Texas Is Ugly: Big Bend National Park

Based out of Texas Hill Country, Andrew Miller is an adventure seeker, who loves nature, good friends and great food. We asked Andrew if he could give us a peek into what backpacking is like in Big Bend National Park. Here’s his take:

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few different wilderness landscapes over the last 26 years of my existence. I’ve seen the beaches of the east coast, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and even climbed a 14er in the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado. But one landscape that consistently fascinates me more than any other is the deserts of the American West. Each time I encounter these alien-like landscapes dotted with their even stranger flora and fauna, my mind is flooded with visions and thoughts of what that regions earliest visitors might have felt as they walked through or tried to survive in such hostile terrain.

As luck would have it, my job allowed me to spend 8 days and 7 nights in the backcountry of Big Bend National Park, Americas 14th largest national park, boasting 1,252 square acres of protected land and home to one of the most rich desert ecosystems in the western hemisphere. This trip provided the opportunity for me to see part of the country I’d never been to as well as soak up the outdoors in a way my being has grown to crave. The following are a few photos from my time spent visiting some of the parks backcountry treasures. Most of the things in these photos are from the south eastern area of the park.

One of Big Bends biggest attractions is the Santa Elena Canyon. This canyon has been carved by the Rio Grande over the last several centuries and forms a unique portion of the international boundary between the United States and Mexico. The walls of the cliffs reach a staggering 1,500ft in some places. I very much enjoyed taking in the views from within the canyon and skipping stones across the border at the cliffs on the Mexican side.

Texas doesn’t often get the amount of attention it deserves from the outdoor community. Its vast amount of distance between state and national parks may have something to do with that, but as the popular saying goes, its often more about the journey than the destination. I’ve consistently found that this state has more to offer than meets the eye. From swimming holes, to beach camping, world class bouldering and an unbelievable amount of trails to blaze, Texas is full of the best kind of outdoor vibes. Come and see it.

For more of Andrew’s adventures, check out his Exposure or follow him on Instagram. Start exploring Texas camping options now!

Hipcamp Staff

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