Hipcamper of the Week: Topher the Wheaten Terrier

Topher the Wheaten Terrier knows a thing or two about campground etiquette, dog-friendly s’mores hacks and sleeping bag snuggles. For that—and his strong bandana game—we wanted to feature him as our Hipcamper of the Week. ?  Share your adventures with #Hipcamp to be featured next and win spontaneous Hipcamp swag.

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What do you remember about your first camping trip?

It was just magical. My humans put me in the car and I thought we were just going to the dog park again but a few hours later we ended up in a place called Big Sur. The campgrounds had redwood trees, fresh air, a creek with lots of water flowing through the back of it and so many new plants to smell. Eeeeeeeee, I was so excited that I did zoomies for 10 straight minutes after my humans said that I could run free.

Tell me about your humans.

My humans are kind, slightly aloof creatures that love traveling, the great outdoors, and are major foodies. They’ve travelled to many countries together, camped at many state and national parks, backpacked in the West Coast trail in Canada, and the Inca trail in Peru. They were in engaged in Yosemite and got married in Hawaii and have been together for over twelve years. Because they spend most of their days during the week indoors working, they’ll try their best to spend their time on the weekends exploring the outdoors and spending time with their family and friends.

What do you love most about camping?

I can run free with almost no limits,  get dirty and find new plants to sniff that aren’t available in the city. My humans also let me sleep next to them when we camp, which I can’t do while we are at home. I love human snuggles.

Do you find it offensive when some campgrounds have signs that say “no dogs allowed”? How do you find pet-friendly campsites?

I absolutely do find it offensive especially when I haven’t done anything wrong to warrant such a rule.  I think I’m fairly a good dog and my humans always make sure to clean-up after me. So it’s very confusing when they remind me that we can’t live out our dreams of being the Swiss Family Robinson by staying in a tree house or that lovely campsite with the yurt by the ocean.

What do you never forget to bring on a camping trip?

My backpack that contains: a water bottle, collapsible bowl, dog food, poop bags, a tennis ball, peanut butter treats, a bully stick and my GoPro. My humans also bring a small cot for me to lay on so that I don’t get too dirty. Is that what humans call glamping?

How do you deal with wildlife in the wild? Do you tell your humans to put you on a leash?

I stay close to my humans at night and watch their back. If I hear or see anything, I’ll let them know and then they put me on the leash. I mean they are mammals like me, right? Yet I’m not allowed to chase or play with them, it’s so confusing.

What’s your favorite camping activity?

My favorite camping activity is hiking and herding humans during the day. At night I like watching for shooting stars and dreaming about the next charcuterie platter heist, Oceans 11 style.

What do you do when you’re not camping?

During the weekdays I like collecting new toys and then finding ways to destroy them. It’s a fun hobby that keeps me busy while my humans are away. I also enjoy scaring delivery people whenever they ring the doorbell, they never expect it and I always get a good laugh in. On the weekends I enjoy long walks on the beach, swimming, meeting new humans, brunches with other furry friends and updating my instagram.

How do you like your s’mores?

With bacon, peanut butter and a little honey. De-lish!  I’m allergic to the chocolate in traditional s’mores.

How do you stay warm when you go camping?

I rarely get cold with my luxurious coat but when I do, snuggles with my humans usually helps.

Any big camping trips coming up?

I’m looking forward to camping in Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mendocino, and Big Sur (again and again and again) this summer.

Hipcamp Staff

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