Can you camp anywhere in Yellowstone National Park?

Hipcamp staff
A scenic view of Yellowstone National Park

No, you cannot camp anywhere in Yellowstone National Park. Camping is only allowed in designated campgrounds and backcountry campsites. There are 12 campgrounds within the park, including Mammoth Hot Springs Campground and Grant Village Campground. Some campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while others require reservations. For those seeking a more remote experience, Yellowstone has a system of backcountry campsites that require a permit. You must obtain a backcountry permit before camping in these designated sites. Keep in mind that backcountry camping in Yellowstone requires proper planning, knowledge of park regulations, and adherence to Leave No Trace principles. For more information on camping options in Yellowstone, visit the Yellowstone National Park camping page.