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Coronavirus Prevention While Hosting and Hipcamping

The health and safety of our community is our top priority, and as such we have created guidelines for safer Hosting and Hipcamping during COVID-19. Please remember: our Support team is always here to help with any and all Hipcamp needs and can be reached anytime at

In accordance with federal recommendations to restrict discretionary travel and local mandates to shelter in place across the country, we are asking members of our community who are under government-mandated travel restrictions to reschedule, cancel, or donate the value of their bookings directly to Hosts for impacted stays happening through April 18th to comply with public mandates and reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. We hope that Hipcampers who are able consider donating their bookings (either as a percentage or in their entirety) to their Hosts, which will directly support people who use Hipcamp income to run small farms, non-profits, animal rescues, nature preserves, and landowners whose work makes the outdoors more accessible to more people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the best source of information about the impact of the virus, so please refer to their site for the most up-to-date information. Also be sure to consult recommendations from your local health department, as the impact of the virus varies considerably by locality. Based on CDC recommendations, below are a few key guidelines for Hosts and Hipcampers on staying healthy while running a Hipcamp business and spending time in nature while Hipcamping:

Guidelines for Hosts

Take care of your overall health
Practice good hygiene by washing and sanitizing hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue. Support your overall health with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and time in nature.

Practice social distancing
Yes, you can be a Hipcamp Host without physically interacting with Hipcamp guests, and per CDC recommendation it is important that Hosts practice physical social distancing. This means keeping at least 6 feet away from your Hipcampers. You can also consider running your Hipcamp remotely, providing clear directions, check-in instructions, and expectations via Hipcamp messaging, text, and email will support you in continuing to run a successful Hipcamp business, even if you aren’t interacting with guests face-to-face.

Sanitize before and between bookings
If your Hipcamp has a structure or other amenities that are touched or used frequently by Hipcampers (cabins/yurts, shared cooking areas, picnic tables, toilets, water jugs, etc.) please thoroughly disinfect them before and between bookings, using a cleaning wipe and / or household spray.

Provide hand-washing materials and / or sanitizer (when possible)
Providing a way for guests to clean their hands, either with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is a helpful way to encourage best practices among your Hipcampers.

Adjust bookings as needed
If you’re under government-mandated travel restrictions or currently displaying symptoms of illness, such as fever or cough, and need to make changes to upcoming bookings, our Support team is available to help. We have strongly encouraged Hipcampers to adjust their plans as well if they or someone in their party is displaying symptoms of illness.

Guidelines for Hipcampers

Limit your group size and minimize contact with others outside your immediate household
As of Monday, March 16th 2020, official guidance from the White House urged Americans to avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people. We suggest keeping your party as small as possible and only travel with people in your immediate household to slow the spread of the virus.

Practice social distancing
When in public, please keep at least 6 feet away from other people. Bring your own food and avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants, or food courts. Be aware that many rural towns have limited supplies, so plan to arrive fully self-contained and with everything you need. If needed, use drive-through, pickup, or delivery options. Limit physical interaction with others as much as possible.

Wash and sanitize hands often
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not available at your Hipcamp, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
Touching your face is one of the main ways a virus can spread, so try to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.

Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue
Practice good hygiene when it comes to coughing or sneezing, and make sure to dispose of your tissue in a sealed personal container (to pack out), or designated trash can.

Adjust bookings as needed
If you’re under government-mandated travel restrictions or someone in your group is displaying symptoms of illness, Hipcamp Support is here to assist with any necessary adjustments. Please do your part to limit the spread of the virus by staying home if you or someone you live with are sick.

In light of this continuously-evolving situation, we remain committed as ever to our mission to expand access to the outdoors and support more people to experience and enjoy nature — a key component of human health and wellness. Research shows spending time outside has significant, positive effects on our immune systems and overall well being. As travel limitations continue to impact people all over the world, it’s important that if you are able to venture outdoors, that you do so responsibly.

Our overarching goal is to support people to forge deeper connections with nature, ourselves, and each other — in other words: to be well. We hope you find yourselves outside soon, and let us know how we can help!

Hipcamp Staff

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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