How This California Host Uses Hipcamp to Champion Sustainable Farming

Gloria, host of Angeles Crest Creamery, runs a sustainable goat farm on private land set within the Angeles National Forest. Just 90-minutes from Los Angeles, it’s the perfect place for city-dwellers looking to unwind and restore. Not only has Gloria cultivated a beautiful place to get outside, but she also generously shares her expertise in regenerative farming and provides guests a unique opportunity to connect to the dynamic, fascinating ecosystems that surround them. We touched base with Gloria to learn more about Angeles Crest Creamery and what Hipcampers can expect when they visit this remarkably unique outdoor destination. 

Photo by Gianna Rankart.

Hipcamp: Tell us about your land and what makes it special.

Gloria: Our goat ranch is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, just North of Los Angeles. It’s located on private land within the Angeles National Forest. Visiting our ranch provides a unique opportunity for guests to experience true wilderness less than 90 minutes from the city.

Hipcamp: How would you describe your experience on Hipcamp so far?

Gloria: Our experience with Hipcamp has been great. We especially appreciate the personalized customer service, both for us and for our guests. It’s the main differentiator between Hipcamp and other rental platforms. We also like the younger, more outdoorsy crowd we get from Hipcamp.

Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez.
Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez.

Hipcamp: What do you tell campers about your land?

Gloria: We have three unique ecosystems on our ranch: a pinon-juniper woodland, a sagebrush chaparral, and a riparian zone around our sag pond. By visiting our ranch, guests not only get to enjoy these different environments for hiking and outdoor recreation, but they can also learn about how we’re using goats to make the land more lush and productive.

Hipcamp: Why is sharing your land important to you?

Gloria: We have a mission to educate people about sustainable agriculture. Hosting guests on our land gives us the opportunity to show people, in person, how our regenerative agriculture system works to produce food and improve the environment.


Photo by Gianna Rankart.
Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez.
Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez.

Hipcamp: What is your favorite part about listing your land on Hipcamp?

Gloria: We love it when guests enjoy interacting with the animals.

Hipcamp: What is your most memorable experience with Hipcampers? Hipcamp generally?  

Gloria: We have a lot of guests from the city. The most memorable experiences for us are when children form strong bonds with specific animals, or overcome fears by spending time with them.

Hipcamp: Have you made any lasting relationships through Hipcamp?

Gloria: We have some guests who visit a few times per year, and some that come once a year. It’s fun to have guests who are already familiar with the ranch and can just jump in and enjoy.  

Photo by Gianna Rankart.

Hipcamp: Do you have any advice for fellow Hipcamp Hosts?

Gloria: Because we have trouble getting people to read instructions prior to arrival, we make a lot of signs. The signs really help.


Hipcamp: Anything else you’d like to add? Is there something about your land and / or your business you feel people should know?

Gloria: Since we are a working ranch, guests can participate in farm activities like shepherding the goats, and can also order ranch-produced food delivered to their camp site or accommodation. About 80% of guests order a goat taco meal kit when they stay. For many of our guests it’s their first time eating goat meat, and the feedback we get is really positive. We get a lot of guests who are vegetarian and don’t realize that the process of making milk also produces a lot of meat, and that the meat is really the sustainable product in our kind of agricultural system. We feel great about helping people learn about this since so many people who shop in grocery stores want to buy food in a way that is not destructive to the environment or inhumane for animals, but don’t have access to accurate information to make these choices.

Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez.


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Rachel Petri, writer, yogi, and travel junkie. Rachel is a firm believer in the importance of tree hugging, climbing above the tree line, and taking to nature to find deep connection. Follow her stories, inspirations, and adventures on Instagram. Follow me at Hipcamp.

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