How do you camp in Biscayne National Park?

Hipcamp staff
A scenic view of Biscayne National Park

Camping in Biscayne National Park is a unique experience, as it offers two main camping options on its islands: Elliott Key and Boca Chita Key. Both are accessible only by boat. Here's how to camp in Biscayne National Park:

  1. Plan ahead: Check the National Park Service's camping information for Biscayne National Park, including any updates or restrictions.
  2. Choose your campsite: Decide between Elliott Key, which offers more amenities like picnic tables, grills, restrooms, and cold-water showers, or Boca Chita Key, which has fewer amenities but offers a more remote experience.
  3. Arrange transportation: Since both islands are accessible only by boat, you'll need to arrange a private boat or join a guided tour to reach your campsite. Make sure to check the weather and sea conditions before setting out.
  4. Pack essentials: Bring everything you need for your camping trip, including a tent, sleeping gear, food, water, cooking equipment, and any necessary permits. Keep in mind that there are no stores or potable water sources on the islands.
  5. Practice Leave No Trace principles: Dispose of waste properly, minimize campfire impact, respect wildlife, and leave what you find.
  6. Pay camping fees: There is a nightly fee for camping in Biscayne National Park. Fees can be paid at self-registration stations on both Elliott Key and Boca Chita Key.

For more information on camping in Biscayne National Park, visit the official National Park Service website.