suggest it to anyone going.

Hipcamper Dirk

Beautiful setting with immediate access to views and miles of hiking. Trails are steep in places, but mostly two-track, so hiking is rigorous, but not treacherous. Campground itself is pretty luxe--paved access (albeit up a winding one-lane road, but the ores are great and it adds to the adventure); two sets of two flush toilet; several potable water taps; and picnic tables, food lockers, and fire rings (fire ban permitting; buy wood from the campsite host). Most sites are at least mostly shaded by some gorgeous trees, though 22 and 23 are full-sun on the pond (but more spacious--horseshoes, anyone?). Check the site map to find your favorite number. Drop by the Russian River for a dip on your way home. Not the most private camping around (though the campground host takes quiet hours very seriously, so rowdies get a talking-to at 10 pm sharp--handy), but some of the easiest and prettiest. Rather perfect getaway.

Hipcamper Sherri

this is a lovely site, far from the maddening crowd. there is poison oak to watch for. if you do not spot it easily, avoid walking or touching the green leaves. wash with tecnue or a similar product.

the road is not for those who do not drive easily on "country roads." it is a country road times ten. single lane and windy. just drive slowly, honk at the blind curves, and be ready to back up if you are coming down the hill.....

we camped in the trees and the shade on a hot summers day was wonderful. the camping fed the soul and let us connect with friends and friends of friends.

Hipcamper Bill

Great spot, amazing ridge to watch the fog roll in or check out the Milky Way on a clear night.

Hipcamper carol

A lovely spot. Take insect repellent in august....flush toities...whee...!!

Hipcamper Robin

Great campground in Guerneville! The road to it is a little bit intimidating, but the surrounding area is worth it.

Hipcamper Patty

We stayed in site 23, next to the last one by bullfrog pond. We had the restrooms across the street from us, the water right in front of the site. It was really warm the whole time and we had "1" tree on the site. We did have a 12x12 foot canopy over the table, the tent was in the shade of that tree, which wasn't much but it was perfect. We had our 2 small dogs with us and they were fine with the accomodations.

Hipcamper Anne

This campground has really improved. Kudos to the cleanup crew and managers. Quiet and clean and orderly. Since the drought the birds and frogs are far quieter, but hopefully (for nature's sake) they will return.

Hipcamper Rajasi

Go with bugspray. Fun place. Loved it. We had site 16 & 18. #16 is on the slope so you might want to pick another one.

Hipcamper kat

sites 21 to 23 are near the pond and they're more open than others in the redwoods. beautiful place for hiking. lovely for families.

Hipcamper C

Well laid-out campground. Quietly tucked away from the main Russian River crowd, yet easily accessible for Bay Area folks (like my group). Good trails from the campground -- go west for the good views and streams. Why we come back? Stunningly, heartachingly beautiful sunsets.

Hipcamper Liz

It was nice, and an adventurous drive to the sites.

Hipcamper Claire

Spent a lovely evening under the stars at the Bullfrog Pond Campground. Warning: the uphill drive from Armstrong Redwoods to the campground is an adventure itself! It's a windy, single-lane road so passing cars (going up/coming down) cab be challenging, it's worth it for the beautiful views and serene camp sites though!
The sites in the woods are somewhat cramped so I recommend camping at the sites around the pond where there's more space/privacy. Back country camping is also available.

Hipcamper Zachary

The pond is obsolete, more like a mosquitos safe haven. But besides that I loved the camp ground. I would definitely bring my family there again. Most sites are very secluded. Loved it

Hipcamper kristine

The campground was well maintained and quiet. Campsites are a little close together, but we noticed some people don't seem to stay for very long and use sites to pass through. The p

Hipcamper Kim

Easy to get to. Spacious sites---and the views were amazing.

Hipcamper Susan

All the reviews that mention the road up to the campground are not exaggerating. I was driving an F150 pickup and it seemed that at times, there wasn't much room for error. There are long stretches in which there is no room to pull over for oncoming vehicles; crazy! With that said, the campground was well kept and the bathroom was clean. The 'pond' didn't have any water, but it did have bullfrogs (mid-August) and we saw a group of 5 deer by it so that was cool. The best part was leaving early, to avoid oncoming traffic on the crazy road, and stopping at the viewpoint near the entrance of the campground. You face west and the valley below was full of clouds, yet you are above them and the site was breathtaking. If one lane roads with two way traffic and few and far between pull outs don't scare you, then this is a place for you.

Hipcamper Yael

We loved being there for there last weekend. Site #24 is so wonderful- private, shaded and also sunny, near the bathrooms and the pond. Even with no water in the pond and fire restrictions in effect, our group loved being there. Lots of great hiking. Quiet. Peaceful.

Hipcamper Brad

The staff were extremely helpful and the campsite was quiet and great. Saw about 8 deer early the next morning. Would definitely recommend.

Hipcamper Paul

Beautiful place! Tons of great views and hiking. Watch out for poison oak if you go on any of the trails! (None near the campsite though).

Hipcamper Kendall

Great site, well maintained, surprisingly clean bathrooms (flush toilets are such a luxury!). While you can't use the trails if you have a dog, a quick 10-minute drive down to Armstrong redwoods and the paved paths in between the trees and picnic area are dog-friendly. Site seems to be pretty kid-friendly so it can get a bit noisy during the day depending which site you pick. We will definitely be back.

Hipcamper Taylor

Beautiful campground amongst the redwoods. Loved it!

Hipcamper Marcelle

Had a lovely time midweek at Bullfrog Pond Campground. Hardly anyone there. Took in panoramic sunset at entrance picknick table. Flushing toilets a plus! Highly recommend this time of year.

Hipcamper Danielle

We had a lovely time at Bullfrog Pond. Got there on the Thursday before labor day and were one of only three campsites that had campers! It fills dup a bit more on Friday but was still very quiet, very clean. Do watch out for yellow jackets, through, a bunch came out when we cooked some sausage over our camp stove. No campfires allowed due to drought so the camp stove was a necessity, but the campground is great, really feels immersed in nature and secluded even though it's only 20 minutes from town. We brought little kids (ages four and six) and were able to do some small hikes in Armstrong but the longer trails looked fun (someday!) and the views from the Vista point picnic area just before entering the campsite are awesome, great place to watch the sunset.

Hipcamper Ileana

Scotty was a great camp host. The Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods are doing a great job maintaining this site! Lovely campground. Great hikes in the area. Would stay again.

Hipcamper Dennis

Beautiful and private campground in the redwoods... Scott the host was helpful and considerate and the restrooms are clean - there was a great mix of considerate campers... not one piece of litter

Hipcamper John

Had a great stay at site
24! Rangers were very helpful and friendly! No fires allowed but propane grills without an open flame with a shutoff valve are okay.

Hipcamper Chris

Great views, looking over the entire Russian River valley. Campsites are in the woods, but beautiful vistas are a quick walk away. The Redwood forest is beautiful!

Hipcamper Scott

Road in is interesting; wouldn't wanna do it in the dark; campground is clean; restrooms clean with flush toilets, no sink; it's a good 10 degrees warmer in camp than in Guerneville; most sites pretty heavily shaded; hiking trails either go up then down, or vice versa; host very friendly and helpful; bugs not bad really; few bees, but not excessive. We'll go back, but in April/May, or Oct./Nov. Prefer a little cool than a little warm. Beautiful area - lots of awesome vistas. Great one or two nighter.

