How Is My Listing’s Rank Determined in Hipcamp Searches?

The Discover page is the primary way campers find places to camp on Hipcamp. On this page, campers are shown a list of nearby listings along with a map plotting the location of those listings. Information from our campers—including common searches and feedback from past trips—is used to help match them with listings that might be a good fit for their needs.

Below are a few factors we consider when displaying your listing in searches (the Discover page.) Read on to learn ways you can keep your listing at the top of Hipcamp search results.

Instant Book vs Request to Book

Hosts can select one of two options when it comes to how campers make a booking at their listing: Instant Book or Request to Book. Instant booking allows campers to book a trip immediately for any available dates after payment is confirmed. Because this experience offers the most convenience to campers, it’s given a slight boost on the discover page.

Request to book adds a confirmation step to the booking process. We understand that not all Hosts can offer instant bookings, so their listings can still favorably rank alongside instant book listings by maintaining a speedy average response time.

Looking for more information? Some details on how we track response times can be found in our FAQs here.

Positive recommendations

Getting that first positive recommendation from campers is a strong indication that other campers will have a good experience at your listing. After a trip is completed, we remind them via email, and on, to take the time and leave a recommendation and review. The first set of positive recommendations increment a listing’s Discover score. Read our guide on getting positive reviews from your campers.

Maintain a high Recommendation percentage

After receiving those all important initial recommendations from campers, listings that maintain a high average recommendation percentage will also see a lift in their Discover ranking. Specifically, if your listing has a recommendation rate of 95% or higher, you’ll show up higher in the ranks.

See how your recommend percentage is calculated.

Take advantage of our Field Scout photography program

The Field Scout program is photography service available in some regions. If it’s available in your region, you can request one in your Host Dashboard and a photographer will come shoot your land—getting professional photos is a great way to improve the marketability of your listing.

After a Field Scout visits your property, they leave a recommendation and review, and we can consider your listing “verified.” Alternatively, you will receive “community verification” when you receive three positive recommends, which reiterates the importance of maintaining that high Recommendation percentage.

If the Field Scout photography program isn’t available in your area, but you’re looking to improve the photos on your listing, you can always invest in a local photographer to help you spruce things up!

Put your listing’s best foot forward

The photos, listing title and description, and other details that show up on the discover page are what campers use to decide if they should click through to the full listing page. The more interest your listing generates on the Discover page, along with the rate at which it is booked, is a strong signal of a match for our camper community.

If you have any questions about how your listing is presented on Discover, drop us a note.

Why isn’t my listing first for my city?

Often hosts ask why their listing is not appear at the top of the discover page for their city, even in cases where their listing may be the only one in that city. We look at all listings within a two-hour drive (roughly) for any given location. Sometimes this means listings further away from the map center can appear at the top of results for that location.

Other factors to consider

Ultimately, campers’ specific needs and filters will dictate what shows up for them in searches. The good news? Your amazing camp is a perfect match for many of our Hipcampers. Learn more about how you can improve your search ranking here.

Madison Kotack

Madison has been on Hipcamp's Host team since 2016. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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