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How to Host Campers for the 2017 Eclipse

Earn money hosting campers for a once-in-a-lifetime event

On Monday, August 21st, a rare and phenomenal astronomical event is taking place in states across the U.S. For the first time in history, a Total Solar Eclipse will be viewed from sea to shining sea in a 70-mile-wide path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina.

How to Host Campers for the 2017 Eclipse

Thousands of nature enthusiasts are flocking to this “path of totality” leading up to the Eclipse. In fact, this is expected to be the most viewed solar eclipse in human history.

If you own land near the path of totality, you can join thousands of landowners who are earning money by hosting campers for this historic event. See who of your neighbors is already hosting for the Eclipse!

Curious about getting started? Here’s how:

  1. Visit www.hipcamp.com/host to learn about hosting campers via Hipcamp.

    Hipcamp connects landowners like you with a community of over 3 million nature lovers to earn extra income for their property management, dream projects and more—all while enjoying the security of our $1M safety guarantee.

  2. To learn more, watch our video and hear directly from three current Hipcamp hosts.

  3. Give us a call or email — we're here to speak with you.

    Our host specialist Cassandra is on call to answer any questions you have. She’s excited about helping more people see the eclipse and can get you all the information you need.

    Phone: 415-851-0685
    Email: cassandra@hipcamp-land.com

  4. Start your listing! It takes less than 5 minutes to start listing your land on Hipcamp.

FAQ: What does it take to start hosting campers?

  • Do I need a toilet, fire ring, running water or other infrastructure to host campers on my land? Nope. Learn what kind of land works best on Hipcamp.

  • What about insurance? We provide it, at no cost to you — Hipcamp has a robust insurance policy that protects all of our hosts up to $1M. Some hosts choose to use their own commercial insurance. You can read more about our insurance policy here. Our community of campers follow the leave-no-trace practices, and a key value of our community is, "Leave it better."

  • How much can I earn? Hipcamp hosts earn thousands every year hosting campers. Hosts choose their own price for each campsite they offer, which can range from $20/night to $300+ per night for structured sites like cabins and treehouses. You can create as many campsites as you wish — for the Eclipse, many landowners are offering dozens of additional bookable sites.

  • See more Host FAQs

  • See a Guide to Successful Hosting, as told by Hipcamp hosts

Did you know…?

  • Over 3 million campers are looking for places to camp on Hipcamp.

  • Hundreds of landowners within the path of totality have already signed up to host campers during the Eclipse—and most are planning on continuing to host campers after.

  • Imagine earning extra income for dream projects, property maintenance and more by sharing your land with campers. Try it out for the Eclipse. You may find you love it!

Start your listing on Hipcamp today!

How to Host Campers for the 2017 Eclipse

How to Host Campers for the 2017 Eclipse

How to Host Campers for the 2017 Eclipse

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