Hipcamper Leslie

Great campsite - but not private and pretty crowded.

Hipcamper liz

Peaceful, isolated (up a winding, narrow road), very clean campground. Potable water did not taste great-- recommend bringing own water for drinking. Restrooms have flush toilets and hand sanitizer-- no sinks. Beautiful spot. Looking forward to returning to this campground.

Hipcamper Megan

Great campsite. Be preparred for a long drive up the windy road to get there. Amazing that you can start hiking right from the campground.

Hipcamper Timothy

Great, quiet, secluded spot. Beautiful vistas from top of the hill.
Would stay again.

Hipcamper Scott

Bullfrog Pond Campground was great. Great campsites and the hiking trails in the area were phenomenal.

Hipcamper Andrée

This was a great place. Lots of hiking trails from the camping. The camps sites are close to each other.

Hipcamper Liam

It was a great time at Bullfrog "Pond" (in quotes as there was no water in the quite dry October conditions). Great facilities at this campground and nice hiking trails through the steep terrain of the oak forest and down to the redwoods. We stayed in Site #24 at the end of the road. It's a bit more private, but you have to carry your belongings from the car down a small incline. Larger groups might have a better time getting adjoining sites in the shaded part of the campground as they are closer together and good for sharing.

Hipcamper Carla

Great spot for an over night trip to wine country. The campground is about 20 minutes from campsite to Guerneville. We stayed in campsite #19 - it was big enough for 1 tent - the rest of the site was a little too sloped for another tent. Fire pit and table were great, but the cabinet/ bear box was too small for a cooler. Spot #19 was private enough - good distance from the road. As another reviewer mentioned, you have to park across the street and carry everything about 20 feet to the campsite. The pond didn't have much water, but the view of the sunset from the entrance of the camp was amazing. If I went again, I'd try to get site #21 or #24.

Hipcamper Stephanie

Do the East Austin Creek hike! Beautiful views on the way down and a cool walk through lush Fern Gully-esque woods on the way back. The view at sunset near the campground is also not to be missed. Stay in sites 21 an higher for a bit more peace/quiet.

Hipcamper Caitlin

Had a great one night stay at Bullfrog Pond. We stayed in site 15 which as other reviewers stated is quite close to the adjacent sites. It was my first time camping though, so this was comforting for me-and it was in good proximity to the very clean bathrooms! The only issue was that the camp host wasn't at their site (#4) each time we tried to check in between 3-6pm. We were anticipating buying firewood from the host since it was advertised as being available, but the host never showed to our knowledge. Another camper said that she walked around the night prior around 7pm checking folks in so we waiting but she never came around. Were able to scavenge some leftover firewood from an empty campsites firepit so we got kind of lucky there -- point being, I'll bring firewood next time!!! Overall a very positive experience and will definitely return and recommend.

Hipcamper Jessica

We had a wonderful experience at this campground! Be prepared for the 3.5 single road that scales the cliff up to the camp sites. Great hiking, lots of trees, spacious camp sites, and drinking water available! If you forget firewood they have some available to purchase on site. Loved Bullfrog Pond!

Hipcamper Matthew

Our stay at Bullfrog Pond was quite pleasant. The drive up into the park was a bit rough on my little sedan, but the views were breathtaking. The campground itself was well taken care of. My wife and I stayed at campsite #9 which offered a decent amount of privacy for a fairly crowded campground. While the toilets had some clogging issues at first, the campground staff took care of that by bedtime. The pond was mostly harder mud (still being in the time of draught recovery), but it was a nice little area to look at.

Hipcamper Mark

Nice and secluded. Very quiet and peaceful when we were there, but there was only one other person camping in the entire campground. Pricey for what you get.

Hipcamper Sonia

beautiful campground, near the pond. clean bathroom, friendly rangers. frogs sing all night :)

Hipcamper Michael

Bullfrog Pond Campground is fantastic - we stayed on a chilly night in January and the place was nearly empty. From our site #21 there were trails leading to wonderful ridge top views overlooking Austin Creek State Park. The bathrooms were clean and the grounds well maintained. The pond was full this time of year and the bullfrogs were out in full force, but it was never too loud to disturb our sleep. Firewood is available for sale at the ranger station and each site has a fire ring, picnic table and food locker. As others have mentioned, the road up is narrow and winding, so getting there is half the fun. Highly recommended!

Hipcamper Lucy

We stayed here over NYE weekend! It wasn't packed at all, but it WAS freezing! It's a super beautiful area with tons of trails to explore (I wish I had known this!) and views to enjoy. The pond had water in it and the frogs were so loud and fun! It's true that the spots are closer together than they need to be, but there are definitely certain camp sites that are better than others. If you look at the camp map, it's not hard to see what ones are good :)

Hipcamper Darrell

Stayed at site #10. Nice, small area, with a well worn space for the tent. May be a bit too close to neighbors, if we had any, but the (1) parking spot right at the site was nice. Some nice hikes out from this area.

Be warned, there is a steep, single-lane dirt road that leads up the mountain, to the campsite; large, or more sport-like cars beware.

Restrooms had full on toilets, but do not provide running water. There are potable water sources dotted through the campground though.

Guessing there isn't bear danger, as the food lockers were really just wood cupboards attached to each picnic table. Fire pits come with a small section of iron to flip onto the top for grilling.

We came in for New Year's, and it dropped to around the mid-30s during the night. Placement of the site was such that wind wasn't really much of a concern, but the sites nearer to the pond may have gotten more of it. Note that the bullfrogs are really, really vocal - if you are a light sleeping, bring earplugs.

Would go back, for sure. although maybe for the backcountry sites - $35/night for neighbors 30 feet away isn't really very enticing, if you stay at one of the lower numbered spaces.

Hipcamper Katie

My boyfriend and I had a great time at this campground - it exceeded all expectations. Our spot for the night (#19) was perfectly secluded on higher ground, had a nice, yet wooded view of the pond, and was close to the bathrooms, water and the trash/recycling area. We also went for a short hike starting at the East Ridge Fire Road that had STUNNING views of the mountains. Definitely recommend that hike and this campground.

Hipcamper Vince

Remember to bring ear plugs, the frogs can be quite loud if you're near the pond.

Hipcamper Doug

Great campsite. If you are looking for sun you want to select 21,22 or 23. 21 being the best
24 is very scheduled and on the pond.

The rest of the campsites are in the woods which is fine, we were on campsite 20 which was very schluded.

Will 100percent be coming here again it was great. With good toilet facilities.

