Brooks Memorial State Park

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About Brooks Memorial State Park

Imagine the raddest park your mind can muster. Now add a 27-species butterfly garden, a softball field, an amphitheater, and horseshoe pits! Welcome to Brooks Memorial State Park. This sensational 700-acre park is pressed between the Simcoe Mountain conifer forests and the dry hills that make the south Yakima Valley—a scenic matchup with all-you-can-marvel access. Campers and day visitors alike are invited to take advantage of the more than nine miles of hiking and equestrian trails that guide wanderers past the Little Klickitat River, through the Ponderosa and Oregon Pine forests, and to a viewing point presenting Mount Hood. After digesting all that natural beauty, you need a nourishing meal! The first to arrive back down the mountain may take advantage of one of two kitchen shelters equipped with picnic tables, sinks, electricity and restrooms.

Campgrounds in Brooks Memorial

Brooks Memorial Campground
History, nature and rock ‘n’ roll. You bring the last part of the camping trifecta to Brooks Memorial...


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Brooks Memorial
June 5th, 2015
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History of Brooks Memorial State Park

Acquired in six parcels between 1944 and 1957, Brooks Memorial State Park is named for and dedicated to area citizen Nelson B. Brooks, who is credited with establishing an excellent community road system.