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All the Animals You Can Meet at a Hipcamp Farm Stay

Do you love camping and animals? A farm stay is the ultimate combination of both.

One of our Hipcamp hosts laid out the all the important—and fun—reasons to stay on a farm. Not only are farms a fun way to get outside, if you are living in an urban environment, chances are you don’t get up close and personal with your food sources on a daily basis. Hipcamp hosts across the country are connecting urban and rural environments, as well as consumers and source. Plus, rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty is more fun than you’d think!

Just for fun, here’s a round up of some of the farm animals you may find when you camp at a farm stay.

Alpaca-my-bags to go camping

Alpacas are not only some of the furriest of friends, but they have got charisma. Full of personality, and a soft coat, they are pretty fun to have around.


Photo by Katie Corley, Camp at our Farm Sanctuary, CA


Photo by Katie Corley, Camp at Our Farm Sanctuary, CA
Photo by Anna Claire Beasley, Secluded Working Alpaca Ranch, TX


Thank you for always being there to wake us at the crack of dawn. You get our day started, so it can be filled with adventures and explorations.

Photo by Mason Passey, Fort Rock Farms, AZ


Little chickies, you are a sign of springtime, warmer weather, more sunshine, and more reasons to get outside. With every chirp and clumsy hop, you remind us that we are in the season of new life.

Photo by Kim W., Full Plate Farm, ME


Oh little (and big) piggies. You remind us that its important to lay around and chill sometimes. And that getting dirty is fun. And, that snorting can be cute.

Photo by Andy F., Wondernut Farm, CA


Photo by Ezequiel G., The Loft at Owens Farm, PA
Photo by Erin Wheat, Misty Mountain Farm Camping, VT


(Hu)mans best friend. All they want is loving, petting, and hugs. It can be pretty cute to see the sheep dog snuggle with a new-born lamb. These two are especially heart-melting.

Photo by Ezequiel G., Circle M Market Farm, WI


Not as common as the aforementioned farm friends… Not only will they snuggle with you if you give them treats, but they make for great trail companions.

Photo by Anna T., Spokane Western Horse Ranch, WA


We thank you for the milk in our cereal, delicious cheese – really all dairy products. We know milk alternatives are a big trend right now, but you’ll always be our true dairy queen. Your sister, the Scottish Highlander, is pretty beautiful too.

Photo by Dan Florez, Ranger Park, FL
Scottish Highlander
Photo by Chelsey W., Shady Rest Acres, MN



These little guys make for cute additions to any farm. They are honestly just fun to play with, watch hop around, and pet their furry heads.

Photo by Aimee B., Mama Mountain Farm, NY


Photo by Jonathan M., Birds & Bees Homestead, OR


Perhaps the most majestic of all the farm animals.


Photo by Anna Ter Saakov, Authentic Barn B&B, WA


Oh, you are just so cute. We love nothing more than watching goats hop around, both agile and clumsy at the same time. Also, you produce tasty cheese. We thank you.


Photo by Loretta Richert, Reptacular Animals Ranch, CA


Photo by Loretta Richert, Riverside Ranch Tent Site, CA


Photo by Loretta Richert, Riverside Ranch Tent Site, CA


Photo by Ezequiel Gonzalez, Dare 2 Dream Farms Wooded Camp, CA


Nothing screams spring more than a baby lamb. If you are lucky enough to be staying at a Hipcamp with lambs between March and May, you may be lucky enough to see a sweet newborn!

Photo by Andy F., Wondernut Farm, CA



Walking up to sheep grazing in a field — now that’s the quintessential farm experience. Every “bahhh” seems to pull us, humans, a little closer to nature.

Photo by Andy F., Oak Hollow Farm, CA


Photo by Ezequiel G., Rustic Enchanted Cabin, NY

We highly recommend getting yourself to one of the farms listed on Hipcamp. Book now, sites are always filling up.

Here are a few more of our favorites:

  1. Frog Hollow Farm Stay, CA
  2. New Heritage Ranch, FL
  3. Dragos Farm, WA
  4. Eden East Farm, TX
  5. Reptacular Ranch Zoo, CA

And, be sure to show your farm animal friends some love and appreciation during your stay.

Rachel Petri, writer, yogi, and travel junkie. Rachel is a firm believer in the importance of tree hugging, climbing above the tree line, and taking to nature to find deep connection. Follow her stories, inspirations, and adventures on Instagram. Follow me at Hipcamp.

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