Hipcamper Craig

This is a nice clean well managed campground.. We were there in winter so we chose camp site 23 because it is not in the trees and we wanted to be able to get warm in the morning. It is very exposed and right next to the pond and has one or two small-ish spots that would be good for a tent. I have a Honda Element that I sleep in and the parking space for either of the campsites 22 and 23 are not flat enough to sleep in a car. I parked on the asphalt turnaround adjacent to the camp spots. This could be a concern if you are a car camper and it is really busy during the summer where you might not be able to grab a piece of asphalt. The grassy area that is the camp spots would be perfect for horseshoes or frisbee because it smooth and grassy. Nice fire ring but the grill could use replacing. The toilets are very near which are flush and always kept very clean as is the recycling bins and trash dumpsters. As for the campsites up in the trees, the whole campsite is on a downslope but would be ideal during the hot summer months. Looked like sites 10,11,12 reserved together would be great for a big party. Enjoyed our stay.,

Hipcamper Nancy

We loved our stay at Bullfrog Campground, it's a beautiful spot. We stayed in site 19, which was secluded and near the bathroom. You can't park right next to it, just across the road and down a short path. I'd say the best spot is probably 24 (in a hidden spot between the pond and the woods). We went in the off season so the campground host wasn't there, so we couldn't get firewood. The campground itself is way up in the hills, far from everything. The stars were incredible the night we went.

Hipcamper Annalee

In the off season they sometimes do not have a camp host on site - this can be frustrating if you need help with anything.

Hipcamper Alicia

We loved this spot and would stay here again! It's a bit of a scary drive up a one-way road to the camp spot, but it pays off. Most of the campsites are nestled in the redwood grove, and there's a nearby stream and pond. The bathrooms are really nice and a guy comes around at night to sell extra wood. Lots of hiking trailheads nearby and a short walk to a beautiful vista point with rolling hills - an ideal spot to watch the sunset. We stayed at campsite #17 which borders the stream and is close to the bathrooms. Camp sites #20, #21 and #24 are also nice spots that are secluded, surrounded by trees and in close proximity to the pond.

Hipcamper Dylan

Beautiful area with great views along trails, but bring earplugs if staying close to the pond, tinnitus may be an issue!

Hipcamper Jena

Great campground and beautiful views from the hilltop view point. Don't forget to pack a sunset picnic!

Hipcamper David

Great campground. We stayed at site 20, which was quite large and private. The bullfrogs were louder than I expected, but I thought it actually made the campground seem more private, because you couldn't hear other groups at night.

Hipcamper Christine

Such a beautiful place, rain or shine. We experienced both and loved every minute of it. We stayed at Campsite 21, which was a little more secluded than site 22 and 23 at the end, but still easily accessible. There were a few trail heads that started right outside our tent door. We loved the sound of running water and the frogs at night. We'll be back and highly recommend to others.

Hipcamper Saumya

This place is gorgeous! It is a cathedral of redwoods and the rangers were very kind and helpful. There was a fire pit and bathrooms up the road from our campsite. We didn't stay long because the ranger told us of a flash flood warning! Overall I can't wait to make it back up here on a sunny weekend to go fishing and camping!

Hipcamper Samuel

Great place for a quick getaway! Even in the rain and hail.

Hipcamper Meredith

I camped here with 5 friends and we LOVED it. IF you're coming with a larger group you definitely can't beat the value. It was a gorgeous drive through Austin Creek and the views around the campsite were spectacular (sunset especially). Firewood was easy to get, the bathrooms were clean and pretty nice, and the sound of frogs from the pond lulled us to sleep. Site 15 where we stayed was are large enough for 3 tents and 2 hammocks, but just a heads up it's a bit close to the neighboring sites. Wish I was back already.

Hipcamper Scotty

Beautiful area! Would highly recommend this site.

Hipcamper Torben

as other camper noted the sites have very different qualities and that's not really reflected in the site selection overview. The sites down at the pond 20-23 are mostly out in the open so without tree coverage but very secluded from the rest of the camp. The sites 1-8 are walk ins and somehow private. The sites 9-19 though are relatively dense with 11 and 12 being the closest together. We booked a night at site 12 as it seemed to be somehow detached from the surrounding but it's basically like camping on a pedestal in the middle of the camp with in our case bad luck of a 10 people group that staked their ground with police band and used both parking spots right next to us, maybe 20 feet away, listening to music and drinking. You can always have those situations of course but in that case we got lucky that site 1 remained empty and we moved as fast as possible. The ground is all about selection, I would not recommend the 9-19 sites if you're looking for much privacy, 1-8 and 20-23 are awesome.

Hipcamper Tonya

This place is great! We managed to get site # 24, which is the most secluded and private site :)
We loved it. Clean bathrooms, great hiking, and super friendly park staff. Highly recommended.

Hipcamper Debby

Great place to camp. Loved hearing frogs all night.

Hipcamper daniel

This place is terrible because it makes every other campground in the area you will stay at look like shit. Beautiful views, skies, sounds, trees.. Just shut up and find a time to go.

Hipcamper CHARLES

Do not hike the switchbacks. LOL. My wife said "Lets go this way". Was beautiful but very long and hot.

Hipcamper Rick

It's a great place to tent camp. Come prepared for no showers, although plenty of water and flush toilets. Making a reservation costs you $10 per night extra, which is a ripoff. Hey we all want to goo the woods, but at $35 per night it's almost too much. Even $25 per night is up there, but you are paying for the beautiful trees.

Hipcamper Slavik

Long and steep drive up...quite fun, just be careful and enjoy. Sweet getaway.

Hipcamper Dea

Amazing campground! The back spots are the best: 22, 23, 24. Very clean bathroom (no shower). Good hiking trails with great views. Beware of the one-lane 2-mile road to get in from Armstrong Forest - very tight with few turn-outs.

Hipcamper Pkilla

Very secluded campground amidst the trees. Most campsites are closely placed which doesn't provide much privacy for weekends/holidays when it's busy but if you're looking at a weeknight stay, this Bullfrog is perfect. We stayed on a Sunday night and there were only 4 campsites taken, so we had our pick & chose #2. It's the site closest to the entrance so only a short walk to the vista point + it's further away from the pond so less mosquitos (at least from what we experienced).

Hipcamper Todd

If you are a tent camper, this is a great camp ground. If you prefer your tent trailer like me, you can't bring it. That's my thing, campground was great.

Hipcamper Sarah

We stayed at site 14, booked about a week in advance for the beginning of Easter weekend. On Thursday there was no one around and I wish I could have enjoyed it more instead of worrying that neighbors could show up any minute. Friday, the campground filled up. I would recommend weeknights when it would be less crowded. For our second night, Friday, we were VERY close to our neighbors at site 15.

Hiking was amazingly beautiful but was strenuous and seemed to be farther than the map showed. We also hiked around Armstrong redwoods on the way out and this experience was great. I learned more about the redwoods than I ever knew, even when living among them 20 years ago. I was like the Muir Wood of Sonoma.

The drive up and down the narrow windy road was harrowing but not as bad as people describe it. Luckily we ran into very few cars on the road.

Lastly we had very few mosquitoes, but I'm sure that had to do with it being mid-April.

Hipcamper maryam

It was very nice. There is a really narrow road that goes all the way to the campground. That makes you not wanna move your car once you are there. You will hear frogs from the pond at night.

Hipcamper Alan

Nice Vistas from hiking trail.

Hipcamper Julie

A gorgeous, small, quiet campground in the redwoods with fantastic hiking trails close to camp.

Hipcamper Marie

One of our favorite campgrounds. Beautiful views, amazing hikes, small amount of campsite, and stunning ponds.

