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Tiny House Cabin in San Gabriels

in Angeles Crest Creamery, California
Yee I.
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August 28th, 2017

You aren't just renting a cabin, you're renting an experience! The cabin is lovely and clean with bedding and towels, plenty of light, a burner and a pot and pan, utensils and dishes, a toaster oven and an electric water heater. There is a mini fridge, so if you don't like the noises of fridges you should just bring your own cooler. The dogs who are guarding the animals at night will also make noise at night so you should bring ear plugs if you're sensitive, but we didn't mind it.

There are electrical outlets inside and outside the cabin so you can charge if you need to. There's also a little portable speaker with an aux cable. There's an awning outside and plenty of seating for enjoying the beautiful view of the lake and star gazing at night. You can paddle on the lake in the canoe if the water is high enough. In the morning, you can talk to the wonderful hosts who will introduce you to all the animals: goats, dogs, hogs, donkey and chickens. You can milk the goats and pet the animals, they were all very friendly. The goats walk around and forage throughout the day. If you bring any pets, make sure you clear it with Gloria first so she'll give you the low-down.

Though we didn't get to partake, you can have homemade and locally sourced food that the hosts make and grow brought to your cabin. There's a clean cedar compost toilet and a porta-potty.

The cabin also has an open outdoor shower which is a much appreciated luxury, as well as potable water in the cabin! There is an adorable sauna we didn't try, but looked clean and tidy. There weren't too many bugs and it got hot at times, but we found enough shade. The hosts are lovely people and we thank them for sharing their space and time and land with us. This is my second time at the creamery and both the cabin and campsite are wonderful glamping experiences. We had a very relaxing and fun trip and highly recommend it.

Goats in trees foragingPossible blossoming pig romanceSpunky casanovaHandsome stud pig

Ojai Mountaintop Treehouse

in Ojai Mountaintop Treehouse, California
Yee I.
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August 16th, 2017

A beautiful place with wonderful views and plenty of relaxing and lounging to do. Bring charcoal, food to grill, bedding supplies, lots of water, hand sanitizer, and a good book. You can play disc golf, badminton, take a hike, sit outside at one of the many spots, or inside the treehouse. It's very quiet up there and you can really hear the music of insects, bugs and little critters. We saw deer, bunnies and bats. Really a lovely space and Alex was very hospitable.

Disc golf recreationBBQ grill, badminton and walkingDog friendly explorationPanoramic vistas

Angeles Crest Creamery

in Angeles Crest Creamery, California
Yee I.
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August 15th, 2016

We stayed here for one night to watch the Perseid meteor shower in the darkness of Gloria's lovely lakeside camp site. Gloria is very kind and went above and beyond to be hospitable, driving us and our gear into the campsite as we didnt have an SUV to get down the short dirt road, inviting us to watch the goats get fed and milked and even helping us look for our cell phones ater we lost them. The campsite was clean with a badminton net and gear set up, a picnic table, and some camping chairs to relax. The compostable toilet was clean and smelled fine. At night you can hear insects and frogs, dogs barking and the occasional goat bleating. There's a great swath of sky for prime star viewing and in the daytime there are oak trees for shelter. We enjoyed ourselves and would recommend it!

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