Hipcamper allie

Great site! No issues at all. well maintained campground with gorgeous views nearby and friendly staff. We really enjoyed star gazing and hiking during our stay. The bullfrogs at night helped put us to sleep like lil babes. The place is pretty lively as the grounds were full during our entire stay. Loved it we will be back soon. Bring some eucalyptus bug spray and cintronella and you're set!

Hipcamper Betsy

Great campground, site number 24 is the best! We got lucky there was a cancellation and 24 was available. Lots of great hiking and beautiful spot to watch sunset

Hipcamper crystal

After a winding drive up the mountain!You will arive at this little hikers jem !Great trails nice clean well maintained camp! we loved are stay and will be back soon!

Hipcamper Nora

This place is magical. Just stayed there a second time. First time I had a site among the redwoods but this time chose one of the spaces by the pond. Two totally different feels (forest v. meadow). Be warned that ticks are known to also enjoy the meadow, so choosing it involves a degree of calculated risk in that regard (we didn't personally see any on April 30/May 1). Campground has toilets, water, firepits with grill rack, picnic tables and food storage lockers, but still feels very natural and relatively quiet (by the pond, the sites are spaced even farther out and seem even more quiet). Rangers/host have been very friendly on both stays and you can buy wood on site. So many stars to see, remote magical sunset hikes to be had just out the road, and more populated, easy walking to do in the redwood park down below. Really close to Guerneville but seems a world away due to the change in elevation and the curvy, slow-going road. I will be back!

Hipcamper karl

Great spot out of the way. You get a feeling of being away from it all. The Stewards actually do a better job than the state did in years past

Hipcamper Kevin

Wonderfully remote and quiet. Worth the effort to drive up that long windy road. Amy the host is knowledgeable and informative and so kind.

Hipcamper Sam

Overall, this is a great campground, near a number of wonderful views and hikes and with helpful staff on site. We were in campsite #20, which was further away from other sites, and it was really pretty. The sites here that are closer together are great for group camping, but if you want privacy from what we saw #20 and #21 were both pretty ideal--the closer together ones might be too close together.

Hipcamper nicole

Amazing campground right next to the Redwoods! Absolutely beautiful!

Hipcamper Karen

We enjoyed our camping trip of Sunday and Monday night at bullfrog pond. There are a few conditions people should be aware of before camping here. Experienced campers probably won't have any trouble. The very narrow one way,3 mile road up to the camping area is a little daunting, and we have driven on many roads around the world that are worse! Was glad we had all wheel drive! We drove up at 4:30 PM, were surprised that there were at least 10 cars driving down the hill to leave the campground! Probably people that just went up for day use and were leaving for dinner. But not everyone wanted to pass in a safe manner, just forced their way past and almost scraped our car or broke off our rearwiew mirror! (And we moved as close to the hillside as we could) So, be warned! Uphill drivers usually have right of way, but not always a reality. Most of the campsites are shaded by beautiful redwood trees, you will hear wild turkeys gobbling in the morning and melodious bullfrogs croaking at night, it was absolutely wonderful! Even though we knew to wear long sleeves, long pants and knee socks, using strong bug spray, we were still eaten alive by mosquitoes that leave quite large red welts. To be fair, we expected this, it's the outdoors and "pond" is after all in the name of the campground! Not all of the campsites have level ground, even for a very small tent so you might be sleeping at an angle. Some of the ground is quite rocky with too many sharp, good size stones to just pick up and throw out of the way, a pad under your sleeping bag will help. They have made a good effort to level the picnic tables at the sites, which was nice. There is potable water here and there throughout the area, it has a bit of a rough taste so you might want to bring bottled water to drink and or make coffee/tea. However, when we used it to steam vegetables and make rice it did not flavor of the food. There are no showers, sinks or running water in the restrooms, but the toilets flush. Bring a flashlight at night though as there are no lights either. The restrooms were always clean and stocked with toilet paper. Some of the campsites are very close together, not a problem for us as the campground was only half-full when we were there. If you are unlucky enough to get neighbors who like to play loud music or talk late into the night, it might be a problem. The campground caretakers were always friendly, the wave and say hi even if they're just driving through. We had a great trip, but if you are less experienced campers this might not be the campsite for you. There's lots of hiking, a beautiful overlook to watch the sunset and some of the sites really are lovely next to the redwood trees, but you should have a smaller tent(we don't, so had to use one of the end sites). I would like to camp here again, but we would probably not come on a weekend when it's crowded. Or we would try and come midweek. Also from some of the other reviews, we knew to buy firewood down below at the ranger station as there is often not a camp host(they were "off duty" for a week when we were there in May). Gathering firewood is not permitted in the campground.

Hipcamper Amanda

Beautiful location! My only hesitancy to come back would be the number of bugs, I came home with countless bites (in May).

Hipcamper Kyle

This is a well-spaced and beautiful little campground - some spots set under redwoods, some under oak and bay trees, and a couple sit in the grassy meadow next to the pond itself - choices!!! This is a great place for amphibian lovers - five types of frog live there, and they are literally everywhere around the pond (our site was #20 and we had them hopping by our tent each night) and to see aquatic garter snakes too.

Hipcamper Tiare

The drive up to the campsite wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be, and the campsite itself was so much more user friendly than we expected! Each spot has a good sized wooden picnic table, a fire pit (ours had a little half-grill topper thing, you can put a kettle on it!), a designated parking spot, and is nearby a water tap and a super clean restroom (equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer!). There were a lot more day-visitors than I expected-- mostly people hiking, but not too many campers staying overnight. The amount of traffic was nice for people who are new to camping... you feel secluded but know there are people around if you need help. There are a lot of mosquitos so definitely pack citronella candles and bug spray!

Hipcamper Austin

I stayed on site 24 which is next to the bathrooms but down a good path so very convenient and out of the general area of smell. This campsite is alive and by which I mean the bullfrogs hence the name I suppose the male bullfrogs competing with one another all night and they make the craziest sound some kind of mating call I suppose but entertaining and along with the frogs and wildlife is very easy to fall asleep to. Now this place literally was in a cloud by 930 at night it was very interesting it started a light mist almost looked like rain but not too bad. Lots of trails and potable water right up a little hill from the campsite itself. Saw a few deer in the morning time drinking from the good size pond adjacent to the site that was pretty neat. Now the road one must take to get to said campground is nice and steep and pretty narrow manageable but the cliffs are a little sketchy but the views make you forget all about it instantly .

Hipcamper tim

Great mellow campground. Clean toilets. Nice camp host. Remote location means little in/out car traffic. Great views on short hikes. Sites 21-24 are more exposed to the sun. All others are shaded in redwoods. You decide what fits your needs. No showers no cell service (unless you climb the ridge). But that doesn't matter. Keeps the kids focused on having fun

Hipcamper John

Look elsewhere before booking

Hipcamper Marie

Bullfrog Pond was a really nice campground. Camped there with the kids and another family on Memorial Day. Site 12, not too far from the only restrooms. The map doesn't really give you the feel of the place. It's all going downhill towards the pond from site 1/the vista point parking lot. Except for the sites near the pond, there's nice shade from the trees. Kids had fun down by pond. The bullfrogs are crazy loud. All in all, a nice location to get away!

Hipcamper Vanessa

Absolutely beautiful site, and very family friendly. We were camping with a bunch of children and the poison oak surrounding our campsite was problematic. I will choose to camp elsewhere with my toddlers and return to Bullfrog pond when my littles are old enough to stay away from it on their own.

Hipcamper Bianca

This is a gorgeous spot which happens to be right in my backyard! The camp host was super helpful and the facilities were very clean. I will say that there is a lot of poison oak this year and if you are camping with small children keep in mind that there are only a few potable water spots. No water in the restroom or light! It is a bit tricky with the small children 4 and younger!

Hipcamper Clinton

Russian river is always lovely. Late May weather was perfect, warm enough to not be hot but not stinking yet. Frog noises were minimal/non issue. The mosquitoes were killer though! Our site 19 is great except it's on a hill so if i had to pitch 2 tents it would have been a bit challenging.

Hipcamper Stephanie

The location is beautiful. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on any of the trails so you can't do any hiking with your dog unless you are on the road where cars drive (totally not dangerous at all).

In addition the camping sites themselves are located extremely closely to one another and there are lots of families with very loud children running thru the campsite all hours of the day and night lol. Keep that in mind when booking.

If you aren't looking for peace and quiet in the wilderness, meaning you don't mind oud campsites next to you, then this is the place for you.

Hipcamper Gabriela

Bullfrog is magical I have not seen another campground like it. It is at the top of a hill with beautiful views of the valley, lots of trees to re-energize you and exiting wild life!. The sunset is the best part of all!

Hipcamper Debora

Very pleasant, quiet (weekdays) spot. Road up is crazy steep one way with amazing views at the top. The frogs croaked all night! Spots by pond are in full sun in the morning, the rest are in the forest. We took a great hike but it will be getting hot any day now so go early, take water. The big trees in the valley are amazing. We also took the self guided canoe trip at Burke's in Forestville. Very fun. Ten miles of paddling downstream then they shuttle you back to your car. Saw lots of ducks with baby ducklings. Sweet!

Hipcamper stefanie

We loved it, spot 10 and 11 are mostly covered by trees and not too much of a slope, great for camping with kids

Hipcamper jessica

Loved the campsite. Beautiful setting. The mosquitos were definitely active, so bring bugspray. We stayed on campsite 21, which was smaller then expected. Good for two big tents. It was partly shaded, but enough to stay cool. You can buy firewood from the campsite host. There was poison oak on the edge of our campsite, so keep an eye out for that. Overall a great experience, would definitely camp there again!

Hipcamper Leila

Thought the campground looked pretty good from online, love the location up past Armstrong redwoods, unfortunately, SO many mosquitos we packed up after one night and went to a different campground by the coast. Lost money on the multiple days we didn't stay but well worth changing as we were covered in bites. Wish it was less infested....

Hipcamper Deborah

Gorgeous place. Hot in June. Bullfrog sounds are awesome.

Hipcamper Bison

Great site. Clean bathrooms. Can hear the frogs on the pond at night which is lovely. Would recommend!

Hipcamper Lauren

This was a magical place! I'd definitely recommend going through Hipcamp as the reservable sites are a lot more private than the rest. We were in site 21 and it was pretty private. Site 23-24 were open but quiet, and site 24 is tucked back in the woods.

Hipcamper Elizabeth

Quiet, clean, remote location that was the perfect little camping getaway. All of the campers were very respectful of quiet hours which was great. The bullfrogs are loud at night so bring earplugs if your a light sleeper :).

Hipcamper Ramsey

It is incredible beautiful. There is old growth redwoods at all the camp sites.

The road up is a little crazy. It is literally one lane, 3 miles and an 1000 foot climb.

Bullfrog pond is full of bullfrogs. They croak-honk all night. It sounds like a combination of a cow mooing and and a truck honking. We recommend camping away from Bullfrog Pond.

Hipcamper Amanda

We absolutely loved our time at Bullfrog Pond! The campsite is beautiful and serene, and the view of the sunset from the lookout point at the top of the mountain is truly breathtaking. I highly recommend campsite #24 which we stayed at. It is the most secluded from the rest of the sites and nestled into a little redwood grove, while still being close to the facilities and the pond.

A couple things to note...the campsite's proximity to the pond means that the mosquitoes are everywhere so be sure to bring your bug spray! Also, the bullfrog calls were very loud and lasted all through the night, which we enjoyed but might be less enchanting to those who are light sleepers. Lastly, we arrived around 5pm and the site host was gone for the day so we weren't able to buy firewood on site. That said, I'd recommend coming prepared with your own supply or finding out ahead of time when the host is on site.

Other than those few things we loved our experience and would definitely recommend/go back to this site!

Hipcamper Robert

Fantastic! The campgrounds were quiet and feels secluded despite being 2 miles from the main park day use area, which was packed when we arrived. We stayed at site 19. The site is on a hill with just enough flat ground for one tent.

Hipcamper Deborah

Beautiful quiet, well kept campground. Worth the drive. Impeccably maintained. Excellent hiking from campground, awesome views

Hipcamper Max

Gorgeous campsite. Fun windy drive up with incredible views, and the site itself is very clean, nice bathrooms, and plenty of space between the different sites. The frogs are no joke though, but kinda cool to hear them too.

Hipcamper Laura

Armstrong redwood were beautiful and there are many trails to explore!

Hipcamper Cynthia

Prepare to get friendly with your neighbors.

Hipcamper Rostyslav

Nice quiet campground. The bullfrogs are cool. A little too much poison oak for a parent to relax while kids are running around, but that's how it is throughout California. The road up there is something, though, if you have a big (long) car, you might need some luck :)

Hipcamper Erica

Beautiful scenery but very hot in July. Also, bullfrogs kept me awake at night (site 20). Road is crazy to get to the top. If you get nervous on steep, windy mountainous road, this is not for you. If you seek adventure, you'll love it! We got multiple warnings about rattlesnakes but never saw one. Overall, very beautiful spot.

Hipcamper Noah

Pretty but the pond results in large amounts of bugs

Hipcamper Elana

We had two campsites, and one of our grills was broken. If we had only had the one campsite, I am not sure how we would have cooked. Otherwise it was a great camping trip--The campground is beautiful. The camp host was very helpful, and the other campers were very nice. You do have to drive up a windy, single lane (2-way) road for several miles up the mountain. It was quite terrifying but worth it when you see the views at the top!

Hipcamper Jorge

Great campground. It's a hidden gem!

Pros: Secluded, Warm in the Summer, Beautiful, clean toilet facilities and polite staff. Lot's wildlife and croaking Bullfrogs.

Challenges: Bullfrogs might be too loud for some. Drive up is a little slow/tricky in non-SUV/Truck vehicles.

Overall a great experience!

Hipcamper David

The Campground is lovely, though amenities are basic, toilets only, and be warned the drive to get there is long and steep on a tiny single lane road. Our poor old car had to take a break at one point to let the engine cool down. It's all part of the adventure in getting there though and it was nice to still be a short drive from the Russian River.

Hipcamper Alex

A bit crowded at times, but it's a great campground. Great trails and fun backpacking spots in addition to car camping. Great proximity to Guerneville and the Russian River.

Spend some time in the big campfire circle with friends if it's not occupied!

Hipcamper Christine & Pete

Our campsite #16 didn't have enough flat space for 3 small tents. My friend woke up in the middle of the night with his door facing the sky because of the grading. On the plus side the views are spectacular at the vista point. We also checked out the pond during the full moon and were able to start a fire in the evening. It was hot during the day, the day we got there we were told that fire restrictions would be in effect in a couple of days. The bathrooms although in the middle of nowhere are flush toilets.

Hipcamper Phillip

We enjoyed our time at Bullfrog - the only issue is that a couple of the campsites are in the direct sun, so the summer time weather was a bit tough. Everything else was great for a car camping spot!

Hipcamper Michelle

It is a pleasant campground. I would highly recommend a preview of the location. The road in is rather scary. Once you are there, you don't want to drive in or out unless very necessary. Also, check the sites. I booked one in the 20's and found it to be the hottest, least shady and much too close to the pond. With a little more knowledge, I would have been very pleased. BTW, they let me change sites because it was not full. 8-18 are very nice.

Hipcamper Sarah

The pond and bullfrogs and nature were great. But there was a group of 65 people camping there and they were so loud with music into the wee hours of the morning. It would have been nice if people were told to keep quiet at 10pm.

Hipcamper James

We had a good time. The campsites and campgrounds were very clean and the bathroom facilities were nice. We saw deer at the pond, and there were lots of trails and things to see.

Hipcamper Vanessia

Campground is secluded and smells great with eucalyptus. Do bring mosquito repellent and ear plugs!

Hipcamper Jude

Pretty peaceful place. A nice bullfrog soundtrack playing all night long. Wild turkeys roaming the site. Some aggressive bluejays, but unlike some other campgrounds we didn't encounter any midnight raccoon foraging. There is a campfire ban in effect as of July 11th, 2017. So your marshmallows have to be roasted over the propane stove!

Hipcamper Deborah

Loved the campground, the only problem was the total fire restriction....made the trip much less enjoyable because I didn't realize it was in effect before I came (began 3 days before).

Hipcamper elzbieta

We stayed at this campground many times before, some 20 years ago. We loved it than and we loved it now. The campsites differ -- many among tall redwoods and manzanitas, and some around the bullfrog pond. There are hikes around, and our favorite ones are down the hill to the creak, where you can find soaking holes. Remember, it is hot, especially ion the way back. Other than hiking, you can just hang out. There are lots of families with young children and families like ours, with older children. Everybody is super friendly. We would like to thank Chris, a camper from Canada, who shared his bug repellent with us. There were some mosquitos for about 30 minutes around dusk, and some flies in the afternoon. The sunsets viewed from vista point are brilliant. Guernavville -- about 20 minutes drive down the hill has become quite a foodies mecca -- like several restaurants -- in particular Korean food served at dinner time at Pat's diner.

Hipcamper JESUS

Very nice place to get away and relax.

Hipcamper Claire

We really enjoyed watching the sunset and stars from the viewpoint that is easily accessible from the campground. The sites were shaded and beautiful, however they were very close together.

Hipcamper Josh

Campsite was great! Bring bug spray.

We camp fairly often so I will warn even the most versed campers of one thing:
The blue jays will drive you nuts. They rip apart anything (read deck of cards, brand new paper plates, etc) you leave lying in the open.

Apart from the blue jays in need of discipline, the site felt remote, it was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed seeing the frogs, turkeys, and deer while we were there. All a short 15-20 minute drive from Guerneville!

Hipcamper Scott

Great little camping spot. Lots of wildlife and there are only 30 or so sites, so not too many people. Most of the spots are rather close together and there are no showers. Still, we had a great weekend.

Hipcamper Chris

Probably the most beautiful, well-kept campsite I have ever stayed at. A total hidden gem that is worth the trip.

Hipcamper Jessica

We had a nice time camping at Bullfrog Pond. Like others mentioned, its kind of a crazy drive up but has amazing views. The campground is extremely well kept. Although basic, the bathrooms were spotless and always had toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We were there less than 24 hours and saw at least 3 maintenance people emptying trash and keeping the campground very nice. We were over by the pond and saw a whole bunch of deer, frogs, and wild turkeys. We heard some bullfrogs but they were very quiet the night we were there and did not disturb us. We also did not see any poison oak near our campsite.

We were in site 22 and I would definitely not recommend that site or site 23. Both sites are very close to the lake and are right on top of each other and have absolutely no shade. We were miserable and roasting without any shade for our tent or picnic table. There was also no level place for a tent. We also had an extremely loud group nearby that was up making a ton of noise until about 2 am! I really wish the camp host would have done a drive around the campsite after quiet hours started and asked noisy groups to quiet down. The mosquitos were also intense right around dusk and we were eaten alive even though we had on bug spray.

I don't want to make it sound too negative though. I think the rest of the campsites, other than 22 & 23, would be totally fine. It was gorgeous and secluded.

Hipcamper Alison

We had a wonderful, peaceful stay. We plan on bringing our family back for years to come.

Hipcamper Gabriel

Clean and well kept, highly recommend.

Hipcamper Nancy

As other reviewers have mentioned, Bullfrog Pond Campground is accessed through a steep, windy road. There is one lane open to two way traffic. Fortunately, we didn't encounter other cars along the way. Bugs were an issue so bring plenty of bug spray! We stayed at campsite 9 and it provided the perfect amount of privacy. The bathrooms were clean and a short walk away. Unfortunately, no fires were allowed during our stay. Be aware that someone goes around to make sure campers abide by this rule. There are plenty of hiking opportunities and this campsite is super convenient for those interested in engaging in Russian River activities. The people of Guerneville were also super nice and helpful!

Hipcamper Patrick

I actually ended up not staying there but my friend said they loved it and the view was great.

Hipcamper Jamie

Amazingly beautiful! Private campsites, lots of space to roam. Highly recommended!!!

Hipcamper chris

Beautiful campground, but very exposed to sun. Great attention by campground host. Very nice stay.

Hipcamper Paul

Make sure you walk up the campground entrance to stargaze. We had 7 people and it was a little cramped but given the proximity to Guerneville you absolutely can't beat it for an easy getaway that makes you feel like you are really far out there.

Hipcamper Diane

Our family and the family we traveled with enjoyed our two night stay. The campground was small and isolated so it allowed for the children to have a lot of freedom to explore on their own. The pond was more of a puddle, which surprised us after the very wet winter we had in the Bay Area. We loved the sunset and stargazing at Vista Point!!

I knew there was no shower, but didn't realize how much we would really want one. The bathrooms were fine but no lights in them so make sure to bring a flashlight with you when you go. They could use another restroom in the campsite (there are two but one is down by the pond and not really accessible to the rest of the campsite, especially at night).

We were initially disappointed about the campfire ban but really didn't miss it with the hot weather. We did s'mores over the camp stove and nobody knew the difference.

Hipcamper Vojta

Except for loud neighbors we had a great time!

Hipcamper Elise

Nice campground! This is about a 2 mile drive from the Armstrong Woods parking lot. The host, Karen, was very kind. We had camping space #11, it was a little crowded. #10's group spilled into ours. Just FYI, if you can get another site spot I would recommend that. But we were overall happy with the campground!

Hipcamper Mahsa

The drive is a little tricky, but worth it. We stayed in camp sight #23 which was clean and had a great view. Although, it was close to the bathrooms and camp sight #22 which gave little privacy but was not a problem for my group. Overall, it was a great experience and would recommend it!

Hipcamper Amanda

Gorgeous trails, nice sites, stunning views on way in. Great place to visit. Tiny pond isn't for water sport or swimming. Loved the redwood groves, humongous oaks and epic manzanita trees! Make sure to check for fire ban in summer. Stellar jays and raccoons were the only scavengers to our site.

Hipcamper Elisia

The drive up is a little scary but worth it! Bull frog pond campgrounds are perfect with plumbing and potable water. Made our trip easy and fun!

Hipcamper silvia

This place was beautiful for hiking.

Hipcamper Todd

This site is wonderful in all ways- beauty, amenities, privacy and more

Hipcamper Cullen

Great Little campground, that has just enough to make yourself comfortable but not enough to feel coddled!

Hipcamper Jean

It is a pretty spot with mostly wooded campsites on a hillside (22 and 23 are in the open sun). The pond was mostly dried up so come looking to enjoy the woods (Douglas Fir, bays, a few redwoods and oaks), the birds and the nearby vistas of the sunbaked California Hills.

Hipcamper Melissa

Great place to camp in the redwoods! Other campers are close but not too close. Beautiful views on the drive in.

Hipcamper Cain

We stayed at site #24 which is the last site at the far end of the pond. The only downside is that because of the pond there were a lot of mosquitoes, mostly at dusk. The upside of there being mosquitoes is that there are a ton of bats that eat them. Literally hundreds of them swarming over the pond at dusk. It might be intimidating for some, but we loved watching them feed on the nasty little buggers that were trying to feed on us. There was also a heard of about 6 deer that wandered around the pond and our site all day and night. Plus lots of frogs of different sizes. The size of the campsites are generous with plenty of room between so it didn't seem crowded. Site 24 is particularly isolated, but close to bathrooms and potable water. I can tell that some days probably get very hot, especially for the exposed sites (20-23) , but weather was mild for us. The drive from Armstrong to the camp was windy and narrow, but offered some fantastic views. And of course the redwood forest at Armstrong is amazing.

Hipcamper Kathy

I used to come here in the 90s and really loved it. We would drive down to the river every day to spend on the water. I guess I was much younger and more tolerant. Now that I am older, the drive up and down is a little rough and it's difficult to find a flat spot in the campsites for a tent. We were constantly sliding down our air mattress. It is beautiful though!

Hipcamper Lauren

The views are stunning and the campsites are very well taken care of. The hiking also provides you with some amazing sights. The only complaints I have are that the 3-mile, one lane road past the entrance is a little difficult to navigate and there are only two sets of restrooms for the whole campground, neither of which have lights. But overall, it is a lovely place to stay and you can get some breathtaking views of the night sky and rolling hills.

Hipcamper Alexis

Great campground. Sites 21-23 are quite exposed. The pond was home to many frogs but was only ankle-deep. Be aware that it is more of a bog than a pond, at least late in the summer.

Hipcamper Ilja

Awesome campground that is sorrounded by wilderness. I came with my family and stayed on space 20, which was somewhat secluded but very close to the bathrooms and water. Bathrooms are clean. Saw lots of wildlife. No fires allowed this time. Great hiking around. The drive to the campground is a small road uphill so make sure your car can climb and not overheat.

Hipcamper Rashmi

Stayed here during "no fire" season with some friends - at first we were really apprehensive about it but it turned out to be a fantastic experience! We rented large lanterns for the night and it looked like a lot of the other campers had done the same thing. We were on site 18 - it was big enough for our group of 4 and we loved being under the trees and tucked away int he forest. We walked up to the vista point to see the sunset and it was gorgeous - there were some great hiking trails leading off right there too. I would definitely come back!

Hipcamper Diana

We loved that the site was close to Russian river. Loved that the site was surrounded by trees.

Hipcamper Christina

There are some nice campsites here, and the location is quite beautiful. But, some of the campsites, including the one we had (#15) are way too close to each other. I also don't understand the logic of providing a bear box to lock up your food while 20 feet away are overflowing trash/recycling receptacles. Bear baiting at its finest. There are flush toilets and spigots to get water, if those things are important to you. Overall, I might go back, but would want to select a better, more isolated campsite.

Hipcamper Noah

Beautiful hilltop location in the heart of the Russian River Valley. High density campsites require creativity to find flat terrain for tents and quiet at night from neighbors. Bring your camera and some ear plugs!

Hipcamper Califa

Campsite 21 was beautiful. Camp host checked on us around 10pm, which felt a little awkward. Especially because we were just putting babies to sleep and he literally just showed up at our table. He was nice, checked on our parking passes and charged one of our vehicles since there was no one working when she came in. Bathrooms are clean. Beautiful hike and views if you take the path right from site 21. Would stay again!

Hipcamper Estefania

Poor notification on any camping restrictions. Too far to drive with kids. Can't use fire pits. Would never camp here again

Hipcamper Andy

Very secluded camp ground on the top of a big hill. The vista point just outside the campground is perfect for stargazing at night. The flushing toilets are nice but there's no sink in the bathroom.

It was surprisingly warm the weekend we went. Didn't even need a jacket at night. A sleeping bag was even too warm. The trees seem to trap a good amount of heat.

The roads getting to the campground is pretty rough. Hopefully your car is not low or weighed down.

Hipcamper Lucas

Nice location. Bathrooms could use running water but there is water at select site locations which was helpful. No fires past July was a tough hurdle for cooking food since we only brought one grill with propane and tons of wood. We should have checked the site updates.

Hipcamper Leila

Went two summers ago during a holiday weekend which was a bad idea--loud neighbors encroaching on our site, sloped/dusty campsites, overall an unpleasant experience. Won't be back. Would be fine for a day hike.

Hipcamper mark

Peaceful and stacked with nature. Lovely walks and a spectacular sunset.

Hipcamper Tara

Host was incredibly nice. Campsite 21 was lovely. It was warm, so we decided to cowboy camp. Lots of trails nearby, so we woke up and went on a great 7 mile hike. Plan to go back, it was beautiful!

Hipcamper Janice

Tough and rather a scared ride up the road to the campground. Site was really nice except the water handle was broken.

Hipcamper Jessica

NOTE the temperature at this campsite is consistently 20 degrees warmer than Guerneville, which could be great sometimes but not during a heat wave. It was 91 at the campsite and 10 min down the road, it was 76 degrees! This was also an exceedingly noisy campground with no quiet hours. Children were also playing (loudly) and music was playing at another site.

Hipcamper Katie

Bullfrog Pond Campground is a hidden gem nestled above the beautiful Armstrong Woods redwood grove. The campground host was very helpful and friendly, hiking trails from the campground offer stunning views (and sunset watching opportunity!). Unfortunately we were there on the hottest weekend so far this summer and it never cooled off. Restroom was nearby and very tidy. Site 12 didn't offer much cover and didn't have great tent sites. Other sites recommended

Hipcamper Valencia

We stayed in 2 sites 13 & 14. It was amazing. Very quiet despite the sites being close to each other. People were respectful and helped keep the sites/bathrooms clean and tidy. The bathrooms were really nice compared to other camp spots I've been. 1-20 sites were shaded in a redwood grove and 21-24, were more spaced out, private and under eucalyptus, with some redwood but get morning sun, next to the pond.. the pond is nearly dried now in September, but still some frog. Not nearly enough frogs to keep us up at night. This is an amazing spot to camp. Loved it!!

Hipcamper Vera

Beautiful campground tucked away above the redwoods. The host Patrick was incredibly friendly and wonderful. Had a nice time there with my dog.

Hipcamper Dion

WHAT A HIDDEN GEM! Beautiful campground at the end of a neat winding road. We stayed at 19 and it was totally awesome. Spacious and gorgeous. The campground is very rustic, like the bathrooms don't have lights at night, but I think it adds to the fun. You can see the Milky Way at night! Go up to the vista point for sunsets and star watching. The bullfrogs are adorable. Lots of people complained about the road but our Corolla took it just fine. I wouldn't have a bunch of adult beverages and then attempt it at night or anything but otherwise it's kind of cool. We saw tons of deer and wild turkeys around. The weather was hot one day, stormy one night, and cold one day. We enjoyed all of it. Will definitely be back. :)

Hipcamper Aron

We had a good stay at Bullfrog Campground. The area was pretty peaceful and the site was bigger and more isolated than I expected. Flush toilets were clean and appreciated. The bullfrogs mentioned by many weren't an issue in September - the namesake pond was dry. The camp host was very nice. The only blemish on the stay was the state park ranger patrolling the area; she was needlessly confrontational and unpleasant. As one in our party quipped, "she puts the 'anger' in 'ranger'".

Hipcamper shirley

This is great camp ground with running water and flush toilets. Most sites have sun and shady areas. Watched a beautiful sunset from the Vista Point. We saw deer grazing at dusk. Spent time in the adjoining Armstrong Woods on the way in and way out. Would definitely return.

Hipcamper Emily

It's a lovely spot but the sites are very close together.

Hipcamper Nichole

The setting is beautiful with clean restrooms, good hiking trails and good water available. There's even a lookout within a short walk where your phone can get three bars! My only complaint is that my tent space was more off-level than is strictly necessary for drainage in a rain storm. I felt like I was sliding downhill all night and climbing back up. It's better than flooding, though, since it did rain.

Hipcamper Susan

We reserved Campsite 17 and enjoyed it, though there was a fair bit of traffic to and from the bathrooms on one side of our plot. It was peaceful and we'd definitely return. I wasn't sure what to expect regarding the single lane road and all the posts about it - it was narrow but doable. There are a number of places along the side of the road to pull off to let oncoming traffic pass. I will say I wouldn't have wanted to do it for the first time after dark.

Hipcamper Brooke

Stayed another time here, great campsite! I stayed in site 16 and it was a little exposed to site 17... the teen sites are not that private. Nice host and beautiful sunsets!

Hipcamper Lesa

The road up to the camp is uphill the entire way, one lane, and very twisty and rutted in places. It is not recommend for any large vehicles. I have a small car and it was nerve wracking to think of how to get pass another vehicle if you met at certain narrow blind corners. There are some pullouts, but they aren't wide. There isn't a lot of traffic, but the drive is not easy. The campground itself has some great sites, and some good side by side spots for group camping. Wear mosquito repellent! The views from the pullout before you enter the campground are amazing, and lots of good hiking.

Hipcamper Margot

Bullfrog Pond Campground was awesome, high in the Armstrong reserve above the redwood trees, nestled into the hillside. We had site 15 which is supposed to be one of the least private sites but we had plenty of space. There are some great hikes right out of the campsite and some amazing stars. The air quality was pretty bad because of the forest fires up North, but it did make for one heck of a sunset.

Hipcamper Carole

We planned this camping trip, less than 30 minutes from home, as a "shake down cruise" for our assorted new camping gear. After many years of seriously roughing it in the Sierras, 4-wheeling on the Rubicon Jeep Trail and camping at Spider Lake (no facilities) our kids grew up and moved out and started making their own memories. We stopped going camping. That was more than 20 years ago. So . . . the old tent was certainly the worse for wear, the sleeping bags host to a variety of creepy-crawlies, the food box in serious need of repair. So - - - we bought a new tent, a raised queen sized bed with inflatable mattress, a portable toilet, and new camping chairs (everything a bit bigger than what we had before, but then, so are we!!) Bullfrog Pond was our first excursion with the new gear (don't ask about the trial excursion with the old gear a couple of weeks before!)

Bullfrog Pond Campground was a delight. The 4.5 miles in on one lane, narrow, steep, curvy road was not bad - take your time and remember the downhill traffic must yield to the uphill traffic! The campground is limited to vehicles not exceeding 20 feet, so our SUV (loaded to the frog's gills!) was fine. Motorhomes, trailers, etc. of any size are likely too big- some campers on pickup trucks and the Volkswagen mini-van types are probably okay. It was nice not to have the motorhome TVs, generators, etc. that can intrude on your camping experience with noise!

Campsites are smallish, with table, food cupboard and fire pit (NO fires now - too dangerous.) Unfortunately the terrain is hilly so unless you have a small tent, it is hard to find enough level ground. Our tent is about 12' x 15' (so the BIG guy can walk around!) We finally pitched it on a spot that had a noticeable slant. First night we kept sliding out the foot of the bed! #1 on our list for a trip home the second day: adjustable risers for the bed feet!! Our second night was much better.

Restrooms consist of flushing toilets - no lavs, no showers. Being old and needing the restroom more than once during the night, we brought along our own "Porta-Potty." One more reason for the large tent!!

All in all, we enjoyed the campground and will visit it again, perhaps in late spring when the frogs in Bullfrog Pond are at their vocal best!!

Hipcamper Jessica

Site 19 is essentially a hill. There was just enough flat-ish space for two two-person tents. Don't know what we would have done had we had 8 people as the site says you can have!!

Hipcamper Matt

If you're looking for an easy camping getaway this is it. Close to SF, drive in sites, can hit Guerneville town and russian river. Not a ton of privacy, sites are close together. Good sunset vista.

Hipcamper Wanda

We had campsite 19. Although you had to park across the road and carry your equipment up to your site, it wasn’t a big deal and I loved our spot. A little more private than many of the others.

Hipcamper Cecilia

It was a great experience and the place is beautiful!

Hipcamper Nicole

Great campground! We had site #9, which was spacious and a bit separate from the other sites. The camp host was super friendly and Armstrong has tons of great hiking. All in all, we'd definitely return.

Hipcamper Andy

Beautiful sunset view every night, and the small campground will never feel overcrowded. Nestle in among the redwoods and if the wind kicks up at night you're in for a real treat!

Hipcamper Priyanka

Beautiful views. But no potable water (even though when I booked it said there would be), and all the campgrounds are very close together. You don’t get much privacy. Also it’s very hard to find a level place to pitch a tent.

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